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    Hey guys, I play guitar, both acoustic and electric, have pretty good knowledge about music theory, also play saxophone at school. Feel free to message me at any time.

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  1. Mixing And Track Layering

    I thought about it, but was kinda wary of what the quality would be.
  2. Never Let You Down

    Idk, I guess my browser just doesn't work with it, never has worked for me. And np
  3. Mixing And Track Layering

    8 Layered version https://soundcloud.com/ishred4life/8layer
  4. Mixing And Track Layering

    I have not, I will now though, once I figure out how to use it properly. The EQ improved the sound of the track A LOT. I literally took the original drum track, added a nice Bass EQ, and copy/pasted the tracks to thicken the sound. 4 Layers of the same track. However now I have an 8 layered version that sounds better. When we placed the mic, we tried a multitude of spots. It was a tad above the two bass drums and pushed back a little. When we tried placing it lower the bass drums became overpowered and muddy sounding.
  5. Never Let You Down

    I really like this demo. Not my normal preference of genre but I like it. Off topic, but seriously, how the heck do you get the soundcloud player In your post? I pasted the url, the share link, and even tried embedding it. My browser does not want to cooperate. Cheers Zack
  6. Guitar Strings, Brand, Type, Gauge?

    I used to use just Ernie Balls, started with Regular Slinky and then when to Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom or whatever its called, Occasionally use the Ernie Ball Cobalt's as well. For a short time I used the GHS Dave Mustaine signatures. Those were amazing strings. 5 bucks a pop on Musicians Friend. Worked great for my purposes. For the past few months however Ive been using the Dunlop Heavy Core's. I love the sound and the tension is great for everything except the 3 highest strings. Its a tad too thick on that end for me, but anytime I go lighter than 10, 13, 17, My strings go out of tune any time I bend. I don't know what the hell is going on. Its not just on one guitar either so I mean. My primary axe is a ESP LTD V-300 Cheers Zack
  7. Mixing And Track Layering

    Yeah I EQ'd it a tad. After posting originally I figured out how to add a decent Bass Equalizer to it, so I did
  8. The Bloodstained Door

    Very good write. I really enjoyed reading it. I do have a suggestion though, "The road is far too long When there's no point in moving on And the bar is set too high When it's hidden by the sun We're at the end Of the Run Yet we still Reach for our guns" Why not change part of the rhyme scheme here? Just slightly. Just flip lines 2 and 3 with each other "The road is far too long And the bar is set too high When there's no point in moving on When it's hidden by the sun We're at the end Of the Run Yet we still Reach for our guns" This way makes a bit more sense to me and flows better to me. Perhaps you could look at the whole thing and see if you wanna flip flop any other lines. As always Im just here to make suggestions to help you improve. I really enjoyed reading this however. Just one mans advice, wheter you take it or leave it is up to you. Cheers and Good Luck, Zack
  9. Mixing And Track Layering

    This is somewhat a follow up to my previous topic in this section of the forums, but covers a different subject in a way, that and figured more people would look if I started a new topic. Been using Studio One 2 Artist edition. As stated before, money is tight and only had one mic to record my entire eight piece drum set, got decent results but wasn't thick enough of a sound. So I made four layers of the set. Tell me what you guys think. I have guitar and bass for this, but separated the drum track to really tell what's going on. And also, I don't have as many cymbals as I would like, hence the over use of the crash cymbal. XD https://soundcloud.com/ishred4life/4layerdrumdemo2effectreupload Also, It feels like it needs more of a heaviness to it, yet Im still trying to figure out how to mix properly. Its a learn as you go thing I guess. Cheers Zack
  10. Guitar Shredder Video!

    If there was more clarity to the notes and a bigger contrast in dynamics or even tempo itd be sweet. Great player Not so Great Solo Zack
  11. Recording A Full Drum Set Vs. Mixing In Digital Drums

    I do have a DAW, what we did originally was just record the drum beat separately on its own (We didn't use met because our drummer had to leave rehearsal early) and once we had a nice enough drum track we just recorded the guitars over it. (Honestly I thought the guitar and bass lines were sloppy takes, but I got out voted to redo them for just the demo XD) Vocals had to wait because our vocalists voice was acting up a tad. So I'll probably end up doing what you said and mix them separately. Additionally Ive been doing research in the digital drum department as well. Found some program called Addictive Drums, looks interesting. As for separate mics, what mic would you suggest? A condenser mic or an acoustic mic? That way I know exactly what would be best to pick up. Thanks for all the help, Zack
  12. Recording A Full Drum Set Vs. Mixing In Digital Drums

    Here's a rough recording we did. Ive never recorded anything but guitar before so please excuse the sloppiness as I am new to audio mixing and recording and this is just meant to be a demo to test everything out. It sounds a lot better with the proper speakers in person XD https://soundcloud.com/ishred4life/psongreupload I still cant get the stupid sound cloud player in my posts. Tried pasting the url, share link, and embed texts. I don't know why it's not showing. Cheers, Zack
  13. Soloing And What Scales To Use

    Will do. Thank
  14. Recording A Full Drum Set Vs. Mixing In Digital Drums

    Rehearsal going on as we speak. We played around with it and found a decent way to record it until we have more funds. I'll post a recording we did on here later tonight. Cheers, Zack
  15. Soloing And What Scales To Use

    Crap I apologize, I got my fingerings messed up. How embarrassing... And my knowledge of scales and theory is very mixed. I apologize for any confusion. Thanks for the help and Ive been working on it a lot Zack