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  1. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    Dek, this is so many kinds of gorgeous! That reverb is so detailed and sweet. Sometimes I feel so lucky to know people here. I just sit back, listen, and know that I'm listening to some of the best unknown music being produced today. And that is no lie. A real pleasure.
  2. SoundCloud account deleted

    SoundCloud has served a number of purposes. It was a place to post stuff I was working on, to say, hey, I'm alive, I'm doing something. It was also a place I could post songs that I could call done in order to move on. But, I've always been disturbed by the lo-res streaming format; very few people actually take the time to download my tracks, which have always been free. What this means, essentially, is that my music is being listened to in a manner that does not represent the quality I wish. A year or two ago they removed groups, which was one of my favorite things about SoundCloud. Now that they are near the end, industry-wise, I did some hard thinking about why I was there. I sense a major shift coming in the way I think about and produce music and I want to honor that by creating a little space. It might be that I create a website and install an MP3 player so I can stream at 320. It might be a music social media site with a different approach. I don't know, I'm still looking. I know I kind of want to gather everything I've done in the past 15 years together. I need some kind of marker or milestone, and that will be a retrospective release of some sort. Don't know if I'll put it out myself or shop for a netlabel or somesuch. Hope that answers your question.
  3. SoundCloud account deleted

    I have deleted my SoundCloud account. Don't know what I'm going to do for music social media, but it's time to shake things up a bit. I'm going to release a 30 song retrospective somewhere and I want to dedicate some time to remixing and mastering the last 16 songs. I'm not going anywhere, just wanted to let you know in case you drop in from time to time.
  4. Poem in Radar Poetry

    Thanks for reading, Richard!
  5. Poem in Radar Poetry

    I have a new poem published in Radar Poetry today. Take a look when you get a moment. http://www.radarpoetry.com/triptych
  6. Talking To Spiders (NEW UPDATE 26/06/2017)

    Okay, so I had another listen to the intro. The piano is not the problem. The reverb, in my opinion, is too dark and too deep for the initial sound. Check to see if your reverb has an EQ and mess around with the upper mids. Probably should bring down the wet level. Lastly, if that doesn't bring the piano more forward, you can either dampen the tail a bit or throw a compressor on after the reverb (this is a trick I use sometimes to bring out the detail in the tail. You don't want to kill the sound, but just enough to get the wonderful reflections). It might be that you can start with one setting and then automate the wet level more when the song kicks in. I just think for an initial sound, you want it as detailed and lifelike as possible.
  7. Song picked up for compilation

    Thank you!
  8. Talking To Spiders (NEW UPDATE 26/06/2017)

    I haven't read any comments so hopefully this is a fresh perspective. I like this quite a bit. Has a kind of updated 80s feel to it. A few comments / observations for you to kick or keep. The opening piano sound could use a little more definition. The vocals seem hesitant and off rhythm in places. I think this can work with more attention to detail and method (develop a left field process). I think the song is a touch too fast and bright. Try 3 - 5 bpm slower and transpose to a lower key. This will emphasize the melancholy quality. The low end is barely present and needs much more attention. I would even try taking it down an octave. I think it could be more interesting than just supporting the rhythm. In fact, it might be an interesting focal point to set off with the vocals so that there is an anchor for the imagination. Best of luck with this. I always enjoy listening to your work.
  9. Not the Same

    I guess I'll go first. This recording kind of redefines "lo-fi." I looked through your post history and see you really haven't critiqued anything. You should start doing this because it forces you to think about what works best and doesn't work. I'm also not sure whether you are trolling or serious, but I'm going to assume you're serious. You have some nice ideas in this piece. I like the rawness and the storytelling aspect. The recording is not very good, though, as I'm sure you're aware. The first thing is to practice each part until you can play it without slowing down and speeding up. Practice the vocals. Practice the falsetto. Then start thinking about your recording setup and make little changes to improve whenever you can. The signal is distorting. Yes, you have to start somewhere. I applaud that. If you expect results, then you have to put in the time. There are no shortcuts. Best of luck on your adventure!
  10. Song picked up for compilation

    Hi, just thought I'd let you know that my song "Doomsday Clock," which was developed here, has been picked up for a new microtonal compilation called Possible Worlds 4. I'll post a link when the album is available to download. As always, thank you so much for your comments and support. This community is invaluable to me.
  11. Here There Be Ghosts

    ImKen: You are very kind. Thank you! Steve
  12. Here There Be Ghosts

    Matthew: Thank you so much for listening and commenting. This is old, old, old. It's kind of amusing to look back this far. It's a bit embarrassing, but there are some interesting things in this. You have always been so kind to me. I appreciate it. Altres: The mix is actually an ancient mix I found on a hard-drive I was looking at. I don't have the original project file because it was created in Reason 2.5 on Windows 98. I lost a ton of project stuff during various early hard-drive failures. So, unfortunately, I can't tweak the mix. I mastered this right before posting. It doesn't appear on any of my releases. I mostly posted it for yucks. I do appreciate the good words.
  13. Get Me Down

    Richard, I've used it in both mixing and mastering situations. Most of the time I would use it on a group or submix (like glue). Here I meant the lead vocal (or lead vocal chain). Would probably try it right before the limiter, if there is one, or last in the insert if there isn't.
  14. Get Me Down

    Oh, my god, this is so beautiful! You are very original and wonderful and [insert superlative here]. Tone Boosters makes a wonderful inexpensive tape saturation plugin that might at the final touch to this. I think just a touch of old 30 ips tape with a little saturation and a slight boost would make the main vocal pop. It's pretty amazing as is. Just a thought. Anyway, here's a link. It's like $20 or so. One of my favorite tape / saturation plugins. http://www.toneboosters.com/tb-reelbus/ Edit: I'm not affiliated with TB in any way. I just buy a lot of plugins I can't afford.
  15. Nightfall

    Matthew, I really dig this tune. The filtering on the drum loop is cool. Love the flute like synths, the contrast. A very interesting, moving, beautiful piece. I think the beginning needs some work. I like the idea, but I think you give away the power of the panning and delay too early. Maybe shorten, use a long filter, pull back on the feedback of the panning delay. I don't know. It's your track, so you'll do what is best. Once it kicks in, I'm right there in the pocket with you. I just think more surprise in the sound design department will really seal the deal on this. Enjoyed!