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  1. Stars Of Fire (With Link)

    I like your lyrics, especially the first verse. I would like to hear the melody, I feel that these lyrics are naturally rhythmic. Good job.
  2. Landslide Stevie Nicks Cover By Zarah Strong

    Your voice is pretty and you really suit country. If I was going to be really picky I would say to watch your tuning a little bit, but I do honestly think you sound great and this is not a problem throughout the whole song. I enjoyed listening a lot. Well done!
  3. How's My Singing?

    I think the Ariana Grande cover and the Amy Winehouse are the best of the vids. I'm not anyone else can tell you what genre you should be, but yes you can sing!
  4. Hi To All

    Hey! Your English is good! Welcome.
  5. Your Ideal Album Order?

    I have been trying to think of a simple reply to this but am struggling because it is such a broad question! One thing that usually annoys me is when there's a few.. say 3 or 4 tracks in a row in the same key. Album length I suppose for me is not a major issue, if the songs were all very similar I wouldn't be able to sit through a long album, but if they were good solid contrasting songs AND arrangements (as well as of course, in a style I liked) I could listen to it for a long time. I think anything from 8-12 tracks works well if they are on average your standard 3-4 minute songs. One of my favourite albums is Patrick Watson's 'Adventures in your own backyard'. I think Patrick Watson (the band and the guy) are fantastic and they use lot's of different sounds. Also, the songs aren't overly similar to each other, though all well written/produced. it has 12 tracks. I don't get bored in the slightest listening to it the whole way through. I have many favourite albums which are not similar at all, though. I like to sit down and listen to a full album when I can find the time. This is a tough one. I don't know if my answer is even an answer, but it's my thoughts!
  6. Note By The Moderator - Read This

    Will do!
  7. First of all there is 1 or 2 I know that I am certain to be decent. BUT I am curious as to weather this is something lots of you have come across. So far, (baring in mind I have only been gigging for a year), the majority of "promoters" I have met do nothing in the way of "promoting" but are only interested in filling a slot that they have to fill and I am left to fill the seats myself, even if it is a place that I know nobody; which is not what I signed up for. Another thing I have come across is lots of offers such as "Oh yes we will get you playing at this festival... this gig" or just promising something that it seems they make no effort to actually make happen. Wondered what your similar experiences were? Also if there was any tips on how to know if a promoter is genuine or not? Questions to ask them? I don't want to have to say no to everything just in case! Josie
  8. Introduction

    Hey Stephen! I understand not knowing what hole to put your music in, it's hard. Welcome!
  9. Song Title Association Game

    Everyday - Buddy Holly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLBWkM0jzK0
  10. Song Title Association Game

    Thank you Aw thanks very much! Do you have soundcloud?
  11. Song Title Association Game

    This Afternoon - Nickelback
  12. Another Scottish Newb

    Hehe, there seems to be a few of us all of a sudden. Where about are you from? Welcome!!
  13. First Song Posting

    @Simon @Stikman and @Rik wow, thank you for the lovely comments! Special thanks to @Stikman for having a listen to my soundcloud and youtube! Makes me happy that you prefer my original to all of the covers
  14. Singing Harmony

    If you're struggling, learn the harmony and the melody as two separate things. Practice them both and then record yourself singing the melody in your own time and practice the harmony on top of your own recording to get ready to fit in with other people.
  15. First Song Posting

    Thank you for all of your comments! It is a small celtic lever harp that I play. So for example when I play the Fminor chord I have to change my A lever from natural to flat because my levers are set to the key of C and my strings are tuned into E flat. (Hope that was easy enough to follow) @Mahesh, oops, thank you. I have replied to a couple so I think it is ok! @Scotsman thank you! @David haha, I'll have to watch that film. I like her in scrubs! The big glisses (yup you got the right term!) are fun although I feel can sometimes be uncalled for and played for the sake of it! They are really fun though, especially in groups. I play a celtic harp so it's much smaller but it really is a massive pain to get it to gigs! I usually have to walk and get buses on the busy streets of Edinburgh which is where I mostly play. It's very heavy and I'm very short, bad combination but I really do love playing the harp and don't wish to replace it! Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed! @Dek thank you so much for the lovely comments! It's live but there's a little reverb on there. It'd be hard to add lots to my voice unless I was to record voice and harp separately as the harp has lots of reverb as it is and it can easily sound OTT. @M57 Thank you very much! I will try to post the lyrics later, they're only in my note book which I don't currently have and I don't have them typed out. @Rod As am I! Thank you, I have to agree with you 100%. Recorded this the day that I wrote it and the lack of dynamics was always my biggest self criticism. I wish I had waited a couple of days and recorded it when I didn't have to focus on my playing so much. @Saphire thanks very much! I am adding a cello into it when possible on a small tour in march. I think (and hope) that will help the balance and add depth to the sound. @Alan Thank you. Never been compared to her before. Huh. Kindof interesting because I suppose she sounds like a teenager despite being actually almost ten years older than me and is heavily autotuned from what I've heard. :/ Glad you enjoyed, though!