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  1. Pretty cool tune, I just noticed you have Jellyfish as your avatar, I love them!
  2. That's great to hear man, when you seemed to disappear right after getting the files I was like "He didn't like run off with my song did he??" So I'm just happy to know what's going on. I hope you get it sorted out soon man!
  3. That is something I will definitely try. And it is so good to see you posting, I've been wondering where you ran off too haha
  4. The thing about cheesiness is that it is enhanced and weakened based on how much the listener can relate. I felt like that song had a few somewhat cheesy moments in it, but for the most part it was fine, but put me in a relationship where I've just gotten engaged or me and a girl I love are having our anniversary, and I bet every word would hit me like a ton of bricks. Sappy songs are for sappy moments in life, if you're not in the middle of one, they sound well... sappy lol
  5. Good stuff! The wedding song was quite moving :'(
  6. I managed to like, break the tracks apart using the multi track option or whatever, but they were all blank it was weird...
  7. I'm definitely a fan of the newer version. The short intro works great, the weird panning thing in the break down/intro was replaced with something far more effective, it seems to flow better, I'm not sure what all you did to it but it just hits me alot harder now.
  8. Oh definitely not, like I said I already agreed with you. I just noticed he said he'd provide links when you contacted him and I wasn't sure if you saw it or not. But even aside the standpoint of credibility, just from the angle of getting takers Ken, you're gonna get more if you put a link right here in the thread, it makes you seem kinda mysterious if you don't. iIf there is a link right there it's easy to go "oh let's see what he's done!" And then we know what we're truly dealing with.
  9. While I agree, to be fair he did say he'd provide links upon contact. Just sayin
  10. I feel that way ALOT on this forum. I'm frequently finding myself going "Whoa... I don't even know what that word means... holy crap... these people write like a college text book" hahahahaha it's funny cause on my other forum I'm high on the list of people who are articulate and highly intelligent/expressive, but here I frequently feel like I'm just not smart enough for you people LOL And incidentally, I have no idea what "cadence" means ROFL
  11. My interpretation as well.
  12. Ok honestly to me this seems more like spoken word poetry. It's a gorgeous and enchanting little story, I love the imagery being painted here and it has emotional impact, but I wouldn't really call it a song, it doesn't seem to have a rhyme scheme and as was pointed out above it has no chorus. Songs have to have some kind of rhyme scheme and syncopation they follow or they don't flow right, someone who can write melodies themselves can sometimes use unusual rhyme schemes (I do all the time) but it only works because I know the melody already since I'm a songwriter. If you're writing lyrics for someone ELSE to put to music, not having a clear rhyme scheme is gonna make their task very difficult. That's not to say this couldn't be used for music, it's a beautiful story and it's laid out very well, but it would almost need to be like spoken word over some beautiful background music as it is. The thing is though, we even have a poetry section here, so you can do whatever you like in this situation. You could study lyric writing for music, or just post these ideas you come up with as they are in the poet's corner where rhyme schemes and hooks are not so important. Still gotta say, as far as just painting a picture, I feel like I was just there, like your lyric really took me to that night of meeting a stranger in a magical setting and having the most romantic experience only to have no idea where they are now or who they were. So it's up to you, you could mess around with it to make it palattable for a songwriter to work with, or just call it a poem and leave it as is.
  13. Well yeah man thank you as well, was really cool to hear it like that
  14. I just noticed, in the second verse you're panning one of the guitars left and right aren't you? Did you make a copy and add that for effect? Once again it's interesting, very 70's and I love me some 70's music.
  15. That was not what I expected! I honestly am not even sure how I feel about it! And I'm not saying that cause I don't want to be negative or something I'm seriously not sure. It's very reverb heavy, I do know that I'm not really a fan of how much reverb is on the vocals, but as far as how it sounds on the instrumental tracks I think I like it? Well let me put it this way, I know I like it, it gives it an interesting feel, I just don't know if I like it BETTER than how it would sound more dry. Ultimately though it's fun to listen to hahaha It's just fun to hear my song mixed so differently than how I'm used to hearing my music sound. I'm gonna obtain a copyright for this song and all the songs going on my album before it's released, after I get that copyright I don't mind if you use this song to showcase your mix talents or just for anything really as long as you let me know if whatever you use it for makes any money hahaha But yeah I mean, that was pretty cool to hear I'm about to listen to it again.