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  1. Thanks for your comments Will and Sreyashi. I think you are both right and I will work on spreading out the instrumentation a bit (Though I don't think I'm going to replace that synth sound. I kinda like it...maybe if I just tweak it a bit it'll do the trick) adding some highs to the sound of the piano and smearing the harmonies with some reverb and blending. Will, I had thought about having some sort of percussive effect toward the end too, but had some trouble getting it to sound right. I'm going to experiment a bit more with it to see if I can't come up with something that works, especially now that I know I'm not the only one who felt that instinct.
  2. Wow, thanks, Jenn. That is so nice to hear. Thank you for listening and commenting. I don't have the MP3's up anywhere, but I will send some to you in a message!
  3. Hello! So, I'm working on a song called 'Get Me Down' and I have had a time working on the production and mixing on this one. I think I'm close, but I could probably use some better mixing of the background vocals, and I hear a few weird things. I'd like to know your thoughts and would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  4. It's quirky, and I like it! I will happy to hear how this song progresses. The lyrics could work either way, in my opinion, but I personally like "from tomorrow" better because it remarks on the transitional time in your life when you have to move forward because the past is not the same anymore, so you are not "safe" from tomorrow, because tomorrow is inevitable and it's just around the corner. It's just evokes a bit more of an unsettled feeling...but in a good way. Another possibility might be to change the last line every time you sing the chorus, and use one line one time, the other the next, and maybe think of a third one as well. Looking forward to hearing this when it's complete!
  5. This song is great! The groove is great, the bass line is great, the production is great. I like your sultry voice. Nice harmonies. The mastering needs minor tweaking as others mentioned, but it's subtle. I really enjoyed this. It is just an pleasant peace of work that made me want to hear more. I wish I could offer more critique, but that's all I've got!
  6. Thanks for your suggestions...if I had the timing lined up with percussion, with a steady tempo, do you think that would solve the lack of cohesion that you refer to? Not sure I'm willing to do that, but I'm curious as to whether or not you think that would solve that issue.
  7. Awesome. Thanks for your thoughts! Mentioning the carnival feel helps me understand how better to approach the synth sound.
  8. Thank you! Yeah, the synth part is the part I'm most concerned about...as I don't know what to do! But, maybe adding more stuff is exactly what is needed, as you suggested. I'll experiment with it some more. I'll fix the vocals for sure. Didn't realize the artifacts were so distracting...hopefully that's not a result of how I recorded them and I'll be able to fix it. Thanks for your suggestions!
  9. Thank you Tom!
  10. Wow, thanks so much for your feedback! I'm very glad to hear that you like this song! I will bring out the vocals a tad...I get what you mean about the mix. As for the "accordian" I feel as though I severely lack in synth production skills, and was hoping that this worked...but apparently, it does not. I can experiment with bringing it out more maybe, or trying a different tone. I appreciate your suggestions. Thanks a lot!
  11. Thank you for your comments, Will! I can add more reverb. There is no pitch correction going on...so it's interesting that you think it sounds "skippy"... I'm concerned now that you mentioned it sounds like I have pitch correction going on when I don't, and I wonder why that is...Glad to know it comes off this way so maybe I can figure out how to fix it. I'm learning how to use synth, and I still haven't quite figured out the best sounds to use. I'll consider a different sound for that part. Thanks for the suggestions and input! Emily
  12. I posted a version of this previously. I'd like to know what you think of this new version. I *tried* to do a better job with making everything line up better. The previous version didn't quite have the piano and vocals in sync all the time. I'd love to know your thoughts on that, and of the song and production in general.
  13. Yes, this is definitely very 80's sounding, which you said is what you were going for, so that's good! That style definitely comes through. I agree with the comparison to the Smiths. I think it's that you have a similar voice combined with the 80's style production. It just sounds very similar to me. But, that being said, you are not the Smiths, and your uniqueness comes through. There is a lot of energy in this production and it is lush, as somebody mentioned. I like the low, dark synth that comes it at "no one needs to know" that produces a tense, unsettled feeling, which is a nice contrast that shows the depth of the song. I don't have a lot to say about the production other than that I feel like it could be tighter. It's just a little bit muddy to me. I don't know how to fix that though, as I am unskilled and new to that aspect of song production! Nice song though. I see syncing opportunities for authentic sounding 80's music from time to time. And once you record more solid vocals over this and tighten it up some, I think this would be perfect for something like that.
  14. nice work. This production sounds professional to me, and I love the section where the piano becomes prominent with the "Aaah's." I guess that would be a second chorus, or a kind of post-chorus. Great vocals; great production. It creates a sort of mild tense energy that makes me think that somebody is preparing for a major event to happen.
  15. Yes, I like Portishead. I've been compared to that band before, though it was one band I didn't listen to a lot in my formative years. I will think about some more distortion in the arrangement. Thanks for your thoughts!