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  1. Yeah, you nailed, it's a big spacial reverb Maybe the reverb space is too much, i'll try with other kinds of reverb rooms to see if fits better. I'm singing near the mic, i'm using a Audiotecnica AT 4040 condenser mic with an antipop, into a LA-610 preamp with a gentle (2-3 db) optical compressor, with send reverb and send delay with verb. When you say that BV sound too hot , do you want to say that sound loud and too much expressive? I like to hear all the harmonies voices clearly, but maybe the panning it's too much, I keep in mind this, cause i see it's a common concern. Thanks Mark!
  2. Yeah you're right. I always like to set a concrete subject in my threats, because if not its gets so generic, but i like to get all kinds of counsels. I was paying attention to the snare this morning, and yes, needs more volume. About the kick drum, you may be right, it depens mainly on the speakers you're using to listen. I have a genelec 8030 , not bad for low end, but they are relativily small to listen low end properly. for this song i didn't treat the drum set (this is a superior drummer set, not a real drum and drummer playing), needs some master compression to make the glue happen and some proper reverb treatmen , some compression on single part of the kit, and some eq. You're right about the glue, this mix needs to be divided in busses and set genly compression on them. I think it would be a great improve. Some times i do it , but this time i was in a rush , and i didn't overproduce too much, because i wanted to hear your opininios in a clean mix too. About paralel compression i need to study more about that, i've tried that in a few times, only on drums, not in vocals though. I'm using same reverb for all the tracks. a big hall reverb in a fx channel, all tracks send signal to this track. I equalized the reverb to clear out some of the low end and high end. Manly left the mid end in the reverb. I didn't separate the drum parts in independent audio tracks so i add this same reverb to all the drumkit, included some undesired parts like room mic, kick drum etc.... It's great to hear all this feedback from people that knows so much about this stuff. Thanks Steve!
  3. Thanks John, maybe i overextended in voice lowpass filter, that's why sounds very thin to you. I applied a gently vocal compression with my LA-610 preamp (2-3 Db), and after that i applied another sottware compresor to the vocal track (2 or 3db compression) (UA LA-2), because i really like the character that givesr to the voice. I didn't aplly any mastercompression , because i think the song doesn't require it. Only a little master eq with the Harrison band eq plug of UA. I'm aware that in some moments the voice may not be too present, i think some automation in some points can do the trick, cause i don't wanna overcompress the voice. Thanks for your time and knowledge John!
  4. Oh, what a ton of answers!! thanks to all for your detailed feedbacks, i always intend to focus my threat titles, in something like this one "Tips on Vocals" but i like to get all types of counsels/tips. I'm glad to receive so many good tips. I'll try to keep in mind some of these, for my next mixes. Thanks to all!
  5. Hey, this is my new song "Lonely One", I'm searching a bit of crittique on the vocals and background vocals production. I have an LA-610 preamp/comp, this works quite well with the vocals , but i would like to improve my sound. The song lyrics are from my colleague/colaborator John Longfellow Please feel free to suggest any idea. Lonely one Verse 1 What am I doing here Do I deserve this What am I doing here Should I run away Verse 2 As your shadow escapes Into the moonlight I cry, cry, cry, As I beg you to stay Chorus 1 Lonely, lonely, lonely, only the lonely I'm the only only lonely one... Lonely one Verse Thinking you'd turn around Got me going in circles Saying you're gonna change Yet you stay the same Verse 4 You disappear in the dark night for the last time I'm tired, tired, tired of playing your games Chorus 2 Lonely, lonely, lonely, only the lonely I'm just a lonely soul tonight I'm the only, only, lonely one a lonely soul, can you hear me cry? Lonely, lonely, lonely, only the lonely I'm just a lonely soul tonight I'm the only, only, lonely one... lonely one Bridge can't find the words to say But I'm saying that it's over Don't think we can survive Into the fire Chorus 3 Lonely, lonely, lonely, only the lonely You're the only, only, lonely one Lonely, lonely, lonely, only the lonely You're the only, only, lonely one... Lonely one Outro What am I doing here Should I run away
  6. Cool song, very chaotic but well driven with this frenetic grovee. I like how you use the distorsion/fuzz. The guitar riff is badass!! it's like mix trip-hop with Jimi Hendrix. Lol Well done!
  7. Hey Man, great atmosphere has this song. Only one suggestion, i would add some kind of synth pad in the chorus... "I used to be boring" to create more vibe in this part. All the rest is ok to me. Well done!
  8. I've been working trying to make the mix mode wide/open.... this is the result: https://app.box.com/s/8ci1uxtwj8z3dg4kakq5yer8gaqo85zn
  9. Great Stuff Man!! i didn't listen the original version, but this one sounds pretty good. I really how you treated the drums set I like how the snare vibrate all across the song, gives a vintage vibe that i like a lot. For me, all the instruments are well balanced, the bass attack/sound is really sweet, i like it. The voices are superb!! Good Harmonies, very Blues-Rock stuff, with interesting chords sometimes. The piano sound is very classy, well defined and blends perfectly with the bass and kick drum. You have a jewel here!!
  10. Hey Man, well done!!! You have a great voice, cuts perfects through the mix. I think the Eq in the voice is perfect!! The guitars sounds very natural to me. The verse variation with the background vocals is fantastic! gives an extra of interest. you really know how to arrange a song!! You're very subtile, i like it, the strings in the background, sometimes i think i'm hearing a piano low fundamentals too. All this stuff is very well put in the mix, giving you the perfect support for the song. Very good singing, great "falsete" tecnique. You're very talented man!!
  11. I've changed the volume and kick shape (i think now sounds much better) , ajusted the toms. About the tempo i tried to put the song 8 points like you said, but to me sound too much fast. i've tried 4 bpm too , which sounds better, maybe we'll play this song with my band 2 or 4 bpm more than the record. But i think the record tempo is perfect, very steady not fast, not slow... i think this fits the song perfectly. I added 2 UAD plugins in the master chain, Manley Master compressor and Manley Passive Eq (this one is amazing) sounds much better now, more similar to a serious record. Thanks for your tips Hobo! https://app.box.com/s/8ci1uxtwj8z3dg4kakq5yer8gaqo85zn
  12. Thanks Rob, it's great have this kind of feedback! means a lot to me and John.
  13. Hey! i didn't see you put a link with the faster version! sounds great , but i think that half way (4 b.pm) will be more suitable, but the audio will suffer with the process. Thanks for your time Hobo!!