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  1. Last year,I entered a Christmas song writing contest,an international one,with no expectations of winning,and I took third place with my song lyrics,'Our Dogs gave us Fleas for Christmas',a lighthearted look at including our pets in on the Christmas celebration.All of us that view our pets as members of our families can identify with this song,it involves our pets from their point of view.I sent it in to a music promotion company with just two verses,they sent me a letter saying how good it was,so I added another verse and entered it in the contest mentioned above.I found out just last night I took third place,which includes a pro demo,and distribution on Star Tune,itunes and Amazon......I am completely new to this,and have not a clue as to what happens next.I need answers,and do not want to wait until they are opened on Monday.Some directions,please???thanks,Steve.
  2. Name is Steve,I just won my first songwriting contest.Prize is my finished song being put on Startune,itunes and Amazon.This is all new to me,I do not know what happens next.I'm thinking the place I won through does all the legwork,.It is Saturday,and they are not open,so anybody here have any ideas??thanks,Steve.
  3. Welcome to the forums Steve cp :)