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    Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, The Beachboys, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk, Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, I'll stop there because there's still quite a bit. I'm influenced by most of the music from 0 A.D. to 1980 A.D. Which is quite a lot!

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  1. Knockin' On Your Back Door

    Spent the last couple of days pondering over the "drugstore" line, coming up with something better. I changed the line from "calling from the corner drugstore" to "askin' if you want anymore" -Holz
  2. Not For Everyone

    I agree with Orsen, I think you're posting a little too much. I think I saw where you posted two songs on the same day? Am I correct? Anyway on to the critique. Pretty good song, however it's seems a bit jumbled. I can't really tell which is chorus and which is verse. Besides that, good job! -Holz
  3. What Am I Now To You?

    Personally I like the song the way it is, of course each of our writing styles are different, and am perfectly ok with "gloom" being in a song. I think if we don't try to use different words, we would end up saying the same old words over and over again in the same order. "Gloom" does good as gloom is normally used in songs, makes it different. That's my two cents at least, -Holz
  4. Knockin' On Your Back Door

    He suspects that his girl is home and is hiding from him, acting like she's not home. That's why he keeps knocking and asking if she's inside. That's also why he knocks on the back door and goes to the drugstore to call her, then repeats. It may be the fifties, it's quite possibly it is, but I never set a time period. Just wrote the song. I fail to see the problem with "shop" and "stop", could you explain it out some? Thanks, -Holz
  5. One Clean Vein

    Sadly the Internet has people like these who think everything on the internet's public domain. My suggestion; keep some of your self-titled "best" songs offline just so not all of your creativity is stolen. -Holz
  6. Bad Dream, Bad Trip

    Hi, After having some issues with "One Clean Vein", I told myself it was time to start putting some lyrics on here again. So I pulled this song out and rewrote the chorus, still not comfortable with it and probably will write a better one later. (If you're wondering about "One Clean Vein" I suggest you hope over there and read the new posts, a quite interesting story) so here it is! Bad Dream, Bad Trip (Intro) (Verse) I stop my dreaming And talk with the man in the mirror Afterwards I start cutting, The trees that grew last night, Wash all that down, With a swim under the waterfall, Head into town, To drown a pastry for enjoyment, (Chorus) Am I dreamin'? Am I trippin'? I've had enough, And I'm calling it quits, Flipping the ejector switch, Cause I've had enough of this pit, (Verse) Walk into a room, So someone can buy my screams, Feel like a baboon, Not knowing what I'm here for, Write Shakespeare, And jingle jangle all day, Tell my people my fears, And they give me money in return, (Chorus) Am I dreamin'? Am I trippin'? I've had enough, And I'm calling it quits, Flipping the ejector switch, Cause I've had enough of this pit, (Solo) (Outro)
  7. For The Best

    This sounds like it'd be a nice boogie rock song or something similar, the lines lend themselves to that feel, for me at least. Good job, -Holz
  8. Gone Gone Gone

    Nice lyric DM, an eye-opener to somethings. You talk about it in almost, in my opinion, a Dylan type of way. It go good with a lone acoustic guitar and vocals, no trained vocals just a guy singing like a folk singer or something. Good job, -Holz
  9. One Clean Vein

    Apparently.....I agree it's a bit weird, personally I didn't really care for the music he set to the lyric, perhaps it's because the music is not as dark as the lyrics are. -Holz
  10. One Clean Vein

    Interesting what eddy said, it's good he came clean. Just so it's clear for everyone here, it wasn't poems I found and put together it was a complete lyric just in various forms as the person was trying to find the right words. -Holz
  11. One Clean Vein

    This is getting just a bit confusing, so your saying these are your lyrics Just1L? You originally wrote them? -Holz
  12. One Clean Vein

    True, he didn't claim it but he did put music to it. Like you, I'll be interested in what he says. -Holz
  13. One Clean Vein

    Quite interesting, is there anyway I can make him remove his post/soundcloud song? He had a pretty good scam/trick going on, copying lyrics from one lyric website and pasting them on another claiming it's his. I'd like to stop him before this lyric is often seen as his, not that I'm claiming it, I don't want anyone claiming it except the original person. Thanks, -Holz
  14. Concept Albums....

    Hi, I was wondering how many people on songstuff forums have written a/some concept albums. And if so, how do you come up with a story and go about telling it? Much wondering, -Holz
  15. Maybe Blues [Not Again.....ugh]

    The two lyrics I've found in songbooks were found in antique/junk shops, both songbooks had decent thickness to them so that probably had something to do with the decision people made of putting their lyrics in them. Thanks, -Holz