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  1. Yes, this is definitely very 80's sounding, which you said is what you were going for, so that's good! That style definitely comes through. I agree with the comparison to the Smiths. I think it's that you have a similar voice combined with the 80's style production. It just sounds very similar to me. But, that being said, you are not the Smiths, and your uniqueness comes through. There is a lot of energy in this production and it is lush, as somebody mentioned. I like the low, dark synth that comes it at "no one needs to know" that produces a tense, unsettled feeling, which is a nice contrast that shows the depth of the song. I don't have a lot to say about the production other than that I feel like it could be tighter. It's just a little bit muddy to me. I don't know how to fix that though, as I am unskilled and new to that aspect of song production! Nice song though. I see syncing opportunities for authentic sounding 80's music from time to time. And once you record more solid vocals over this and tighten it up some, I think this would be perfect for something like that.
  2. nice work. This production sounds professional to me, and I love the section where the piano becomes prominent with the "Aaah's." I guess that would be a second chorus, or a kind of post-chorus. Great vocals; great production. It creates a sort of mild tense energy that makes me think that somebody is preparing for a major event to happen.
  3. Yes, I like Portishead. I've been compared to that band before, though it was one band I didn't listen to a lot in my formative years. I will think about some more distortion in the arrangement. Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. Thanks for letting me know what you think. You should have heard this when I first put it down -- It actually had a lot more words in it. I can try to cut out a few more. Glad you liked it for the most part! thanks for your thoughts and compliments!
  5. Hmm. interesting. the only echo I have is on the keyboard sound at the end of the song. I like the idea of putting that in a few more places. thanks for your input!
  6. Thanks! Yes, I think i have heard of Melanie Martinez! I believe I stumbled upon a music video of hers on youtube previously. Thanks for the suggestion! I will work on "punch" to the phrasing.
  7. Hello! This is a new song I'm playing with. It came together pretty quickly -- I threw this recording together this evening. Any comments/suggestions/critiques are welcome! (Why Do I) Care What You Think It doesn’t matter if you know me Don’t say a word, pretend you can’t see I glared at you but didn’t see you And now you think I’m always angry. I didn’t mean it, had a bad day I didn’t know that I was staring I was frustrated at the things in my brain A hectic morning and a late day. I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Why do I care? It’s not my problem but I’ll smile, anyway Next time I see you in the elevator Just to be sure that I don’t hurt you again Fragile stranger, just like me. I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends (but) Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Fragile stranger, I know how you feel, I never, meant to, hurt you I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends (but) Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Why do I care?
  8. Thank you, Teresa for your helpful input and for letting me know your thoughts. I'll definitely work on these things!
  9. Thank you! Indeed, I think I have this in a good spot to leave it be for a while and focus on some other things. I appreciate your feedback!
  10. Thank you! Yes, I hear that too, and will definitely spend some time softening it. I may enlist the help of a professional to finish this one off for me. Appreciate your input!
  11. Thanks for your opinion. When I first wrote the song, it was "I'm a control freak, but I am tres chic" but I thought it was just too silly, so I changed it to "I'm a control freak, it keeps me classy" which was similar in meaning with the contradiction, but I felt more comfortable with it because it is less trendy sounding, which might help the song's longevity. Now, I've received feedback that it was odd and sounds like it is just there to make a rhyme, so I'm thinking of changing it again. Right now, top on my list is "I'm a control freak, won't miss a heartbeat" to suggest that I'm so much of a control freak I can't even let my heart beat go unnoticed. Then again, maybe I should just go back to the original version! I'm happy with every other lyric in this song, but this one has given me problems from the get go! Anyway, thanks again! I'm glad this one doesn't feel out of place to you.
  12. Something else I was wondering about; Does the phrase "I'm a control freak, it keeps me classy" in the chorus sound odd and out of place? I am wondering if it should be "I'm a control freak, don't need your critique" or...something completely different.
  13. Oh, and it just occurred to me that when I was first writing this song (the first version, 'Haunting Me'), the working title was actually "Sea Salt and Vinegar," and I based the entire song off of that phrase. I was eating sea salt and vinegar chips when the inspiration hit. I only changed the title to something more searchable.
  14. Ahh, there's an idea! I just might do the bookends thing whenever I come out with an actual album...
  15. I did not have the drums following anything, so I set it to follow the bass in the chorus, and I put my vocals forward a tad. Thanks for your suggestions!