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  1. Pretty cool... I made a chill-out riff for your amusement...
  2. Bruce Cockburn, with the silent 'ck'. Great guitarist & songwriter.
  3. Welcome!
  4. Hi!

  5. FWIW, Canadian law probably more closely resembles UK law, so we may both be correct. However, if you think thru ways to cheat the "poor man's copyright" you'll see how easily it can be done, which in turn reveals how easily doubt could be cast upon it in court. So, I think the practical value is limited even in the best case. Google "poor man's copyright". A lot of info on the subject. The snopes article was the first or second link, and their info is usually pretty good.
  6. Actually, the "envelope mailed to self" thing has proved NOT to hold up in court when it's been tried. A blog, at least if published on one of the major sites, has the advantage of being time/date stamped by a disinterested 3rd party. Additionally, in your blog you can comment on your thought process about writing the lyric, inspiration, and maybe even discuss the same with others, which would be a big factor in proving ownership, if you should have to do so in court. Edit: I should say has proved not to work in the US... the UK is more equivocal...
  7. Don't write anything worth stealing.
  8. The US Library of Congress is the only registration that matters, not sure why anyone would use anything else.
  9. Blue!
  10. Welcome back, Alistair the Beast!
  11. Buy two full sets of strings and about 3 or 4 additional high E & B strings a la carte, because you're more likely to break those. I usually don't break the wound G on acoustic, but I lose a lot of unwound Gs on the electric, YMMV...
  12. Hi Guy.
  13. This is a really interesting topic, and it's a shame to see no replies... Some random thoughts... pedal point is a term that comes out of the classical tradition, altho it's perfectly applicable to any style of music where the technique occurs. The compositional approach prior to the 20th century was focused on melody and counterpoint, and as such harmony was a somewhat incidental consideration, at least compared to the way we think of it today. Melody over drone is a huge component of the classical music of India, well worth checking out if you haven't already. Modal jazz is another genre where you see this type of thing. Kind of the opposite of the solo you've got in the works... instead, the basic harmony remains static for an extended period, allowing a sort of anything goes approach to soloing, moving thru different scales and suggesting surprising extended harmonies.
  14. Hi Anthony, welcome to SongStuff!