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  1. Tonight - Video Release!

    Ok, firstly I must apologise for my recent quietness. We all face difficulties some times and I am apparently no exception. Anyway. After a lot of effort, time and dogged unwillingness to fail... me, a small team of enthusiastic students and a fashion model have managed to come up with this, my second video release. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Ep Teaser Track

    Yes. A work very much in progress.
  3. Ep Teaser Track

    Hello all, well, having had talks about a need for much better PR, I've decided to delay the release of my newly completed EP; ''Hold The Phone'' for an indefinite period until I have gained a sufficient platform of support and interest from which to launch it with some hope of success. So, for now I'm armed with this teaser track. It comprises of snips from each of the five tracks in the order that they appear on the EP. 1, Sell That 2, Stop My World 3, Hold The Phone 4, One Way Road ...and a rather more than generous dose of : 5, Tonight I'm really excited to get these meager samples out for feedback. They really were worked hard on. I ain't shy now, so if anybody wants to be facebook friends, followers on Twitter, YouTube, Google+, ReverbNation, Soundcloud or Fandalism, the appropriate links will be found below. If you have pages of your own, I'll be all too glad to follow you back and offer my support in return for your own. Thanks https://plus.google.com/u/0/109198997342608966031/posts https://facebook.com/joebennettmusic http://fandalism.com/joebennett http://www.reverbnation.com/joesabennett?profile_view_source=profile_box https://www.youtube.com/user/JBENNETTR22
  4. Song Title Association Game

    Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac
  5. Song Title Association Game

    Because I got High - Afroman
  6. Ep Single: One Way Road (Official Video)

    Say, would anyone like so see some rough bootleg of one of the other songs being tracked? Makes for quite interesting viewing, especially for those who like me before I did this, have never spent time in a big flashy studio. Unfortunately, you have to put up with a somewhat shoddy scratch vocal from me. Performed purely to lead the musicians. This is in fact the same process seen in the One Way Road video. This is also (you may notice) a track upon which I didn't play the acoustic guitar part in the studio. A decision made by me because this track was recorded quite late in the session and we were fast running out of time. So, the chap heard at the beginning of the video discussing the feel of the music with the drummer/producer who was almost inaudibly suggesting we might 'rock it a little harder' is a very talented session acoustic guitarist by the name of Roo Walker. Me and click tracks do not like each other, and I conceded voluntarily that we wouldn't get as much done as we did had I allowed my pride to get in the way of Roo's professionalism. Even though Justin did manage to bully me in to playing on most of them. Rambling over with, here it is:
  7. Ep Single: One Way Road (Official Video)

    Well, I started one, but read it back and decided I sounded a bit of a prat, so haven't published it yet. I will.
  8. Ep Single: One Way Road (Official Video)

    Of course. I will definitely be reading the topic on advice for building a website. And any additional input will be appreciated and carefully considered. Happily, James is a fine musician in his own right and spends literally hours of his days surfing the websites of the musicians who interest him. There's no such thing as absolute trust in matters of such importance however, so I will of course be in the driving seat on key decisions. It's just all the technical rubbish that unfortunately someone as scatter minded as myself hasn't the time or patience to deal with. Hence: I need management! Thanks. My ego was in need of a good tickle
  9. Higher Ground

    Very cool How long ago was this?
  10. Ep Single: One Way Road (Official Video)

    I happen to be good friends with a web designer. I'm hoping to get him on board with all of that, as I'm pretty clueless I have a soundcloud account with this song, a couple of live radio takes and an old demo. - https://soundcloud.com/joe-bennett-28 As far as blogging goes, I'll have a go.
  11. Song Title Association Game

    La rue kétanou - Interdit
  12. Ep Single: One Way Road (Official Video)

    You should see the next one... There's a girl in it, and she does a kiss on my face. A real one!
  13. Feeding Your Inspiration Monster

    It will be checked out by me forthwith. Thank you.
  14. Feeding Your Inspiration Monster

    Thanks I liked yours. I haven't heard of 'Linkedln'. Should I have?
  15. Feeding Your Inspiration Monster

    Well, I s'pose in terms of making my presence felt, it would be equally as effective. I imagine the reaction would be much the same too: