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  1. Here is the first performance of a song in tribute to BB King by 5 Shades of Gray featuring lyrics written by myself. Please have a look/listen and like it, if you want. Thanks Roger
  2. BEAUTIFUL Nothing else to be said! Best, Roger
  3. Like this a lot, great lyrics and as mentioned still relevant, probably always will be. Roger
  4. Have recently collaborated with some excellent musicians to Blues legend BB King. Please listen and let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Roger
  5. I'm a lyricist who is seeking opportunities to get my words used. This would hopefully be by bands or singers who require original lyrics to write their own music to. Also looking for composers willing to set up a writing partnership, writing music to my lyrics. Finished songs to be pitched to various opportunities for commercial release. Cheers, Roger
  6. I'm a lyricist who's always seeking people to collaborate with. So if you can write music to existing lyrics then I'll be happy to share some ideas with you. Cheers, Roger
  7. MoeJo110 Glad to help, hope you get something out of them. tunesmithth Yeh I have benefitted from using the ISA, have had some of my songs recorded by artists who've asked for material on there. I admit most do not get much further than the demo stage but that's part of it with this business. However I have had two songs released officially the first by a Canadian singer called Pascal Gagnon he used my song titled Never Say Never on his album Born To Be released in 2010. Also very recently Tarryn Richardson a Cambridge singer and theatre actress was asking for acoustic style material she liked a song I sent her, titled They Made Me Do It and will hopefully be doing a recording and releasing it soon. Also she liked some of my lyrics titled If You're Looking For A Love Song and has composed a ukulele tune them. Both of these are available for download on iTunes, Amazon and CdBaby. Also I found some of my musical collaborators through the site. As for Sentric unfortunately no success yet but as the song says Never Say Never. Hope this helps Roger
  8. Tarryn Richardson a Cambridge songwriter and theatre actress, has written a ukulele song using some of my lyrics. It's titled If You're Looking For A Love Song and she has released it as her debut single, It's available through iTunes, Amazon, Cdbaby and most other download sites. A preview can be heard at Please have a listen and hopefully buy. Thanks Tarryn and Roger
  9. Tarryn Richardson a Cambridge singer and theatre actress has recently written and released her debut single. It's a ukulele song using some of my lyrics, titled If You're Looking For A Love Song and it is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and most download sites. Please have a listen at least, thanks. Roger
  10. Hi Danny Just found this, so apologies for being late Really enjoyed listening to both versions and hearing the progression from demo to finished. Think it definitely sounds better with the full band. A little last minute suggestion for a lyric tweak, in the second verse the second line, I would change to "You cast a lovely light". Think it adds a bit more imagery to the line. Good luck with it Roger
  11. I'm a lyricist who's always seeking collaborators to write music to my lyrics. So if you can write music to original lyrics, then great maybe we can work together on something. Please note I don't write lyrics to music so it will just be as I've mentioned. Cheers, Roger
  12. Hello I'm a lyricist who's always seeking collaborators for the music side of things. So if that's the kind of thing you're looking for, let me know. Cheers, Roger
  13. Suggest you join the International Songwriters Association, you get access to a news letter each month. This contains posts by singers, bands and record companies looking for songs. Most name a similar artist whose style they require songs in or state a certain genre, along with email and postal addresses. Also try some sync sites like Sentric. You upload your songs and can then submit them to various opportunities in films, advertising etc. Hope this helps Roger By the way, I've had a listen to Destiny and really like it, quite moody in places.
  14. Hi I'm a lyricist always seeking to collaborate with melody writers. Can provide ready written lyrics for music to be written to. If you're interested, let me know. Cheers, Roger