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  1. Critique for Giving it Up

    Sorry about that. I went ahead and fixed it.
  2. Critique for Giving it Up

    You know, it's funny. I keep running into the same problem over and over again, but I always forget the cause. Every time I sit down to write a song that's supposed to have vocals and I put them off, I always go wild with the other stuff and end up with a jumbled mess. I've updated the song, but now I feel like the best solution would be to start with a clean slate and go back to the earliest versions of this song before I added all the instrumental stuff in. I have a habit of doing this haha. Thank you for your critique.
  3. Critique for Giving it Up

    Hey there guys. I was hoping to maybe get some comments on this track I’ve been working on. There’s something about it that just doesn’t feel right in certain parts and it’s causing me quite a bit of stress. Is there too much going on with certain parts? Too much motion in the verse/end chord progression? Does it lack a sort of focus? I realize that the mix isn’t perfect and certain sections are lacking parts (mostly vocals). I also realize that the guitar part near the end has a couple of little mistakes in it. Lastly, the section near the end is supposed to slow down before the ending, but I’m not so sure I can do that with the software I’m using. I’m more worried about the general structure/flow of the song than anything right now so that’s what I really need some help with. The whole thing will end up re-recorded in a couple of weeks so I'm not so worried about what's there/not there yet (especially mix-wise). Sorry if my lack of songwriting experience shines through! haha.
  4. There's A Hole In My Pocket (Updated)

    The intro is fantastic and I love how funky the verse feels. The little guitar riffs here make the song pretty great. I love the solo section. It builds really well and really fits well. The lyrics are very fun and I laughed a bit during the bridge section. Overall very good song.
  5. "The Other Side" r&b song with a positive message

    Right from the start I loved it! haha. That bass is kinda loud in the mix at the beginning, but I love how it grooves. The whole song has a wonderful groove. Look man, I love what you're doing on that chorus. The vocals on the left and right really adds to it and makes it have a classic R&B feel. Also on the second chorus extension I was waiting for more to happen with the vocals. The breakdown section is really good. I like the lyrics and the melody and honestly don't know what I could tell you to make it better. This is a damn fine song, sir.
  6. Wet Firewood

    As others have said already, the strum pattern (as well as the chords in general) is very beautiful. Oddly enough I hear something like a glockenspiel or similar playing along during the verse in my head. Maybe on the second verse. I don't know. While I will agree that the lyric "maybe I can start ours too" is pointing towards the obvious, I feel like it still fits and, for some reason, it adds to it for me. "Hope that your heart did enough for you" is possibly my favorite line. Overall good song and good melody.
  7. Dreams

    Thank you very much for you comment! It's funny you should say that about the bass being distracting. After listening to it for the umpteenth time, I kind of hit the same conclusion. But I feel that once the band jumps in on it, the synth bass is replaced with a fuzzed-out bass, and everything gets a much better mix, this might eventually be a non-issue. I suppose we'll see. I'll keep this page updated with the song though in the coming weeks. Also, the 80s comment is not unwarranted. A friend of mine said the same thing and couldn't quite place his finger on why. It's also been compared to Tame Impala's new work which has an 80s vibe. I was somewhat upset about that until I remembered that this song was resurrected from a year and a half old pile of discarded songs. Thanks for your feedback. The drums could do with being turned up. In fact, everything on the track could do with a big amount of polish. But since these instruments aren't going to be in the final version (aside from my voice and perhaps the synthesizers happening throughout), it doesn't bother me so much. No sense in spending time polishing something that's nowhere near the final product.
  8. Dreams

    You know, I'm glad you mentioned that. It honestly didn't even cross my mind when writing the lyrics. I think the intent was that we and our are used in the verse to represent two people: one who is listening and reflecting and the other who is talking and experiencing the same problems as the listener, offering his take on the listener's problem. Then in the chorus, it becomes somewhat more directed towards that person. Finally, the bridge presents it as the person being spoken to or the person speaking from the chorus (I'm leaning more towards the person being spoken to, as the bridge and outro are the result of reflecting upon what was said in the chorus) The whole idea of the lyrics, as far as I could gather, was that you should get up and follow your dreams (as corny as it sounds), but don't spend too much time just dreaming or else you'll end up like a book on the shelf collecting dust, only to be replaced by newer books (comparison of analog books and digital books in the bridge) that have adapted and, leaving the realm of metaphor, "followed their dreams". Maybe a bit convoluted, I don't know. I'm hoping all of that made sense. If not, I would be happy to make it more understandable. Thank you for your comment, Lisa!
  9. Dreams

