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  1. Just a chill version I felt like recording.
  2. Hollow by the Mill

    Hey all, it's been a while but I do not come empty handed, I have something to share & I hope you like it. http://www.talentwatch.net/contest/zero-to-hero-music-competition/kaigeevans/hollow-by-the-mill
  3. Shadow Man

    Thank you srm2888, I am glad you like it!
  4. Shadow Man

    Hi Matthew, I am glad you like it! Sorry for stealing your song title Hi TC, thank you for your comment! Yeh I had a friend master this one for me from start to end to try and focus a bit more on the songwriting, but that's no excuse, I would have done a far worse job since he is much better than me Hi Cutaia, thank you so much for your constructive comments, you really went way out to give me the full Monty, I was looking to do something short and the end was something I liked but I knew that there would be some people that won't like it due to the quick end. I understand exactly what you mean but that extra melody and think that would make a nice addition. In a re-record I will most definitely consider doubling up on that part. oh, and yeah, the beginning was a distorted organ, my 1st time I am bringing in synths into my music and was inspired by The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling track. Thank you for your kind comments BrainClaim! Much appreciated!
  5. Last Time

    aah, some nice chill Post Rock, I love doing my day job with non vocal music. Personally the drums sounded a bit to "can-like" at stages but other than that I love the off beats and the guitar work & synths are beautiful. Nice song Matthew
  6. Love Locked Down

    Kyle, You sing this song so casual and easy, I like the raw sound...no, I love the raw sound. You could go for a more final take but personally, I like it as is! Keep up the good work. Cheers
  7. Shadow Man

    Hey hey again The song is finished now but I would still appreciate some feedback if you don't mind. I am aware that the Chorus is a bit weak and that the song is short, but that was what I was aiming for. Anyhoo, here it is: https://soundcloud.com/kaige-evans/shadow-man Shadow Man Hey you, sitting in the corner with your hat hanging low Shadows crawling down below I know, nothing in this town can keep you away from my heart, my soul & everything I know You never know, who you are until you're broken & he comes around with the hounds of hell, oh! Shadowman! Take me back don't leave tomorrow I've been down this road (x2) So take it all! All my heart & all my sorrow I've been down this road (x2) Hey man, I've got the kicks to write home about this sadness & crazy times I miss You know, nothing in this town can keep me around now better turn this train around You never know, who you are until you're broken & he comes around with the hounds of hell, oh! Shadowman! Take me back don't leave tomorrow I've been down this road (x2) So take it all! All my heart & all my sorrow I've been down this road (x2)
  8. Hey all, hope you are all doing well. It's been a while and thought I'd drop by with just a plain rough classic for fun. Let me know what you think. My last intention is to ruin a classic song so hope i didn't
  9. Walk Away

    Final update, Produced & Mastered by my friend Natie Klopper.
  10. Walk Away

    Hey guys, think this will be my last update on this track. Think I have got it pretty fine now, but let you be the judge
  11. Walk Away

    Ah, thanks for the compliments Matthew,much appreciated!
  12. Walk Away

    Thank you for your compliments Just1L, never heard of Benjamin Booker before, but listening to some of his tunes right now and I absolutely love it! Thank you for the reference Hi Achazia, I'm glad you like it! Thank you very much! Thank you jdate, much appreciated! I have no idea haha, let me check my project tonight and see what's going on! Thank you Stova007, I have very little experience with harmonies but will do some research and then try it out, think you are right, might sound very cool. hey theButcher, thank you very much for your compliments, and yeah, I absolutely love whiskey!
  13. Wish It Away

    Hey Space, I like this song very much, I like your vocal style man! The guitar sounds very nice, the beat is good and I like the rough solo's.. Only other point I have is that here and there some of your words fades too much with the rest of the music, maybe just some extra "clearness" on the pronunciation of some words will make a nice difference. But I honestly like this song, listened to it a few times Nice work!
  14. Proxy Existence

    normally,if I listen to something like this I don't comment because I have absolutely no idea what to say, but I just had to leave a comment here that this is extremely weird to me, but in a good way I am discovering music genres here that I never even knew existed Well done hehe
  15. Nobody Knows This_Collaboration Song

    So much production possibilities! Nothing wrong with your vocals, but I agree that this would sound very nice with female vocals. Can't wait to hear more!