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  1. Hey Y'all!

    Hi PoeticFreeFall, Welcome to the site! Enjoy the boards Peggy
  2. Hey :)

    Hi Dazzyt66, Welcome to Songstuff! Fun place to leap into. All the best with your work. Peggy
  3. Dancing After The Music Stops  

    They are cliches, good/bad...gotta go. Already defined "bad" kinda in chorus. Looking at bridge then i can fix/matchup all the easy lines in v and c. Peggy
  4. Dancing After The Music Stops  

    I have rewritten my response a couple of times, too long winded. Bridge is the Moody part, chorus flirty playful, verse flirty reality, the back and forth for tension. Layered stories intentionally. But want them to have start through end, so folks can get there. "Never right or wrong" setup Was looking at "A dance that took us home" instead of of "A dance that went too long"... Home together? Hook-up or making-up, just the last dance before closing time, Each back to their own lives (home)? Thanks, appreciate all the thoughts and thinking through it all. Got lots of word back here in my reject pile. Revision in order. Peggy
  5. Dancing After The Music Stops  

    Hi John, Thanks for the read and comments! V4 interesting idea. "Oh" is heading for a some kind of change. Like that/this. Peggy
  6. Newbie

    Hi Madame Wu, Welcome to Songstuff! Nice to have you join in. See you on the boards. Peggy
  7. Format Change Today?

    I can see the words if white writing on the black but gray (?) or whatever on black, it is pretty tough. It does help to turn the brightness way up. 😁 Maybe to stand out gray (?) could be yellow, gold, or pink
  8. Format Change Today?

    I see me And just1l
  9. Format Change Today?

    Wow! A lot of work!!! Thanks. Quite nice. Peggy
  10. Hello there

    Hi Nelson, Nice intro. Welcome to Songstuff! Join in for sure. It's a great community. Peggy
  11. Dancing After The Music Stops  

    Hi Les, Thinking about that "oh" too. The way the line is written It's not really a singing word. But is it kinda detached? Bridge went through the most and have looked back at prior a couple times. Thanks!! Appreciate read and ideas and comments always! Peggy
  12. You can call me Wolf :)

    Hi slwolf, Welcome to the site! Great to share music thoughts and work. Enjoy the back and forth with others. Peggy
  13. The Storm

    I didn't even double think sweet when reading. I took it like "pleasing nice comfortable" but that's just me. Can see the other, too. Add your adjective "a roof and new/twin/warm bed and a blind cat" Then use the same in "crushed our new/twin/warm bed and let in a goof" Just a thought to tie bed together closer. Peggy
  14. The Storm

    Hi Geir, I totally love this writing! To me, i use Goof as in playful, silly, foolish. Not dark or destructive. But either way It's working. The "oh love" is placed really nicely in the structure. Peggy
  15. Hello from Ireland :)

    Hi Daveit, Nice to have you here with us at Songstuff. Lots to discussions around to join, or places to start a new one Peggy