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  1. Lyrics Writing Challenge #8 - The Pop Song

    Yeah this one isn't so easy, I gotta think about it.... to the charity mobile!!! @Pahchisme Plaid I should have quoted you, I was responding to you lol
  2. Lyrics Writing Challenge #6 - Opposites

    That was seriously fantastic. I can't believe you just wrote that!!! Like seriously???? That was sooooo good. Just, here, you deserve this. Ok I'm gonna try lol. I'm losing her again, I don't know what went wrong, I started off explaining right, I just went on too long, But now she's drifting further, I'm leaving her behind, Cause she can't take the overload, And I'm pent up inside, Emotions always leaping out! Without any permission, It happens without giving thought, or making a decision, I'm losing her again, I think she's really bored, If I could crack a joke, I know I'd strike a chord, Instead I'm analyzing and I really don't know why, Cause she can't take the overload, And I'm pent up inside, Maybe down in India I might could find a yogi, Who'd show me how to sit and think on nothing but baloney, But till I get the chance, we're going through the dance, I output all the time, she just wants peace of mind, I hope before she's had enough, a better way I find, Cause she can't take the overload, And I'm pent up inside
  3. Lyrics Writing #9 - Including A Named Element

    Thanks! hahaha I was just trying to be funny really but yeah I can see how that would be an almost better spoof idea. If it was about a guy who couldn't be with a girl because she's not a gamer, hehehe appreciate it!
  4. Unbury Yourself - mix feedback

    I freaking like this guy!!! ^^^
  5. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    I like that kind of reaction!!!
  6. A Concept...

    Is that monostones real name or something? Cause that would make sense hahaha my wife is into really spacey electronic with a certain type of chillness to it, and indie acoustic stuff with the same kind of chillness, so yeah, she likes you guys lol
  7. A Concept...

    Oh and I just wanna say @MonoStone if you come in here and see that my wife said the same thing about Jenn's song as yours, it's not cause I'm making it up to make you guys feel good lol She said that first when she hear monostone's song, then when she heard Jenn's she was like "That's the OTHER sound I'm always looking for, why are your friends making my favorite kind of music???" So there's no exaggeration, my wife just tends to use the same words for things lol
  8. A Concept...

    When I clicked it there was only one version, so I guess it was the first. And I'll tell her that, she's still not home
  9. What's up my man! I totally understand really wanting to get heard, been there done that before. I'd like to suggest that perhaps the caps aren't necessary, you may be doing it to stand out, but I think it makes it difficult to get a feel for your tone. Just a suggestion, regardless, people will give you good advice here, I haven't actually seen too many hip hop acts yet, but all genres are welcome, so I hope you'll stick around!
  10. Hi I'm AIR.

    What's up my man!
  11. Making Music Spiritual Again

    I think it was a 60 minutes interview where I saw him say that, a woman with short blonde hair was interviewing him and it looked like it was in the early 90's. She said "What's it like being on stage in front of 10,000 people?" He said "terrifying!" She said "Really?? A big star like you still gets scared on stage? Why?" And he said "Have YOU ever played played in front of 10,000 people???" hehehe I paraphrased but it was something like that.
  12. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Jerry Garcia also said that even after all those years playing in front of so many people, he is still terrified before every show. I thought that was pretty crazy, they seem like the chillest band on earth on stage.
  13. My Name Is David

    Don't let it hit you on the way back in either, that goes for you too Hobo
  14. My Name Is David

    Maybe it's April fools in a dimension only David knows about....
  15. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    Never thought of it like that but you're right. Maybe I'll start doing more lyric reviews