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  1. Dogs (Pink Floyd cover)

    Bueller? Is it that bad, too long, or just no Pink Floyd fans in the house?
  2. Dogs (Pink Floyd cover)

    Hey all,Finally finished mixing my band's latest installment in our Animals cover - the legendary 17-minute trip that is Dogs. We aimed for something respectful of the original but with a modern sheen. What do ya'll think?!
  3. Pigs On The Wing pt1 (Pink Floyd cover)

    Dude that is literally THE BEST analogy any could offer (also made me really hungry). I wanted to do a slightly heavier, angrier version of the song (with some nods to the live '77 versions). It's a shame you couldn't play on this number, but maybe we can do something down the line. We've got covers for the other songs on Animals coming out soon.
  4. Hey guys,I put this track up for bashing a few months ago and have since re-worked some of the elements based on your inputs. Overall I think it's a solid improvement but would love to hear your thoughts. Does it stand up to the Floyd original?Also left a little reward on verse 3 (8:03) for the Trump fans out there...
  5. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

    Thanks guys. Your reviews are very important. I do NOT want to release a weak cover of this badass track. Pink Floyd covers deserve massive justice. I incorporated some elements from the live '77 Animals tour and my cover, while similar, is not a 100% remake of the studio version. I really want to know if anything feels awkward or needs improving on the track, but if you guys like it I'm satisfied. Any other reviews from the crowd??
  6. Hey all, Looking for thoughts on my band's version of the Pink Floyd classic "Pigs (Three Different Ones)", specifically two areas: 1.) General impression/How does the overall track feel? Does it move you? 2.) Specific thoughts on the mixing/engineering. HUGE thanks for listening through this 11 minute track!
  7. Pigs On The Wing pt1 (Pink Floyd cover)

    Thanks! I'm slowly working on covering the entire record. I'll be releasing it on Soundcloud later this year. I'm about 75% complete on Dogs and 30% done on the other tracks...and of course an epic guitar solo at the end of Pigs On The Wing pt. 2 ;-)
  8. Hey all, I'm covering Pink Floyd's '77 classic "Animals" and would love to hear your thoughts on this first track. Thanks. https://soundcloud.com/stephan-mathos/pigs-on-the-wing-pt1-c/s-ySbWP
  9. Hey all, https://soundcloud.com/stephan-mathos/dogs-master-track-guitar-vox-drum/s-em9nP Looking for talented keyboard and bass players to help complete the new Mothers Talk cover of Dogs! A basic guitar/vox/drum track is done and ready for download (above link). The goal is for this to be the best sounding amateur cover on the internet. Are you game? Looking to keep the basic feel of the original, but artistic variations are totally cool! I'm especially looking for a badass and dark synth part in the slow, plodding mid-section and to splice in anti-establishment clips from speeches/movies. I want that section to be a huge middle finger to "climbing the corporate ladder" as a dog in society. Look forward to hearing some great work! Stevie
  10. https://soundcloud.com/stephan-mathos/pigs-on-the-wing-pt1 Beautifully simple track by Pink Floyd I covered as a basic mixing exercise. Curious to know what ya'll think. Thanks!
  11. Looking For Input On My First Solo Lp

    Thanks for the inputs so far. Funny you bring up my "neurotic cocktail" concept - do you think stylistically diverse albums like this just can't fly in today's music scene? Did you particularly like any of the tracks? Are all the sons on an album supposed to sound alike? Please discuss.
  12. https://soundcloud.com/stephan-mathos/sets/hell-on-earth Hey all, I'm about ready to call my first solo album "complete". Just looking for some overall critiques and observations on the tracks and album flow. The album is a neurotic cocktail of hard rock, funk, blues, and a couple acoustic things. It is by no means a perfect album, but for a bunch of first-time bedroom recordings I think it's pretty decent - but what do you guys think? Most of the tracks have been tweaked using great suggestions by the talented ears in this very forum. I'd love to hear feedback (good or bad) on the final tracks and the album flow (it definitely tells a story). Much respect to the warriors who can give it a listen from start to finish, but I know time is precious! Again, thanks to this great forum for enabling noobs like myself to grow as songwriters, performers, and producers. Stevie
  13. Rock 'n Roll's Forever

    Hobo, you make very valid points about the drums. I need to program some more life into them and perhaps vary the drums to emphasize the chorus. Where are you hearing the panned vocals? My mix meters indicate the vocals are dead centered. Regarding the reverb: Are you referencing BOTH chorus and verses? The verse vocals are singletracked (they are a placeholder until the verse lyrics are written). The chorus vocals are overdubbed and intended as final. I can understand the verse vocals are pretty wet, but when I dry up the chorus vox it just sounds narrow and thin to me. Here is a sample of the dried up vocals: https://soundcloud.com/stephan-mathos/rock-n-rolls-forever-dry-vox-sample Starise, you make a really good observation about the "dreaminess" of the tune. In retrospect, I really did have a dreamy sounding anthem in my head that I needed to get out. I didn't want Poison or Dokken, I just wanted something triumphant you can pump your fist and sway a lighter to. Does this song make you guys wanna do that?
  14. Rock 'n Roll's Forever

    I really wanted that 3-ball rating! I'll raise the bass in the mix and hopefully come close. I get that the song only has 2 chords by design, but I feel like there was enough variation in the vocals and guitars to keep it interesting. I thought about adding a bridge, but it just doesn't feel right (too contrived). Hey, if Springsteen, America, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Sabbath can write 2-chord songs, so can I! Hah. Curious to hear more thoughts on keeping it a 2-chord fist pumper vs throwing in a bridge. Thanks all.
  15. Rock 'n Roll's Forever

    https://soundcloud.com/stephan-mathos/rock-n-rolls-forever3c2 Larry thanks for the review! I trimmed 45 seconds of fat and tweaked the drum and vocal levels. Let me know what you all think.