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  1. Tony Farris At The Tin Pan (Rva)

    Hi Everyone, so for any that don't know me, I've posted numerous times on the critique forums, though I've been a little inactive as of late. I write and perform orriginal music in the basic singer/songwriter format (vocals, guitar, some harmonica in there here and there). I thought I'd share a short performance of mine from The Tin Pan (Richmond,VA). Hope you enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pCDUwMBPPE Thanks for looking, Tony
  2. Behind The Wall

    well from what I've gathered in my own meanings I've found within it. it's about likely a previous intimate partner of sorts, which the protagonist no longer trusts to any extent. even down to when the other is out of their sight. sort of an obsessive situation, but instead of being obsessed due to infatuation, it's due to a severe distrust and distaste for them. I can see you're point aswell. Personally though I'm often in the dark as much, or more about the meaning behind my songs. haha! Thank you very much though peggy! glad you like it! Hi Tom! I like your thoughts! I think it definitely depends on the music though. I'll keep your suggestions in mind for sure, and when I get around to the more developmental stage of melody and such it will certainly be considered! Thank you! Thank you Burtonwins1! glad you enjoyed it! I agree that it could be longer, but my last piece could have been shorter! haha I'm sure it evens out in the end haha Thank you all, Tony
  3. Behind The Wall

    Thanks LooknGlass! your kind words are very much appreciated! Thanks, Tony
  4. My Dearest

    I like it! very deep. the only possible real "critique" I could make is in verse 2, you rhymed "you" with itself, in poetry that normally wouldn't be overlooked, in a song, no one will really notice. and it still flows perfectly. Overall though, it's very well worded, and gets it's point across extremely well! Keep 'em coming! Tony
  5. The Bloodstained Door

    Hi John! Thank you! and you are absolutely right about that line falling out of sync, in most melodic idea's I've run this lyric through, I almost changed it, but I actually found a phrasing and structure for that bridge that actually takes use of it quite well, hopefully I'll have a recording up soon! Thank you so much for your time and input! Hi LooknGlass! Thank you! you're right about it being a bit lengthy, but ofcourse in the realm of singer/songwriter music, or worse/better prog rock, this ain't nothing! it's all about the audience and their attention spans and amuseability, and ofcourse the performance. Thanks again! Tony
  6. Behind The Wall

    Hey Bryan! Thank you, this one was kind of a collage of some notes I had laying around, and made enough sense to put together. which may explain how it jumps around and isn't too straight forward in its meaning (considering it has no intended one haha) I've got music for this, and the other two I've posted recently. I just haven't had the time to record even a rough one. I should be good this coming week to pump these out, atleast in a 1/1 recording to give people a little listen! Thanks again, have a great week! Tony
  7. The Bloodstained Door

    Thanks Tomcollins! Much appreciated! it is a bit lengthy, clocking in at about 4 going straight through without instrumental breaks. definitely one of my longer ones, but the words kept flowing, and I kept writing, and I couldn't pick out anything to exclude. haha Glad to hear you like it! Tony Thanks Les! and thanks for the suggestion! it's noted and considered! Thanks! Tony
  8. Behind The Wall

    Another new one, fresh off the notebook! Let me know what you think! Ain’t no way to stretch it past the line Ain’t to way to make it worth your time Ain’t no way you can make me Pay your price And there ain’t no way I’ll be concise There Ain’t an ounce of life behind those eyes And there ain’t a bit of truth behind those lies And there ain’t no way you can make me Believe your sighs And there ain’t no way you’ll leave my sight You’re barred behind the iron You’re reaching for the steel You’re running from the sirens And everything you feel And the words spewed out your mouth Spent to conceal But the beast behind the wall Is all that’s real There Ain’t no way you’ll hear me through the noise There ain’t no way you’ll use me for one of your toys And there ain’t no way you’ll see me Beyond your joy And there ain’t no way you’ll hear my voice There Ain’t no way to stretch it past the line There Ain’t no way to make it worth your time And there Ain’t to way you can make me Pay your price And there ain’t no way I’ll be concise Thanks for looking! Tony
  9. 'they're Drifters'

    I like this a lot! then again I like a lot of things... but this definitely hits the nail on the head. perfect imagery, and the structure and rhyme are spot on. it makes you think and leaves a lot to be interpreted, while still leading the discussion. Very much enjoyed! Keep them coming! Tony
  10. Cover Me

    I like this quite a lot. the phrases used intertwine so elegantly, and leave a lot to be wondered, yet heavily guided towards quite deep thoughts. Obviously you've been writing for some time. am I right? I can't think of any real critique other than what's already been said. I really enjoyed it. Keep them coming! Tony
  11. The Bloodstained Door

    Thank you Rebecca! Bloodstained door was meant to be the most graphic and lingering line (the "hook", as it were) I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks, Tony
  12. The Bloodstained Door

    Thanks Bryan! It seems mostly the causes for any quarrel is hurt ego's and greed. normally both hand in hand. for you can't be greedy without the ego. I always liked Eggo waffles and their commercials. they always say to let go of your ego, with a slight speach impediment haha. But yes, we do tend to destroy ourselves. not only as a race, but individuals. we are the most depressive species that I've ever encountered. we hold tightly to every bad memory, yet forget completely about all the good times. we seem to bask in our own suffering in the backs of our own minds. I think one of the reasons we may always be at war, is because everyone's constantly fighting themselves, what more is it to fight one another? anyways, Thanks Bryan! hopefully I'll have some audio for it up soon. Tony Thanks for the suggestions Zack! they're duely noted, but right now the rhyme scheme you suggested isn't quite working out for me, perhaps a little thought will bring it around. Thanks! Tony
  13. The Bloodstained Door

    Here's a new one, fresh off the notebook let me know what you think! The world's not so cold When you're sitting in the sun And the ways of this world Come virtually undone We're at the end Of the run Yet we still Reach for our guns The Barrel's not so hot When you haven't made a shot And the risk ain't so high When you're not casting lots We're at the end Of the run Yet we still Reach for our guns Is it just the war We're fighting for Or is there more Behind the bloodstained door The road is far too long When there's no point in moving on And the bar is set too high When it's hidden by the sun We're at the end Of the Run Yet we still Reach for our guns Is it just the war We're fighting for Or is there more Behind the blood stained door What if every night we dreamed We dreamed we could all be free What if every day was spent Burying the fear and hate, pouring cement What if every second a life was saved What if our greed would retreat, with the world unscathed What if the war, What if the war returned to its cave It's just the war We've been fighting for There's nothing more Behind the bloodstained door It's just the war, nothing more Behind the blood stained door Thanks for taking a look! Tony
  14. Between The Kings

    Thank you for the suggestion! it's noted and considered. I'll try it out next time I grab my guitar! Thanks Bryan! I too don't know where to stand politically. In this song I tried to avoid any sides. some may take "democracy" to reference the democratic party, but that's the risk I take for the sake of rhyme and meter. and I simply meant the democratic system, of being ruled by the people. which I feel our supposed "democratic" government system has certainly gone beyond and replaced as far as I'm concerned. But thank you! this was a fun one to write haha. Thanks, Tony
  15. Between The Kings

    Thank you Helmut Thanks Tom! It may be a bit vague at that point. but the line is "Beyond democracy" as in now being out of the peoples hands, in into the kings control. ofcourse it's still a very vague line that I may eventually change to something more straight forward. Thank you! Tony