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  1. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    I actually prefer your singing style in this song to your previous style. The song has a great groove! All the song needs is a kick-ass guitar solo to break it up a little. It doesn't need to be very long.
  2. Racking My Brain

    Hey Daryl, I'll fool with the drums. Thanks!
  3. Racking My Brain

    Hey Rainsrocks, The keyboards are a mic-ed Casio keyboard. Maybe if I run it through an amp sim, it will sound better. The "acoustic guitar" is actually my Strat. It is a bit rough sounding. Thanks for all this input. I'll see what I can do to improve the mix.
  4. Racking My Brain

    Thanks, Nightwolf! Topaz Bon, I'll fool with the drum mix. Thanks! Shadowfax, I'm pitching this song to a band with a horn section, so the guitar fills will be replaced with horns (if they decide to play it). Thanks! Jim, I agree that my vocals leave a lot to be desired. Thanks for your comments!
  5. When I Get There

    This song has a lot of potential. One suggestion, change the last line in the chorus: Well I get there => I'll be there Also, the last line of the first verse seems like it should rhyme I could go up I could go down I could go left Or even right => Or turn around Ben
  6. Racking My Brain

    Thanks Teek and Matthew! :)
  7. Time Fire Burn

    I think it could benefit from some cymbals. Not too much, but just to give it a little sizzle.
  8. Never Get Older

    These two lines sound rushed. Maybe shorten it to: We cried last night Our world torn apart The piano could use more fills. Nice song!
  9. Gypsy Lover

    Hi Jenn, That song has potential. Maybe use more gypsy metaphors since the title is "Gypsy Lover." That lends itself to all sorts of possibilities, so I say add another verse! Ben
  10. Racking My Brain

    The SoundCloud API sometimes doesn't work. I added a link.
  11. Politically Oriented Lyrics (various contributors)

    Talking Deregulation Blues Deregulation was the trend Bankers saw it as a heaven's send The housing bubble, they did prime by Approving mortgages for anyone who’d sign No questions asked, just sign on the line. The bubble burst, our government got scared Gave the bankers $700 billion dollars. No strings attached, spend it style, Give yourself a raise if that will make you smile" Take your bonuses. Sorry about the inconvenience. A little regulation to stop the abuse Boehner and McConnell said, “Hell will break loose... If we do that businesses won't hire," And big money donors held their feet to the fire Best damn government money can buy! The bankers got richer via Uncle Sam And campaign money went to politicians Who promised low taxes for the opulent ranks And lax regulations for the gambling banks. Business as usual. Now here we are 20 trillion dollars in debt Politics is crazy as it can get Our bridges are crumbling, so are the roads We can’t afford to fix them, so I’m told. There’s plenty of money for war, though. Government priorities Higher education is out of reach For many in America of modest means You can't make a living now without a degree 'Cause all manufacturing has gone overseas. Ross Perot was right. That giant sucking sound was our jobs going to China. It’s not our fault, though, cause we’re exceptional, Just blame it all on the immigrants
  12. Time Fire Burn

    There doesn't seem to be anything in the upper registers. Are there any cymbals in the mix?
  13. Racking My Brain

    This song was inspired by Jimi Hendrix. All input is welcome! https://soundcloud.com/benjaminstoller/racking-my-brain Rackin' My Brain You’ve got me rackin’ my brain Yeah, I can’t use just any line. I’ll bet you’ve heard them all before Cause girl you’re lookin’ so fine. Chorus Oh, baby… it’s our destiny Yeah, it was meant to be. (Just wait and see) We must be birds of a feather Yeah, we both want the same ol’ thing Come on and sing me your sweet melody I think it’s time we spread our wings Bridge Come on birdy fly with me Up to my nest in the tree Solo You got a sexy way about you That’s driving me right up the wall Come on tell me what you’re gonna do Hope I’m not heading for a fall
  14. Hello

    Welcome, Sonja! You have good taste in music!
  15. Moving on

    Nice song. It kind of reminds me of British pop from the '60s like Herman's Hermits. Here are a few suggestions... There's a day that I've been waiting for a long long time => There's a day that I've been dreading for a long long time It feels like a chore => It's such a bloody chore This line seems rushed Nicer people you couldn't wish to meet Great production and sound!