    I've put together a temp track for the purposes of recording with it later using the full band. Sort of a way of "capturing the song" and composing it out before the whole band jumps in on it. Let me know what you guys think of it! Some problems already noted: Very, very (very) imperfect mix, vocals need a couple more tries to get them perfect and the section near the end is very empty sounding (I'm assuming our guitarist may want this part and it may even be extended). I'm also having thoughts about extending the beginning so that there's a proper intro. Regardless, this is an idea track and as such I'm hoping it captures the feel that I'm wanting to put out with the more full version later. Anyway, here's the link: Let me know what you guys think! Any advice would be much appreciated! Lyrics: [Verse 1]: The alarm just keeps ringing it's a song we don't know but our dreams will still sing it no need to break the flow, oh no [Chorus]: wake up, wake up, wake up your mind is playing tricks on itself get up, get up, get up or your jacket will dust away on the shelf [Verse 2]: I know we're just dreaming So please wake us up Where has all the time been? flown out a window we just can't shut [Chorus]: wake up, wake up, wake up your mind is playing tricks once again get up, get up, get up even though it's a game that we just can't win [bridge]: Just like books lying on circuits, I've fallen into little digits, my fingers say, it'll always be worth it, but the dust on my jacket still sits [Outro]: And so they tell me, that I have grown, but what could I say to them? How would they know? Time is leaving, slipping away, so I'll keep dreaming, for another day Why can't I just wake up? Why can't I just wake up? Why can't I just wake up? Why can't I just wake up?
  10. Deliver

    First of all, wow! The guitar sounds crisp and clear right from the beginning. I definitely love that. I love how laid back it is, especially in regards to the percussion. Ooooo, the guitar run around 1:10 is a nice little accent. This song does a very good job of slowly building up and then coming back down but then building right back up to something even bigger. Very nice easy listening tune. Well done, man!
  11. All Things Being Equal (26Ed3 Wip 8.1.15 Render 4)

    After listening to the piece a few times, it's kind of grown on me. I really like the percussion halfway in and am also a big fan of the somewhat creepy chimey and whistling effects going on in the background. Some parts are very dissonant but only last long enough to be interesting accents. Overall the production was good and it made for a very interesting and atmospheric experience.
  12. Back Down Again

    Thanks for your feedback man. On the note about Fleet Foxes, I have to admit that I have always loved Fleet Foxes. Both of their albums are simply amazing. Robin Pecknold is an amazing songwriter. But back to the song. Yeah, I feel you on it dropping off. It is a bit too different, but also it doesn't have the same oomph that the first half has. And the drums are simply temp tracks. I don't have a drummer and the electric drumkit I have is very hard to play properly in time so my plan was to use a drum machine and record fills and other bits and pieces from the kit and then insert them into the track. This has the added benefit, I think, of keeping things in time. I'll probably humanize the track a little bit more as well and do some stuff by hand to get it there. I haven't really attempted mixing the drums yet since I still wasn't sure about which direction to take the second half, but I'll definitely update when I've decided on where to take it. And nah man, you're not harsh at all. This is exactly the kind of stuff I need to hear so thank you very much for that. Oh and how is the mix sounding?
  13. Back Down Again

    UPDATE: I went ahead and filled out the in-between area a bit more and mixed the guitar a bit differently. I think that maybe it sounds better. I plan on adding something else to the second half to fill it out and give it more oomph once I get the vocals finished for it. Any suggestions? https://soundcloud.com/dillon-broadus/back-down-again-wip2 P.S. Now that I listen to it, does anyone else think the second half sounds too much like My Morning Jacket's song "Anytime"?
  14. Fifty Trees

    Wow man. I love this. Like seriously. The opening is great, the chord progression is great and the production is awesome! And I like how light the vocals are. Also, my favorite parts of this song are when you go to the section beginning with the minor chord. It has such an interesting and moody sound. Jathon said it perfectly above: "meandering moodiness" and "evening forest feel". Really great stuff man! I seriously need to look into more of your music.
  15. Lover And Friend 1+1

    This song is pretty good. I will admit though, I was hoping the syncopated rhythm at the beginning would continue in a strange fashion haha. All the same, I like the chord progression and I like the vocals. Very endearing. And strangely enough I feel like at 1:05, and similar build up and release sections, some backing vocals might sound really cool. Just an idea I heard in my head while listening.