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  1. My track "Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole" will appear on a benefit compilation to raise money for Planned Parenthood. The release is called Friends for Equality, Vol. 2, and it is available for pre-order. It will be released on May 30.
  2. Ha! Thank you very much for reading and commenting, Steve! Yeah, for many rock and singer / songwriter musicians this probably wouldn't be useful (unless you want to do sound design work for transitions, etc.). For electronic musicians, avant garde artists, sound designers, soundtrack scorers, etc., this is an amazing plug-in. You bring up a really good point, one that I haven't that of, and that's addressing or mentioning the audience for a given tool. Will definitely consider that in the future!
  3. Not sure if this has been announced yet, but my review of Loomer's Sequent VST plugin is now live on Songstuff. Check it out!
  4. All good ideas. At the highest level, right now, the $10 per month category, I am offering up to three original poems or one unique song creation. It would be hard for me to justify charging more for individual items. If anything, I should be throwing them in. I love your ideas, though, about personalizing some of the day-to-day stuff, and will probable incorporate some of them into the $5 level. Right now, I am working on a professional-level layout of a PDF of me earlier out-of-print poetry books for the $2 level and up. Up to 4 patrons! I also plan on dramatically increasing my software articles for Songstuff, with the first one, a Sequent review, on your doorstep.
  5. Oh, my God, John! You literally just brought me to tears! Thank you, thank you! Please also let me know if you have ideas for things you'd like to see, ways I can provide value to the people who are showing faith in me.
  6. Hey, I have my first two patrons!
  7. I can always use comments and feedback. So far, zero patrons. I don't expect that I'll get many or that it'll be easy, but I have no money and no way to replace anything that breaks down. The model is enticing because it is at least built on the idea of creating art, that art has value. I frankly hate the whole business thing, trying to drum up money, sell releases and whatnot, and I've never been good or successful at it. I was naive a decade ago. I know it's a mistake to have neglected the business aspect of it, but the whole money thing is just repellent. Still, if I'm being honest, things are pretty nearly desperate and I need to try. Otherwise, I'm just going to be f*cked someday and then I'll have nothing.
  8. I have started a Patreon account. If anyone here is interested in supporting my desire to release artistic electronic music free of charge, please take a look.
  9. *smiling* Thank you!
  10. Thanks for reading, Sreyashi and starise. Whatever you take away from your reading is good. Once it leaves my hands it belongs to the reader, hopefully providing something of interest and insight.
  11. Hey, David! Many thanks for listening. Hope you are well.
  12. I have a poem published in the new issue of Poet Lore (see attached image).
  13. Thank you, Sreyashi!
  14. Matthew, you are so kind. Thank you. I can't tell you that enough. Starise, one of my favorite albums is Angels and Ions, which you can grab here: He has several albums hosted in the Internet Archive, as well as a shitload of classical "interpretations". He's not consistent with his name. Sometimes "Jon L Smith" sometimes "J.L.Smith" sometimes "JLSmith" etc. He's the only microtonal one, though (I think). There are no interviews, publicity, or anything I know of. He's very humble.
  15. Crystalsuzy, I like when a listener is transported somewhere else! That's what I want to happen. You're right, microtonal music is hard to adjust to, but the worlds it can open up are remarkable. I still work in standard tuning as well, but every time I try a new tuning, it's almost like starting from scratch, like exploring the unknown. Richard, thanks for stopping by. Jon is amazing, and our styles and approaches are very different, so it was a unique opportunity to get to work with him. Originally we were going to do an EP, but I don't think that'll happen. I'll count myself blessed if we can do one more. Starise, Jon describes his style as "angular" and he likes to work more by putting in everything but the sink and then cutting down, whereas I like to work fluid and spare and build up. I learned a lot by working with him. It was completely open and we each could do whatever we liked, though I did the final "assembly" and mix. He's forgotten more than I'll ever learn about microtonal music.