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  1. "sleepless"

    Sleepless" Copyright 2002 Joel Smith *INTRO: Might take some high end off the guitar and lengthen the sustain time. It's understood, i'm not the one to make you happy I know that no one ever could *Good...I'd say do more with the vocal effect. Again, longer sustain. You could even play with the ends of phrases and allow the vocal effect to "float away" or go stereo a bit. Listening to Pink Floyd might do the trick... They said it's not worth the torment that i put myself through But i told them that you were And you are.... You are.... Hearts are to be broken, goodbye's to be spoken *ADD Backup vox Coming down i see you again Time is to be wasted, poisons to be tasted *OOooohhh AAhhhh possibly strings... Got to find the means to this end (intonation on second part of end, might ad backup vox on the word end with some suspensions) Sleepless let me in Sleepless let me in (go for the vocal figure "sol-fa-mi-fa-sol" more solidly...ach..it's OK) Cause' your growin' colder, and farther away farther (high voice ...get ye to a vocal coach...don't pinch this...go for it...make it a destination for the song, a high-point, something people will expect and yearn for...and hit the play button AGAIN...and then also for their friends...could have backup vox as well..) ....it's like dying (line needs to be louder) Bit of a rhythmic flub in the guitar that I'd take out Love is strong, but anger can be stronger (give me some oohs and ahhs again...not too many...in the right places. ) It's getting the best of me again Cause' i hate to wast this night sky on myself So i'm thinking about you again Sleepless let me in Sleepless let me in (better job here vocally) Cause' your growin' colder, and farther away farther....(c'mon man...go for this...SING...no chocked far away nothin....call out "farther" from across the canyon...but Call it out!) it's like dying *The song could fade out sometime after 4:15...if I were DJ'ing this song, I'd instinctively fade in the next song at around 4:33, so I agree with TuneSmith on the length. (repeat Chorus X2) It's like dying (X4) ------- OK, nice tune. Keep up the good work. Best, Dainis
  2. Pistol In Hand...

    Listening right now...I'd like to understand the opening lyrics...can't quite hear them. Lots of promise. Good, classic, singer-songwriter stuff...gets heavy...cool. It's really two songs, and you could definitely stick the funky section in, but I think it would make sense to transition back to your initial material. A talking... Follow...stable...mirror...pistol Fireworks Fireflies (stress the first syllable...not fireFLIES) head B ...left right pistol...go with me (losing me...get ye to a vocal coach!) ...come with me... A talking... Some ...resemble (you really shine here, sounds good, I'm with you...convincing) your hand.. B left right pistol know (yes, get ye to a vocal coach...learn how to free that charismatic voice of yours! C Funky! Cool...I figure this is some kind of middle 8, but it just keeps going... ...wait a second...how I know that (vocal coach again...seriously...invest in your voice, it's good and you're worth it) ...keeps being funky... echo...yeah! OK, I'd say, give me 16 bars of funky...maybe 32, then give me A Others might think differently. Good work...keep it up! Sincerely, Dainis
  3. I'm definitely considering video. I'm focusing on educating fellow songwriters with my eBooks right now, and I'm mulling over Internet promotion strategies. I'm an iTunes "link affiliate" and I put an ad on my website the other day. Here's a question: Does anyone really buy downloads from iTunes? Also, with Prince giving away CD's and George Michael's website being an all-out, free radio station...what does that mean "lesse" indies need to do? Should I mimic the big boys and just put everything out on the net in full and see what happens? Doesn't quite sound like the best plan for success... Cheers! Dainis
  4. Form, Structure, And Song-writing Language

