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  1. Will I Ever Make It Home

    I'm from Australia this is about the battle of Long Tan in Vietnam during the 60's Will I Ever Make It Home © by Michael Standing Verse 1 Not long out of high school when conscription began They called us Nasho’s coz we were not regular army men It was a lottery system marbles rolled and numbers fell My birth date matched the numbers so began my hell Verse 2 It was November 1964 that Bob Menzies hit a nerve Two years National Service plus three years in reserves Say goodbye to love ones, don’t think about it, don’t look back But when your life is on the line all you think of is that Chorus Will i ever make it home? Will i ever see you all? Can life ever be the same? Will i be next to fall? Verse 3 Wave after wave of gunfire was flying overhead Many lay dying and of course many lay dead The rain it poured and then the shit hit the fan In this rubber tree plantation called Long Tan Verse 4 I’m with the 11th platoon and we are pinned down We’re almost out of ammo with a chopper inbound Been fighting now for hours and we can’t escape We’re from D Company down to 12 men there was 28 Chorus Will i ever make it home? Will i ever see you all? Can life ever be the same? Will i be next to fall? Verse 5 The Viet Cong are 50 metres away so i ask for artillery We can’t do that came the reply too close, it’s too risky We are directly behind we’d have to fire over your head Come on i said fire the bloody thing or we are all dead Verse 6 We fall back to the 12th platoon it is our only chance Now i know what it felt like to be in a trench in France D445 is chasing us from the rear and from both sides Heavy rain is like nothing we have seen but it provides Chorus Will i ever make it home? Will i ever see you all? Can life ever be the same? Will i be next to fall? Verse 7 12th platoon is firing yellow smoke bombs to guide us Our communication is fantastic and it is a huge plus We get back to the 12th platoon with Viet Cong in tow We are not out of the woods yet and here we go Verse 8 One line comes at us from the side but we do not fire They pass and two more lines approach it looks dire Our machine guns are given the word and it is on So now we mow them down until they are all gone Chorus Will i ever make it home? Will i ever see you all? Can life ever be the same? Will i be next to fall? Verse 9 The first line comes back and we ambush them all It is the third hour now and we are again in a brawl I say to the commander do you think we will get home And he is silent for a moment looks at me and said no Verse 10 Then out of nowhere i hear a rumble i see tanks so clear There is a swelling in my guts we’re gonna get out of here They come under tremendous fire but they hold on strong It’s getting dark now and it’s all gone quiet no more Viet Cong Chorus Will i ever make it home? Will i ever see you all? Can life ever be the same? Will i be next to fall? Verse 11 The next day we go back and hundreds of Viet Cong lay dead Got our men shipped them home it was something we all dread But the stench and the mud along with the fire and the rain Will never be forgotten coz night and day we still feel that pain Verse 12 All of this is true and it is history now but it is a fact We were based in the middle of nowhere at Nui Dat They claimed we were hero’s but that was not true We just had to get home and we had a job to do Chorus Will i ever make it home? Will i ever see you all? Can life ever be the same? Will i be next to fall?
  2. My Missing Keys

    I've lost my car so can relate completely although I was drunk at the time so it was a good thing lol. Good poem made me smile and that's another good thing.
  3. Life's A Rose

    I agree with what you are saying one hundred percent but it would be a much better poem if you looked inward rather than outward you express well the worry you have for your grandchildren. You should go in that direction maybe express what it was like for you as a kid by looking inward because your grandchildren won't have a clue but they will if you write about it.
  4. What Software Do You Use?

    Steven Aram is dead right I I use Mixcraft 5 and it is the easiest recording studio that I have ever had editing is easy recording is great and with a number of effects also it has digital recording with a lot of different instruments and you don't need a keyboard you can use your computers keyboard and you can download and trial for free but the latest version is Mixcraft 6 I have trialed it and it is better then Mixcraft 5 here is the link.enjoy. I think it is for Windows only and Youtube has a lot of instructional videos on how to use it which makes operating it a snack. Michael PS Any questions just ask and I will try and help. Youtube address http://www.youtube.com/user/acoustica222/videos?view=0 Acoustica free download http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/download.htm
  5. Challenge.!

    I am interested in adding music to this song but need to hear it first so how about posting a link other wise you're just wasting my time. I'm up for the challenge are you?
  6. Primal

    Instrumental http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=600344&content=songinfo&songID=10568897
  7. Talking To Angels

    I'm with Jim I like to see the lyrics as I listen I had to listen a few times to get what you were saying if this was a ploy it's brilliant............ I'll try it myself lol. I like your voice the piano sounds good did you write it on piano? I know this was a rough recording but it did seem a bit forced anyway I thought it is a good song can't wait to hear another recording keep at it mate. Michael
  8. Hangman Blues - Version 2 (Dryer)

    Good lyrics and great playing I don't mind your voice but to my ears anyway I thought it was a bit too fast the melody seemed rushed try it a bit slower. You probably just picked the best take and it is good this isn't a crit just a thought. Michael
  9. Legend Of The Grand Piper

    Very very nice who played the instruments? I loved the first half and the second half was good too. It would make a great soundtrack to a film. What kind of story is it about? Michael
  10. Suns Fall

    Thank you Johnny for listening I like the music also it's the best part of the song but my voice isn't very good hence the melody suffers but I don't mind the lyrics they like the tune are simplistic but I could rework the lyrics and the melody in fact I may try it with a capo up the neck somewhere and see where that takes me thanks again for the reply your comments do help. Michael
  11. Suns Fall

  12. Suns Fall

    A friend heard the main guitar riff and suggested I make a song out of it and so this is the result. Michael Suns Fall http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=600344&content=songinfo&songID=9563535 Suns Fall Verse 1 Stars collide in my mind Trees sway out of time Suns fall to my feet Widows cry and they weep Verse 2 Worlds rotate and they dance To the beat of romance Gravity calls to the earth Time slows it gives birth Verse 3 Moons glow and they draw Tides ebb to the shore Man cries to the sky Why oh why must I die
  13. All By Myself

    Tom This has got a kind of America feel to it. I like it a lot good lyrics good finger picking but it took a few listens to get use to the vocals at first I thought there was too much echo but now I love it. Michael
  14. Surf

    Very nice and relaxing good vocals music and lyrics Michael
  15. Untitled Melody

    It is removed now and will not be back due to a lack of interest.