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  1. Some Days You Just Feel Blue

    Patty, I like the connection of the feeling of blue and "it colors". As far as the Not rhyming everywhere. The only place I see you not rhyming is the end line of the first verse. I really like the line, it's clever, but I think just having the one missing rhyme will just stand out and eat at the listener. It never bothers me to start with the chorus but I have been told time and again that it's not a good idea. You do your own research and decide if it's right for you and your song. If you decide to, make sure that it comes off as intentional. Good Write!! Some of the the best songwriting advice I've ever gotten was: "always find places to add visual imagery" "think of new, interesting ways to say what's already been said" "give people a reason to want to listen (why should they care?)"
  2. I Fell Apart

    PP, I'm not sure what kind of vibe you envisioned for this lyric. I can kind of see speeding it up with a heavy drum beat like a Paramore feel, if that appeals to you. Kind of letting the anger and resentment of the lyrics flow without being too heavy. Maybe there could be some resolution at the end, that instead of him still holding the strings you could somehow break free. Just my 2 cents. Nice lyric!!!
  3. So beautifully sad inside

    Can't even explain how much I love this lyric Tommy! Nice job. I'm scared to listen to the melody. I so hope the "movie's" as good as the "book" in this case!!!!!!!
  4. It's Just A Song

    (Verse 1) A turn of the dial and I wanna cry Takes me back to old friends and I Just can't help but sing along but maybe to you it's just a song brand new shoes on an old gym floor nobody saw us slipping out the door and driving around till the crack of dawn maybe to you it's just a song (chorus) Maybe to you it's just a song Maybe to you When I don't know where I belong and need some truth When I feel lost and all alone Its the music that brings me home Maybe to you, Maybe to you it's just a song (Verse 2) give other example of significance of song and reinforce impact it has on singer, possible reason 2nd party "had to be there, but wasn't) (chorus) (bridge) And we may not know exactly where we're going but it helps sometimes to look back where we've been to just wrap yourself in a melody and a memory so strong but maybe to you, maybe to you it's just a song (chorus)
  5. It's Just A Song

    HoboSage this is a great opportunity to elaborate on a topic that gets discussed on this site a lot. The purpose of writing and the intention of critique. I personally am interested in having my work reach more people than just myself. If I wanted to write down my songs and keep them in a notebook in my bedroom forever I might be closed off to critiques that cause me to rethink all of my lyrics but that's not my goal. I want my lyrics to resonate with others, To find their way into the world in a real format. I don't ever want to alienate a listener. Conversely I want more people to identify. Your critique is definitely valid and thought provoking. I will surely need to reflect on how to best edit. That requires much more than just a simple tense change. But I think it is well worth delving into. Thank you for taking the time to honestly critique. I really like the idea of changing the focus from all songs to this particular song. And I can see how it could sound negative to a listener. In my brain it was more of a conversation between 2 people and the disinterest of music to 1 and the importance of it to the other.
  6. It's Just A Song

    pahchisme plaid, thank you for your comments and thank you for reading and listening. Peggy, thank you for your comments as well. The tenses were bothering me but I had originally felt like I needed them for the contrasting points of view. I have edited and I think it works better. Thank you. Leo I really like your suggestions and my next step is definitely to add some visual imagery as you have done. Thank you. Dazzyt66. Thank you for your comment. I'm actually not interested in singing outside of my writing. At this time I'm still not proficient enough in any other instruments to convey the melody in my head. I would be ok with helping anyone else with the same thing, just getting their melody out. But it's not something I want to pursue. As far as the song, I'm still working out whether I've written a verse and chorus or prechorus. I know that's a backward way to do it but it's very raw. And I do like the idea of bringing it down to acapella in the end. Thank you again. Hey Tom! Thank you. I knew posting it here would help me start working out the things that were driving me crazy. I should have done it sooner. Now maybe I can make some progress instead of rolling the same problem around in my brain. Maybe I should post the other thousand that I'm halfway through!!! Hope all is well with you!
  7. It's Just A Song

    (Just a start....looking for critique and possibly help) It's Just A Song Maybe to you it's just a song Maybe to you But if you don't know where you belong And need some truth If you feel lost and all alone Let the music bring you home or maybe to you Maybe to you it's just a song We may not know exactly where we're going Sometimes we need to look back at where we've been Just wrap ourselves in a melody and a memory so strong But maybe to you Maybe to you it's just a song https://y-sf.smule.com/sf/y56/sing/performance/rendered/cd/70/9594eb9e-ed66-47dc-ab9e-7cd2155b6963.m4a
  8. Broken

    Nice lyric. Although I personally think it would be even better with some elaboration. Expand a little to give a little more of a story. Your rhyme pattern changes from verses 1&2 to verse 3 from aabb to aaba. Otherwise, with a really good melody it could be very singable in today's market.
  9. Hello From Wisconsin, United States

    Welcome to Songstuff Arnold!
  10. A Big Hello To Everyone!

    Welcome to Songstuff Diane!!
  11. Melody Thief!?!?

    Thank you for commenting Aurora. I think you definitely have the gist of what my concerns are as well. I too think that someone, somewhere along the lines of production will catch a melody similarity. Hopefully anyway.
  12. Caption Contest!

    Que Paso with my GuitarO! Leave me alone! It makes me sound better! Tequila is not for wusses dude!!!
  13. Musician From New Mexico Standing By

    Tony, that's where I lived! There and Cloudcroft!!!!
  14. Musician From New Mexico Standing By

    Welcome to SongStuff! I lived there for a while. Good luck!!
  15. Hello From Los Angeles!

    Welcome to Songstuff Ken! Sounds like your talents could be a great addition to the site!!!