    Interesting...language is a living entity. Can you imagine that in German, "overalls" translates into English as "Jumpsuit?" I mean, they just took the term to mean what they figured it meant, and everybody uses the term "incorrectly." It's pretty funny. I forget what they call what we call overalls, but it ain't "overalls." We're talking about respect for tradition, but we're also talking about "using terminology correctly." The issue of "using terminology correctly" sounds brainy, nerdy, and yes...old-fart-esque. But why? Stephen Colbert's term "truthiness" comes to mind. It's actually a much bigger issue than we think...and Lazz, your process of clarification is an important one...my question is: "how are you going to sell it?" I've started selling some eBooks, as my signature shows...and my "flagship" product "was" "How to Write YOUR Songs Down," because I know that the skill of music notation contributes greatly to any songwriter's creative capacities. It's even in the term "song" "writer," that is writer as in someone able to write. Someone who is literate. John has graciously reviewed the book, and we'll be doing a special for SongStuff members soon. Very cool. But my point, that relates to yours is that, I decided that I was giving people "what they need" as opposed to giving them "what they want." That's why I wrote "Become a Better Songwriter Guaranteed!" I speak about the value of learning music notation in the text, but I also concentrate on other aspects of songwriting and unleashing ones' creative potential. So, it seems to me that you could "work" the same angle. You could make the very legitimate claim that using terminology properly helps songwriters gain better perspective over what they are doing, what their historically-based options are, and how they can forge ahead into new territory without repeating the mundane. However...is there really a drive for "quality" in songwriting in today's music business? I address that issue by discussing "Internal" vs. "External" success in "Become a Better Songwriter Guaranteed!" If the drive for "quality" in the music itself is lacking...why would there be a drive for quality in the use of songwriting terminology? ...interesting nut to crack... Wishing you the best of success, Dainis
  5. Introduction

    I'm based in Vienna, but I'm an American/Latvian/Austrian/Australian who was raised in Chicago. I just finished the following product today: http://www.music-composition-studio.com/be...guaranteed.html It was a real labor of love, and I'd love to read your impressions of the sales page. Heck, if you contact me via my contact form http://www.music-composition-studio.com/mu...io-contact.html and mention Songstuff, Ill give you half off for the next 3 days. John...I'm really looking forward to your review of the eBook I sent you. Best, Dainis
  6. Looking For Midi Info And Chord Progressions

    If I'm looking for a midi file, I just search on things like bohemian rhapsody mid midi I usually find several examples done by people of various skill levels. Sometimes, things are WAY off. Regarding chord progressions, good question. I'm glad to read that you are interested in that kind of insight into the songs. If you learn how each chord relates to the key its in, you can quickly and easily create that kind of harmonic map. Some folks call that the Nashville Numbering System, others know it as harmonic analysis. I just searched on harmonic analysis of music dominant tonic i ii V and found some decent results. My recommendation is to work with a teacher and to acquire appropriate learning materials like books and CD's. Best, Dainis
  7. Introduction

    Link to songstuff...sure, you guys could link back then. http://www.music-composition-studio.com/links.html ...linked and blogged... Samples: http://www.music-composition-studio.com/da...on-samples.html There's a "new music" sample of a flute piece here: http://www.music-composition-studio.com/mu...t-services.html Thanks for the friendly reception! ...John, hmm...you don't ask, you don't get huh? Good point. I'm going to send you a private mail. Best, Dainis
  8. Introduction

    Hi all, My name is Dainis, and I've spent the last 11 or so years on the road from singer/songwriter to "composer." Got my Master's Degree in Composition after having had a F/T job in IT. For a while, I worked 3 jobs simultaneously while doing that...whew! I moved to Vienna, Austria, with my wfe, and I'm working on my doctorate. My thesis title is "the teaching of music composition." One is never really "finished," but now that I'm significantly further along, I've written a few eBooks, which are available here: http://www.music-composition-studio.com, where you can also find a bio of me, a description of why I compose music, along with samples and other resources for composers and songwriters. Right now, I'm working on a new eBook called "Become a Better Songwriter Guaranteed!" If you all are interested, I'll post when it's ready... That all for now...glad to have found this forum. Cheers! Dainis