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  1. Whoa. That was actually really cool. It gets my mind thinking about things like The Matrix and humanity's tendency to be always looking forward instead of just looking around. Pretty impressed over here.
  2. I liked this alot right out of the gate, totally getting the Dylan vibes from it, but toward the middle it began to feel... it seemed to me that it should have either finished soon after the "isn't your heart just standing, reaching up to be the better man" (paraphrased) part, the song feels like it would work as a short song to me. Like the first thought that enters my head is a small refrain or instrumental interlude, repeating that section again and fading out or something. I'm by no means an expert on this style of music, but you really did have my attention up until that point, then I felt a bit... I dunno just felt long after that haha I really like the lyric though for the most part, I'm not huge on the "Good grief man how do you sleep at night" line, it's the same way I feel when John Lennon says the same thing in his song about Paul McCartney it hits me as... petty maybe? But it's subtle, some lines can straight up ruin a song for me but this isn't like that, just hit me a little odd is all. Every other line is poetic, meaningful, good imagery, nice metaphors, I like "when the mirror gets inside your head" particularly. My last critique is that you used the same rhyme scheme twice, I'm not sure if the average listener notices this but my ears always pick up stuff like that immediately, popular artists do it too sometimes and it bugs me with them too haha It's the "someone else/yourself" rhyme that I'm talking about, if it sounded purposeful, like repeating the same idea for hook purposes, I'd dig it I think, but to me it sounded more like reusing the same idea from a lack of new ones. Not saying that's the case, just what my mind felt when I heard it. Just so you know, when I critique, I CRITIQUE, but I don't want you to think my impression was too negative, when I critique I listen as if this were my own song, if my wife and I were at that bar everyone says you need to play at so bad, I'd just be carried off by the vibe, and say "I really like this guy!" and my wife would say "Me too!" That's how that would go, but here the purpose is to critique, so that's what I did
  3. Ooooo you and I are cut from the same cloth a bit. I love these old mid 70's sounding songs, a touch psychadelic, a touch punk, a bit classic rock and roll, great vocals too, the release section with what sounds like... change in a can being shaken up, that was a really great departure to take, loving the guitar solo. I hear the mix as being a tad flat, but my own mixes often are the same way, so I can't give any pointers, I'd probably put it out the way you have it too. But yeah, I pretty much liked everything about this song, no critiques at all. I'm even interested to hear more, I'd listen to this.
  4. BWAHAHAHAHA Loved this. I have a surround sound system I like to listen on, bluetooth earbuds for when I'm at work, and my car stereo. It kind of bugs me to think most people listen to music on laptop speakers cause yeah, without the ability to get like... the biggest, clearest mixes imaginable, you're not gonna hear any bass really. I mean even professional recordings from the 70's sometimes sound bassless on laptop speakers. But what bugs me even more about the way people listen to music these days, (I've noticed mostly with people under 30) is that they don't even think of music as something you pay attention to. It's always background to them. When I try to share music with my friends from work, I am expecting us to really sit and listen, I pick songs that are going somewhere, building to a climax, with great lines and instrumental sections along the way, I want them to experience this with me but it goes the same every time. Press play. 10 seconds later "Yeah dude I dig this it's chill" and then they just start talking and I'm just like "YOU HAVEN'T EVEN HEARD THE SONG, WE HAVEN'T REACHED ONE CHORUS, WHAT DO YOU MEAN "I LIKE IT IT'S CHILL" YOU DON'T KNOW THE SONG YET Man... for musicians trying to really take people on a journey, or who want to make albums that tell a story or interlude like one huge opus, people just don't have the attention spans for it anymore. And if they're listening on laptop speakers on top of that? Yeesh... it's depressing lol
  5. Started to sign up for this place thinking I'd never been here and it said my e-mail was already in the system, I thought "Maybe I signed up long ago but never posted" then I see all these conversations I've had and it allllll comes flooding back to me. I REMEMBER THIS PLACE!!! You guys were really cool! Technically this isn't an introduction cause apparently I'm not a new member but I feel like one so, yeah! I think I left last time because you guys made me a mod and I cracked under pressure and basically ignored everyone, then felt really embarrassed and stopped posting haha I'd like to think I've grown up a little since then... Well for those who don't know me (which I'm sure there are many, it's been a WHILE...) I'm a rock musician from Nashville, my stuff is comparable to like, early punk/glam/new wave, kind of a mix between zeppelin, beatles, david bowie, Wire, and maybe like, smashing pumpkins or something. I actually think I have invented a new genre as of recently, as I set out to try and make a new form of christian music that would have a different attitude than what I've heard before, and it sounds too different to be called "Christian Rock" I think it should be called "Gospel Glam" cause it almost sounds like Buzzcocks doing christian music, and the attitude is snarly and the lyrics are more of a "Better get right with God" kind of message than a "Grace and mercy rains down on us forever!!" kind of message. Anyway I would like to join the ranks, hear some tunes, share some tunes, and have good people times with you guys, guess I'm back!
  6. Pretty cool tune, I just noticed you have Jellyfish as your avatar, I love them!
  7. That's great to hear man, when you seemed to disappear right after getting the files I was like "He didn't like run off with my song did he??" So I'm just happy to know what's going on. I hope you get it sorted out soon man!
  8. That is something I will definitely try. And it is so good to see you posting, I've been wondering where you ran off too haha
  9. The thing about cheesiness is that it is enhanced and weakened based on how much the listener can relate. I felt like that song had a few somewhat cheesy moments in it, but for the most part it was fine, but put me in a relationship where I've just gotten engaged or me and a girl I love are having our anniversary, and I bet every word would hit me like a ton of bricks. Sappy songs are for sappy moments in life, if you're not in the middle of one, they sound well... sappy lol
  10. Good stuff! The wedding song was quite moving :'(
  11. I managed to like, break the tracks apart using the multi track option or whatever, but they were all blank it was weird...
  12. I'm definitely a fan of the newer version. The short intro works great, the weird panning thing in the break down/intro was replaced with something far more effective, it seems to flow better, I'm not sure what all you did to it but it just hits me alot harder now.
  13. Oh definitely not, like I said I already agreed with you. I just noticed he said he'd provide links when you contacted him and I wasn't sure if you saw it or not. But even aside the standpoint of credibility, just from the angle of getting takers Ken, you're gonna get more if you put a link right here in the thread, it makes you seem kinda mysterious if you don't. iIf there is a link right there it's easy to go "oh let's see what he's done!" And then we know what we're truly dealing with.
  14. While I agree, to be fair he did say he'd provide links upon contact. Just sayin
  15. I feel that way ALOT on this forum. I'm frequently finding myself going "Whoa... I don't even know what that word means... holy crap... these people write like a college text book" hahahahaha it's funny cause on my other forum I'm high on the list of people who are articulate and highly intelligent/expressive, but here I frequently feel like I'm just not smart enough for you people LOL And incidentally, I have no idea what "cadence" means ROFL