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  1. Great song, and great build in the middle. Really beautiful. I'm sorry I don't have any criticism, but I really like this one.
  2. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Thanks @Jambrains, I'll think about that in that piano arrangement! I have been accused of playing too busy of piano against my voice before.
  3. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Thank you Sreyashi and Oswlek for your kind words and insight. Go figure, about the chorus! Here I thought it was the most catchy part of the song
  4. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Thanks, @Jenn
  5. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Thanks, Ken. Yes! I thought the piano sound was not right either. I'll look into the videos. @Will Sketches, thanks for your thoughts! I might use two mics in the piano next time to help.
  6. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Oh, interesting that you liked the first line the best, and that you think it's stronger than the chorus. I did not feel that way, but then again, I'm biased as the writer. ha. Interesting thoughts about the major chord in the middle. I dunno...personally I like it that way, though I'm not sure why...maybe because it causes some unpredictability...you think it's over but then it keeps going, with a back-and-forth thing going on. Well, regardless, I'm glad you mentioned that because it's not what I expected to hear, and it's food for thought. Thanks!
  7. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Yes! I truly appreciate the valuable feedback from you and everyone, and love the criticism. I've gained a lot of insight that will help me in the next recording session. Regarding your point about getting myself out there, I know I seriously lack the social media skills, and have obligations keeping me from performing as much as I'd like...I'm coming face to face with how detrimental that is for me as far as 'being a star' or 'having success' is concerned. On one hand, I so desperately want and need to be more involved, playing out, connecting with people, and on the other hand, that side of things doesn't come easily to me, takes up a lot of time, and I find myself competing with family, job, and even other musical engagements. Thanks @MonoStone . I keep writing songs, honing my skills, making connections as I can, and hope someday my music reaches more than just a handful of fans! Having top knotch songs, videos, and recordings will help that for sure. I'll go to your thread about success; I hadn't seen it and am intrigued.
  8. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Thanks! You are right, maybe the mic situation is not too big of a deal! @HoboSage thank you for these suggestions. I'll definitely remove the windscreen. We did try different angles, and they were okay, but this particular angle with the windows just seemed to outshine the side view, so we stuck with it. I'll work a bit more on mic placement next time and see if we can't fix the noise. @M57and @MonoStone Thanks for your suggestions. M57, altering the shots per song is a great idea! I can get a little closer to my face in a few of them, and attempt the side angle. I'll be emoving the windscreen for sure, and probably I'm not going to use a pop screen either. Thank you!
  9. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

  10. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Ah yes, that is an issue with the mixing board we have...it has 4 mic inputs, but they have to all be phantom power or all not be phantom power. We can't have one of each. So, we went with no phantom power. I have another 2 track M-Audio that we can use for the piano so that I can use phantom power for my vocals possibly.
  11. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    Hey @Jenn, this song is very fun and intriguing. I like your theatrical style and really enjoy what you did with the arrangement. I really think you have a lot of skill with instrumentation and production. With a little time to hone your skills, you can do us women proud in the recording industry.
  12. Lauren Jade (Produced by JayRams)

