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  1. Depends on the company, and the nature of the project... if it can tie in with their brand image and culture there's a chance. Presentation goes a long way in this, as decision makers are naturally reluctant to hand someone money unless they're confident the outcome will be what they expect...
  2. Pretty cool... I made a chill-out riff for your amusement...
  3. Works every time it's tried...
  4. +1 What Tom said. And if the contract is already signed, then your boo is compelled to perform its terms, and any money generated will be allocated according to those terms. So it would have been nice to consult a lawyer before signing...
  5. Bruce Cockburn, with the silent 'ck'. Great guitarist & songwriter.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Hi!

  8. FWIW, Canadian law probably more closely resembles UK law, so we may both be correct. However, if you think thru ways to cheat the "poor man's copyright" you'll see how easily it can be done, which in turn reveals how easily doubt could be cast upon it in court. So, I think the practical value is limited even in the best case. Google "poor man's copyright". A lot of info on the subject. The snopes article was the first or second link, and their info is usually pretty good.
  9. Actually, the "envelope mailed to self" thing has proved NOT to hold up in court when it's been tried. A blog, at least if published on one of the major sites, has the advantage of being time/date stamped by a disinterested 3rd party. Additionally, in your blog you can comment on your thought process about writing the lyric, inspiration, and maybe even discuss the same with others, which would be a big factor in proving ownership, if you should have to do so in court. Edit: I should say has proved not to work in the US... the UK is more equivocal... http://www.snopes.com/legal/postmark.asp
  10. Don't write anything worth stealing.
  11. The US Library of Congress is the only registration that matters, not sure why anyone would use anything else.
  12. Blue!
  13. Welcome back, Alistair the Beast!
  14. How "ready" is your album? Songs are written? Recorded? Mastered? CD's ordered & pressed? Digital distribution organized?