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  1. Hypnotize me, Override Me (Demo)

    Hey Stranger cool little ditty...hit me up for some mixing advice (check your PMs)
  2. Ancient City ©

    If you don't own a de-esser I have a poor man's trick to achieve the same results...it's a little complicated setting up the first time but once you do it becomes a no brainer PM me for that or any other questions re: mixing...I'm here to help
  3. Lightbulb Sandwich [Boot-Stomping Heavy]

    A couple of things you might want to look at 1) the drums - they need some width and some definition (some realism in the programing wouldn't hurt...particularly the double kick sections) 2) the guitars sound like they could use some air - they need to breath a bit - they're also really thin and could use a little beef but not so much that the eat into the bass guitar territory. 3) if you're using compression or limiting on the mix try backing off a bit - the whole thing has a squashed sound 4) the Lead vocals could also use a little meat on the bones. The side-split vocals are great! Love this tune...kicks ass big time
  4. Ancient City ©

    Nice song which I believe would benefit from some panning... in the intro throw the guitar and flute on opposite sides of the mix with each track copied and pasted (with a 20ms delay)to center at about 1/2 the volume of the original track...also the guitar is very mid-rangy so you might want to EQ the center guitar with a little more beef...blend these four tracks to taste. The percussion could come up in the mix quite a bit (as could the drums later on). Try separating your voices to either side of center say 10% and EQ out a little mid...or add some 250-350hz and 5Khz...same with the Harmony tracks...pan them to taste I like the spread of the horns but the drums need to be centered. Give these suggestions a try and I think you'll hear how much more open and full the mix will sound...pm me if you have any questions or need any clarification
  5. White Lies

    Another excellent song... Try applying EQ or a hi pass on your reverb(s) rather than on the actual instruments...that or dial them back just a tad...definitely your call. Love your use of panning...very brave and unconventional at times. Not a fan of the snare drum sound but that's just me as it works
  6. On Second Thought (16 Edo Mix 1)

    Cool track...a little disjointed for my personal tastes but the composition itself is well done. Nice use of the various sound sources and ambiance which create a really nice vibe
  7. Not too friggin' shabby. Well written with a nice diversity of parts and arrangement...well played too!
  8. Pills & Potion Remix

    The delivery is good as is the lyrical content I'm not sure that particular bass drum works all the way through the whole song...definitely works when all the music drops out. You need to get a little more width in the mix (left / right) especially when the big strings kick in You might consider changing up the instrumentation a little from verse to verse or adding a little something different Also you might think about developing a middle eight or bridge which is standard operating procedure on traditional songwriting and now making it's way into Hip Hop & Rap
  9. I Love You Inside Out

    I've had several discussions with Producers and A&R people much farther up the food chain than I and the one thing they all agree on is you have one chance to catch their attention. With that said the song itself is pretty good if not a little predictable but there are a few issues... #1 the lead vocal has some pitch issues particularly in the first chorus...fix them ASAP (pitch correction can be your friend here) #2 there appears to be a bad edit at 3:05 #3 the Mix is swimming in reverb....try dialing it back at least 50% across the board. For the lead vocals try a very light room reverb and a really quick delay (1/8th or 1/16 note) Once you have that problem area dealt with you'll be able to address the mix which in my opinion is a little out of balance in terms of EQ Level and panning. In other words it's not quite ready for prime time just my $0.02 CAD
  10. Four Wheels

    If you're looking for a simple elegant solution to micing drums google the Glyn Johns method - three mics and you're done. It would be best if the mics are all the same but if not try and keep the OH and side mic the same.
  11. Japan (New 'dnafe' Mix!)

    Picky Picky Picky ;-)
  12. Japan (New 'dnafe' Mix!)

    Best damn advice I've gotten all year
  13. I'm not really sure what you're asking? Are you looking for lower latency times? Better quality audio? No Glitch recording/playback?
  14. All the levels sound good as do the actual instruments but I'd suggest you cut back all the reverb by about 25% cause a lot of the actual instrument sounds are being masked by the reverb.
  15. Looking For Un-Mixed Tracks

    have ya been here http://www.cambridge-mt.com/ms-mtk.htm