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  1. Song for critique.

    The sounds like it'll be pretty cool played with a band, but this current recording has the vocal issues and a repetitive strum keeping it from really elevating. I assume you're aware of that because this obviously isn't some final recording. It'll be interesting to see where you take this from here, though, but definitely make it raw and loud. I'd say that a musical bridge with a nice solo would be good here, but at 3:40 already, you'd probably want to cut a verse and do the solo instead. Not that I'm against long songs...I just don't think this one should be one. This fits much better in the 3-minute ditty category. Rather than remove that last verse altogether, you could also only include one line of it as a refrain. In other words, ending with "back up against the wall." Especially when you do have a full band treatment going, it could work if done right. As another bit of suggestion, you really don't need to spell out the places where you stretch a word in your lyrics, lol. Doing that really just makes it harder to follow along.

    I dunno if Hobo will come in and burst your reverb bubble again , but once again, I really love what you did with it here. My favorite part of the song is the little organic panned static-y perc. sounds. I feel like if you redid the prosody on "free the fire" to where the word "fire" was held just a *little* more it would sound nice. Anyway, mainly just really liked this one.
  3. Yeah, this is actually a better point than my post. Editing and eq are gonna make this particular vocal take better, but really, a better recording *is* gonna be optimal.
  4. The vocals seem to have that canned kind of sound that can come from less than optimal recording conditions. There's also some mic crackles that appear from 1:43-1:45, so maybe you didn't do as much production on the eq and editing as you could have. The auto-tune itself is fairly well realized, though. However, the vocal may also be a *bit* too up front, which puts the auto-tuning really at the forefront and almost makes it sound like you're doing it to cover up, rather than for specific effect. If the vocal was sitting in with the music a little bit better, it might make that all sound a little smoother, which I think would be a good thing. Maybe a good reverb on the vocal could set it in the mix a little nicer. The chorus has a really cool flow and is catchy af.
  5. My first original song

    I agree with Jim that this doesn't sound "complete." It needs a little bit of work before it stands on it's own. Having said that, it's a hell of a start! It was enjoyable as hell to listen to...it just felt like it needed something more. I gotta say, vocals would fit in with this so very nicely. A softly sung lyric with some falsetto backups would be stellar. Edit: By the way, I normally don't comment on posts by members who haven't contributed their own critiques on the forum, so consider it a compliment that I did, I suppose. But for real...get participating. You'll get more use out of this place if you do.
  6. Hell yeah. Of course. Just providing as much initial feedback as I can. That's what we do here, after all.
  7. too much change....?

    You can't be ****ing serious with this, dude. Are you honestly taking this as some personal jab, as if it's labeling you as a "complainer?" First off, this thread IS VERY MUCH a complaint. The very first ****ing words in the thread are literally, "i dont like it." How does that not qualify as a complaint? By the way...there's nothing wrong with complaints. Complaints are often legitimate, like, say, "Hey, there's too much human feces in this soup I ordered." But ok, fine...you automatically think there's something negative about the word "complaint" because you're being over-sensitive. That's ok, I guess, but even if you honestly don't believe your thread qualifies as a complaint...so ****ing what? "Compaints and Bugs" is just a forum title. It doesn't need to be all-inclusive. It just needs to give you the goddamned gist of the forum's purpose. And to anyone actually using their head, it serves that purpose beautifully. But if you're incapable of seeing that, how about you just check the sticky thread at the top of this forum that goes into greater detail for you. It says in there: "This board is here to let you bring out issues with the boards and site to allow us to fix them." You ARE bringing out an issue with the boards ("too much change") that you'd like them to fix, are you not? So, yeah...your reaction to this being moved to the perfect forum is asinine, ridiculous, and whiny as all hell.
  8. too much change....?

    What a stupid ****ing reaction. The complaints and bugs forum is literally where this thread belongs. They just moved it to the right place.
  9. Oh, I know it's being advised. But 1) we're relying on every single member of a community to know and follow this rule properly each time, and 2) even if everyone magically does it right each time, I'm not personally excited to have to do an extra check every time I'm considering clicking on a thread. Just saying...that's a downside of this new organization to me. And no amount of, "Well, people are supposed to do this now," is likely to change that. So, I bring it up.
  10. too much change....?