    You are very talented, and your voice and performance is beautiful. In my opinion, the first song with the straight piano chords could use a little variation, as it seemed a bit lack lustre in the intro to me, which, in my opinion would be fixed with a little variation in the way the notes are played; varying levels of intensity, maybe some legato phrasing, or rather than straight quarter notes, something with a little bit more of an unexpected skip in the rhythm like extra 8th note near the end of the phrase or a syncopated note somewhere. The production improves after the initial intro, just a little tweak in the piano to draw the listener in before you start singing is my main suggestion for this song.. For the second song, I agree that your voice could come forward a bit in the mix. And, the keyboard again...those same chords repeated through the whole song seems to become the song and take focus away from your voice. I think just bringing your vocals up a bit and having an occasional break from the keyboard, by having it only play in certain sections (i.e; it comes in on the second part of the verse and chorus and then drops out in the 1st part of the verse, for example...) Great songs, and how awesome to have a friend producer to work with and get your tracks down. Best of luck!
  13. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Thanks for the comments and feedback, @Jenn, @Pahchisme Plaid, and @ariagracefield! @HIGHFLIER I have some condenser mics too, I'll try one out on my voice next time and see if I like it better. I'm glad this one is getting a good response -- I was worried it didn't come off very well with the big mic in my face and perhaps some distractions with the recording quality.
  14. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    I recorded this live and plan to go back and do this with a few more songs. Any critique, particularly in how this is mixed, recorded, or even the quality of the song itself, would be appreciated and I'll use any helpful live recording advice when I go back to record the rest of the songs. The vocal mic is an SM58 with a pop-cover. I'm wondering if the mic should be farther away? I get that a lot, but don't know if the type of pop-filter (screen verses cover) effects that. The piano has one mic on it as well, but I can't remember what it is (it was borrowed). Thanks for listening and commenting! Lyrics below: LYRICS: Don’t make me say I love you, I don’t want to Don’t pull me closer to your lips, mmmmm Then I will have to show you what you mean to me And tell you what I don’t want you to kno-o-o-w Ooh, With every word I say I push you away, but (still?) stay Don’t make me follow you, l don’t need to go on a journey, that is yours alone Watching me wither inside of your shadow Never to open my own window Ooh, With every word I say I push you away, still stay Interlude (Gm Amaj) Don’t worry, don’t think about it more than this Cut through the thick density of your emotion Instrumental verse Ooh, With every word I say I push you away. But stay.
  15. Now that we're over

    I like the melody of the chorus a lot...It kind of reminds me of something I've heard before ...Tears for Fears maybe? I'd say, make the lyrics in the chorus stand out more, like Will mentioned about a "hook." I think the reason it doesn't stand out is because the lyrics don't seem to have any sort of rhyming scheme. I'd say it's just a bit too wordy, or that the words seem forced into the pattern. Focus on making the lyrics more concise but with a good flow that matches the 'melodic rhythm' (with maybe more rhyming at the ends of phrases to help connect them?) to make them stand out and memorable. The bridge seems a bit long and difficult to differentiate from the rest of the song. In my opinion bridges should be short, (though I have broken this rule) and really quite a contrast from the rest of the song, almost like a little break that pulls you back into the chorus from a different perspective. I'd work on shortening that bridge and changing up the chords a bit to add a little lift. Or even, take it down to almost no instrumentation for a second, and just sing a couple of those main lines to really emphasize it, reducing some of the lyrical busy-ness, to state the main point of the song which is "it wasn't a silly fling, (it was) adulturation." More on the chorus to give more detail on what direction I might have taken with this -- The line: "Tenderness haunts me after dark, ohNow that we are over, Now that we are overSomehow" That part, with the "oh" and the repetition of "now that we are over" might be what you'd turn into the hook for the chorus. I'd go with that phrasing for the other part of the chorus, so that the 1st half of the chorus has the same phrasing in the words...maybe something like this: What you have is: "I'll pore over the memoriesshore up misgivings, blame my deficiencies" Maybe to make it match the 2nd part of the chorus it could be adjusted to something like this to connect with the first part (these lyrics are not great, obviously, you would write something else, but it demonstrates my idea as far as rhyming and phrasing): "I"ll pore over the memories, oh, go through emotions, left undiscovered, Somehow" Now, to me, the chorus is more singable and memorable because the phrases compliment each other with more lyrically similar inflections and vowel sounds. Altogether: "Tenderness haunts me after dark, ohNow that we're over, Now that we're over I'll pore over the memories, oh, Go through emotions left undiscovered, Somehow" Then, with the chorus being so full of the "oh" vowel, and with more of a rhyming scheme going, it can be better differentiated from the verses, which could go with a different sort of pattern of phrasing and vowel scheme. Anyway, that's my opinion -- Hope that helps. Thanks for sharing your song!