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  1. It's Only Goodbye

    Thanks for the comment, pal. Yeah, I do like his suggestions and will most likely make the changes for the studio recording. Yeah, I'll definitely need a bit of compression. Thanks again for listening and I'm glad you dug it. —Freddy
  2. It's Only Goodbye

    Thanks for the critique, pal. Yeah, the phone recording is jangly and awful sounding, but I mainly just wanted to see what other musicans thought of the arrangement and see if they envision anything different in the song. So far, I like Dave's ideas and will incorporate them into the studio recording. And I see what you're saying. Right now, I can't really hear in my head how that would work with the truncated chorus idea; I don't see how the flow would work in that case. I'll definitely keep fiddling with it though. Thanks for listening and proffering the ideas you have on the song. I appreciate it! —Freddy
  3. It's Only Goodbye

    Thanks for the comment, man! Glad you liked it! Well, I love John Lennon and his songwriting so I'll take that as a major compliment. I do plan on doing a studio recording of this song very soon. I definitely agree about the percussion and bass needing to be in this! Thanks again for listening and appreciate the comment. —Freddy
  4. It's Only Goodbye

    Thanks so much, man! Glad you stopped to listen and enjoyed it. —Freddy
  5. It's Only Goodbye

    Yeah, I know, it's just a rough draft recording done with my cellphone. That's why it's as tinny as it is. I plan on doing a studio recording of this of course. Just wanted to see what folks thought of the song in general. Thanks for listening and commenting. —Freddy
  6. It's Only Goodbye

    Thanks, David, for your in-depth perspective on this. I really like your suggestions on altering the parts you mentioned. I will indubitably test these out and see if I'm keen on them myself. Really appreciate the feedback and thanks again for listening. —Freddy
  7. It's Only Goodbye

    Hello, boils and ghouls of Songstuff, it's been quite a while since I've posted any of my shoddy work, but I'm curious as to what opinions you all may have about this new song. It's just a roughly-done cellphone recording with some reverb added. Thanks for listening if you do and thank you even more for your feedback. —Freddy Lyrics: Trails of vapor in the sky That scar the frail cheek of day Evaporate like a morning mist Into the grey I don't know where I'm going But I know I'll be there soon Somewhere lost in the leaves Or the memories of June You know, It's almost a shame, but it's only goodbye May my body turn to ashes May my ashes grow a tree Where the doves will come to cry And mourn for me I hope to find celestial cities The eternal dance of lights Where the frosty voice of God Solemnly invites You know, It's almost a shame, but it's only goodbye You know, It's almost a shame, but it's only goodbye
  8. Got To Leave The Woe Behind

    Well, thank you very much for the compliments, man! I'm glad you enjoyed it! —Freddy
  9. The Edge Of Life - (Wip)

    Great song! You have a nice voice. I can totally hear a wailing harmonica solo in this, so get on that, haha. Good stuff though. —Freddy
  10. Got To Leave The Woe Behind

    Thanks for the comment, man. I'm pretty dead set on that line methinks, I think what you suggested would make it too wordy really. I did tweak the vocals a bit, added some compression and what not, now they seem to jump out more than before. Appreciate the listen, pal. —Freddy
  11. Got To Leave The Woe Behind

    Thanks for the compliment, man! —Freddy
  12. Anxious Heart. Monostone & Achazia

    Well, this is just a damn masterpiece, and a tearjerker at that. Very evocative and powerful and I was absolutely enchanted by it. I without a doubt LOVE the recording quality, maybe you could give me some pointers, haha. The vocals are exceptional (mostly the talented young lady's stuck out to me). I love the music too, it's very ambient and exotic, it sounds like there's a gust of wind blowing throughout it and for me kind've paints a picture in a few broad strokes of someone standing on the summit of a mountain looking longingly into the heavens hoping for some sort of answer to life, haha. Really really enjoyed the ride. Fantastic song. Not one thing to nitpick about. —Freddy
  13. Got To Leave The Woe Behind

    Thanks for the comment, man! Yeah, my mix is a little weird I suppose, the bass is rather prominent and the guitar on one side does seem louder. I've got to tweak all that. Glad you enjoyed it, dude. That's what it's all about. Thanks again. —Freddy
  14. Got To Leave The Woe Behind

    Yeah, I've got some mixing to do. And thanks, I didn't think so either, it's really just that type of song, it's not meant to be a Dylan song with 10 verses, haha. Thanks for listening, pal. —Freddy
  15. Got To Leave The Woe Behind

    Thanks, man! I do agree that the duet is off. As far as the recording goes, I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 on my ol' Toshiba Satellite L675, and the DAW I'm using is Adobe Auditions CS5.5. I only have one acoustic guitar and that's an Ovation Celebrity CC24, so apparently that combination gives you some nice crisp recordings haha, but it'll give you some mighty annoying, unfixable latency...well, at least unfixable for me since I'm still a novice in the recording world. Thanks again for listening, man. —Freddy