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  1. My Studio 2017

    haha, yeh the mug is a necessity for my music production... coffee coffee coffee.....
  2. I'll Never See You Again - Kevin Dixon

    Hey guys. Thanks for the comments, Rudi / Jenn - I will look into chord changes and making the start of the song less busy. I like the idea of panning the synths/guitar. I do use headphones, but mainly for referencing a mix. To be honest, I have been a bit lazy with the panning on this track. I liked the way the Bowie had guitar far left in an intro on one of his tracks, maybe try this out or similar. Cool idea with removing instruments and adding new ones. I will listen to some more sting tracks as well, get some structure ideas. Thanks so much for listening and thanks for your feedback. Sorry for the late reply. Had the flu... well the man flu anyway.
  3. My Studio 2017

    From the album Kevin Dixon

    I upgraded my previous computer and still use cubase. Workstation Spec: 3.5gHz Intel i7 5820k, 32gb RAM SoundBlaster ZxR Novation 61SL MkII (master keyboard) Korg KONTROL49 Software Spec: Cubase Artist 8 Propellerheads Reason 5 ReFX Nexus II Various VST Instruments Sound Spec: Pioneer DJ05-W Bi-amped near field monitors. Pioneer HDJ-2000 reference headphones Coffee Specs: Kenco Rappor.. (Lots of !!!)
  4. Kevin Dixon

    My Studio, as of 2017
  5. Hi guys, I've recently started producing this track and was inspired by Sting's "Ten Summoners Tales" album whilst writing. The theme to the tune is when you meet someone special, get to know them, get on really well just for a brief time, and then part and never see each other again. It has no lyrics, but I would love some feedback if possible on the track. If you would like to add vocals or lyrics, please let me know as I would love to hear vocals on this track. Many thanks, Kevin
  6. Studio 2014

    A few pics of my new home studio.
  7. Studio 2013

    From the album Studio 2014

    A pic of my studio setup from 2013. Kitlist: PC with 2.5ghz quadcore cpu, 8gb RAM, Audiophile 2496 soundcard Pioner Active Monitors, KORG Kontrol 49, Access Virus TI2 Cubase Artist 7.5, Propellerheads Reason 5, CoolEdit Pro.

    © Kevin Dixon 2014

  8. "you're Alright" - Lounge Track

    Hi mrsick2, Not sure what you meant, do you mean collaborate? if so yes! If you want to add vocals, or get me to change parts of the track in anyway, let me know. Kev.
  9. Psychosis - Jj

    Hi JJ, yes please, if you could supply the vocals, I will add in the mix. That would be great!! cant wait to get to work on the track. Kev.
  10. "you're Alright" - Lounge Track

    Hi Pat, Thanks!! , I'm glad you like it. I added a break after the comments given, I'm not sure if it goes... (let me know please?) Most of the music on my website doesn't have lyrics or vocals laid down. I'm not very good at writing lyrics LoL, nor singing for that matter, although I do join in at gigs... or have know to.. I'm trying to concentrate more on "lounge" type tracks that dance, a mixture of electronic & acoustic is what I'm aiming for, although some tracks do go off the rails, but hey that's making music!! Please do let me know if you have recorded vocals on the track. would like to listen
  11. Psychosis - Jj

    Hi JJ, I've made a remix of your track and uploaded it to my website. Its still work in progress... Please have a listen:- http://www.dix1975.com/search.php?Title=Psychosis%20(Remix)&Year=2014&Display=Info&Start=True
  12. This Town (Pop/dance)

    Hi Craig, Great tune, lively & upbeat. I'm liking the flow of the tune & vocals. All the best Kev.
  13. My New Song... Coffee Song...

    Hi Pascal, Nice tune, I love the expressimo guitar playing, such a relaxing track. Did you have much coffee when writing this track? I always find myself drinking lots of coffee when writing music, maybe im addicted lol. I don't think its too long, I think it has a warm-homely feel to it. Good luck with the commercial.. im off for another coffee now.. man your songs inspiring.. Kev
  14. Kevin Dixon (Dix1975) Saying Hello All!

    Hi MazingMary, Thanks . Hope Sweden get's a good blast of sunshine soon. oh you didnt just do that lol,,. I thank you too.. You're welcome, and you too! Have a good one! Kev
  15. Psychosis - Jj

    Hi JJ, I've just listened to the track on soundcloud. i like it, its refreshing, its clean and catchy. i love the verse bit 1:00>1:30 and then the drop and BOOM!! SHANKA!! cool tune!! remix?