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  1. Hi Dallon426, Welcome! Glad you found us! Peggy
  2. John must be taking it easy on us this week.. no new challenge ..Kinda missing it PL
  3. So mellow all through! I didn't hear the near rhyme resonance. During my reads, I had a question in my mind with this line... about singing it.. so I waited, waited, waited, to hear you sing "phosphorus wake".... Nice going! Peggy
  4. Hi, You stayed with the no rhyme guideline! Nice going. Read it several times and It's like dreaming in progress where it's alittle hard to grasp but enough there. As in dreams. And then unwelcomed waking to a day that presents a world of challenges. I don't have any suggestions...Just liked it. Peggy
  5. Hi Summer Day, Quick read. I'll be back I like what you have going. Peggy
  6. Hi Ben, You do have a good idea and focus on this write. Maybe a little rearranging and paring of extra words will tighten it up abit. "But it's easier if you're free" suggest "but" isn't right. Maybe "and it's easier if you're free" Peggy
  7. Hi Patty, Alot of good suggestions to take into account. "Brave explorers in the park" "Built a fort down by the river" "She was Lewis to my Clark" Just want to let you know these lines describe exact parts of my childhood. So I love them. Do I know you? .. haha just kidding but dang! So this girl built forts, David Peggy
  8. Hi Joey, Glad you found us and welcome! The site and the folks around here really are pretty awesome. I'm right there with you on this. "It's a scary moment when I push the submit button on a lyric" Everytime...glup Peggy
  9. Hi McKnib, Nice introduction. Welcome to the site, glad you remembered you joined You better just jump in so you don't forget us .. haha Have fun and all the best in your efforts! Peggy
  10. Hi Barry, Welcome to Songstuff! All the best in finding what you're looking for. Lots of fun people are here to work with there's a collaboration sub-forum on the Main forum. Peggy
  11. Hi Patty, Welcome to Songstuff! Have fun and good luck on your goals. See you on the boards Peggy
  12. OMG what a sense of humor!
  13. Hi Robert, Welcome to Songstuff! Sounds like you've come prepared Now we have 2 RobAsh's on the site Good luck in your efforts. Peggy
  14. Everything I have to say is just my perception. Fits only for me, so have been hesitant to reply. I don't want to give the impression I have had no help. I've been given incredible breaks in my life. I have tried to keep that in front of me (I fail sometimes). Many of these breaks were from musical endeavors. I have tried to repay (I fail sometimes) But Crowd-funding, to me, is stepping outside of the personal (or if personal, is for a personal tragic situations where there are no other options). So it should be used for the same. Outside the personal. So, I don't see my ideas and aspirations, and I dream big, going the crowd-funding direction.
  15. Hi Saxobassoon, Welcome to Songstuff! Sounds like a plan Peggy
  16. Hi Richard, Can't do much listening right now but will Peggy
  17. Hi retro, Nice going with this. Really nothing that I could offer for any changes because I think you've got this one! Enjoyed it Peggy
  18. Hi Tjers, Welcome to the site!!
  19. Hi CTO, Welcome to the site! Lots of serious resources here and it's fun too. Peggy
  20. Hi Summer Days, Welcome to the site! Go to Forums, Critque, then lyrics. Peggy
  21. Goto Critique Songs Add a topic Load and post Think maybe Soundcloud is preferred. Someone might give you other alternative info there that maybe more helpful but I use Soundcloud. Peggy
  22. Hi Outss, Welcome here enjoy the back and forth with your works and other!! Peggy
  23. Hi JackRabbit, Welcome! We're all there with you, trying and making music Have fun and good luck fortifying those weak areas Peggy
  24. Hi Verna, Awesome to think how much creativity has been unlocked by a Birthday wish!! Welcome to the community! Nice to have you join/jump in. Peggy
  25. "Someday Maybe somedayIf I reach out to youWould you close your eyes ?Ask me to drift away with you" . or if i just reach.., Or if I could reach .. needs another word .. But just a thought. Peggy