    *takes down a note: "write song called Too Much Change"*
  11. Yeah, I see now that the genre boards were removed. That's a good step. But I still think lyric and song critiques are such different beasts that they don't belong lumped together. First, the good: I think that getting rid of "Instrumentals" was a great decision. Never understood the need for that. If there was an "explicit" AND a "rap and hip hop" board before, then I think it was smart to reduce that to just the "rap and hip hop" board. The few times I looked in the "explicit" forum, I saw mostly rap anyway. But quite frankly, if you left lyrics separated that would still reduce us from 9 to 6 boards: Recordings Rap and Hip Hop Recordings Members Only Recordings Lyrics Rap and Hip Hop Lyrics Members Only Lyrics That would indeed eliminate some of the more pointless and confusing board clutter, so that's great. Going all the way to 3, however, just to achieve the effect of "even fewer boards," might be going too far. Seems like it's going to cause more problems than it would solve. I think Hobo's point makes a lot of sense, and I doubt it's going to suddenly lead to people critiquing in areas they didn't before. If people are generally sticking to either song or lyric forums, it's probably because that's what they're comfortable critiquing (I know that's the case for myself). You'd be the one who can access the data on how often people *do* cross over, I suppose, but if Hobo's guess is correct, and the crossover really doesn't exist on a large scale, doesn't this just give both sides a board full of posts they aren't particularly interested in? And if the way to reduce the "clutter" of three lyrics boards existing, is to instead pump everyone's boards full of "clutter" in the form of posts...well, then I'm not sure that's worth it. I can easily ignore some lyrics boards. But I gotta say, the 10th time I click on a post and find it was yet another lyric post I didn't care about...ugh...that's gonna be a part I'll still "hate."
  12. I'm one of those people you talk about. I didn't ever head into the lyric board, and there's zero chance I'll start critiquing lyrics just because they're included. It's two completely different things in my mind. I think it's awesome that some people find themselves commenting on both, but I think you're probably correct that this isn't the norm.
  13. Man, I already didn't visit the "members only" or "explicit" board because, for me personally, multiple forums are too much to keep track of. I do my best to participate in just the one, and already do a bad job of that when life is busy. I can't imagine having to go through multiple "genre" forums just to feel like I'm keeping up with what's happening here. I also gotta say, that there's more than likely a subset of people who "prefer" one genre over another. And while they may have previously just clicked on new posts and then found, "Oh, this isn't the genre I know best, but I'm here listening anyway, so let's see if I can help," well...I have to think that at least some of them will now say, "Oh, cool...a 1+1 forum. That's what I know. I'll hang out there." In a way, it could fracture the community in a way that means less critiques per post. Now, I suppose you could argue that the remaining posts would have more validity and therefore be more helpful because they come from people who really know your genre...or that the new structure would pull in so many new members that they'd make up for this splitting effect. But banking on that seems like a bit of a gamble at this point. Anyway...for me personally, I really can't imagine sticking around if this stays the way it is. I really hate it, lol. (Not suggesting my presence here is something you need to consider or anything. You'd be fine without me. Just stating a fact.) Oh well...look forward to seeing how this ends up resolving.
  14. Highway to Hell Acoustic Cover

    My favorite covers are those that dramatically change the feel of the song. So, this is pretty cool. Can't complain about anything. I do agree that the harmony on the vocal for the chorus may be *too* sweet. Could tone that down a bit.
  15. Man, site's been giving you issues, eh? What browser are you using? Anyway, I pulled a direct link for you. More on topic: You did a great job for a first attempt at a genre. What do you normally do? I would say that the bass needs to be turned up a bit on this track. Was kind of lacking. Also, considering the smooth production on the instrumentation, I think you need to do a little more work getting the vocals up to that same level. Honestly, doing some heavy auto-tuning (not T-Pain levels or anything, though) might do this track justice and give the vocal that poppy sound this needs. The background vocal on the word "stars" at 2:33 sounded kind of awful to me. Something about the harmony you tried there just didn't work.