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  1. I really appreciate it Achazia. I know exactly what your talking about. The guitar being played out of key a little sounded good initially, but then it didnt fit with the melody I put right there.
  2. Thanks Suzy and I will try playing the notes on the keyboard while singing the notes.
  3. Thanks David, that makes sense. It was hard finding the right melody. I agree there is to much going on in the mix.
  4. Yea I record a lot of takes but end up never able produce a good track. I think if practice more I will eventually get where I need to be. I appreciate the help friend.
  5. Thanks Dek, I also believe my vocals arent my best attributes. What can I do to improve the flat notes?
  6. I appreciate it Ken, I think your right too, people have a hard time hearing my lyrics. Still working on my mixing process.
  7. Thanks, I really am trying to have more control my voice.
  8. Posting my second song on here. Took some advice from you guys, and I'm hoping I show improvement. https://soundcloud.com/music-vault/we-could-be
  9. Thanks a lot for the feed back Ken, glad that you liked it. Yeah finishing a song is the hardest part for me because I feel that the melodies aren't good enough.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/music-vault/dream-girl
  11. Welcome to the forums Brudda Moe :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board