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  1. Hi kiwiflavor, Welcome to the site! Enjoy the community and developing your creativity Peggy
  2. Hi Todzilla, Welcome to Songstuff. Nice intro. Sounds like your're ready to jump in and start sharing. Have fun! Peggy
  3. Hi frufroken, Welcome to community! Writing, collaboration, feedback..Sounds like you're a great match for Songstuff. All the best getting to that next level. Enjoy Peggy
  4. Hi. Timbre, Nice. Really like the idea! Alittle variance in the rhyming structure v1 to v2 that might need to be checked. 3rd line of both verses have uneven stress and count between them. That might mess with the flow. So much "realness" in your bridge. Hit it right. Peggy
  5. Hi Juin, Nice to have you around! Enjoy the community Peggy
  6. Hi there Arthur, Welcome to the boards! Have fun joining in and sharing All the best.... Peggy
  7. Hi Mike, Welcome to Songstuff! Nice to have you join in. Peggy
  8. Hi mikeonthemoon, Fun place here! I'll check out your songs Peggy
  9. Hi Ricky, Great that you found Songstuff!! Have fun sharing your work and seeing/hearing what other members are doing. Peggy
  10. Hi Arty, Didn't know the book series so coming at this "open". The verses, to me, seem alittle weak for such a "deep" chorus. V1 could develop this idea abit better Then the world decided greed was good These chorus lines are wonderful. Feels like I've climbed the magic faraway tree landed upside down in the world of confusion where right and wrong are both the same verses could support this chorus line better. hate and lust just a passing phase of decaying youth Kinda see V2 in a better light, but think this lyric could be so much more with stronger verses. Peggy
  11. Hi Blizbank6, On the edge and welcome! Have fun Peggy
  12. Hi Mblack, Welcome!! Love to have folks join in! Makes for a great community. All the best! Peggy
  13. Hi John, Welcome! Great place to be for working on your lyrics. It's a challenging give and take and pretty fun experiencing others concepts and sharing yours i've learned so much. So..... Just do it haha Peggy
  14. Hi

    Hi Alex, Welcome and nice to have you join us! A good place to be brave Jump on those boards and enjoy. Peggy
  15. Hi Andy, Welcome and enjoy the community! Peggy