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  1. Something else I was wondering about; Does the phrase "I'm a control freak, it keeps me classy" in the chorus sound odd and out of place? I am wondering if it should be "I'm a control freak, don't need your critique" or...something completely different.
  2. Yeah, I totally see how, at least, when reading the lyrics by themselves, they read in a more uplifting way, but for some reason, when put into the song, that more uplifting feeling doesn't come through as well. I'm not sure why that is. But, anyway, it's just my opinion. My songs aren't particularly popular, (I usually only get like 2 or 3 likes when I post songs on facebook) so I probably don't know what I'm talking about!
  3. I actually quite like the beat and the guitar riff in the chorus a lot. I like the feel of your vocals, too. It makes me focus on the lyrics. I personally tend to be wordy with my songs, so I guess I can relate to that. And then, the transition to the chorus offers a pleasing contrast, with the lyrical content becoming more simplified, which is great. The lyrics are, of course, quite self depreciating which I completely understand as a songwriter (I've written a number of depressing songs and find it the best form of therapy) but it's so self-depreciating that it might turn off a lot of people from caring enough to listen. If you could find a clever way to portray that self-loathing so that more people could relate to it, or if it tells a story about things that have happened to make you feel this way - For example, this, because of the title, reminds me of that song "Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke. Clearly, that song is also slow and has a bit of that "Woe is me" feeling, but it turns outward to society by laying out situations that have occurred to him out in society rather than a general "I hate myself" thing. It appeals to a large group of people who can relate and similarly want to see the change because they can picture it, and understand that so many are treated the same way. It quickly moves from being being self-critical into more of a social commentary, with detailed explanation of situations that have occurred to him that incites something greater than oneself, and creates that urge to make a change and see things turn around. I know you are not writing a political or social song, and it's unfair for me to compare your song to Sam Cooke's amazing classic, but the concept of appealing to people and telling a specific story to make people care about why you feel that way can do wonders. That's of course, if you are interested in appealing to others. It may be that you only write songs for yourself, which is absolutely fine and okay if that's what you want to do! Just my perspective.
  4. Oh, and it just occurred to me that when I was first writing this song (the first version, 'Haunting Me'), the working title was actually "Sea Salt and Vinegar," and I based the entire song off of that phrase. I was eating sea salt and vinegar chips when the inspiration hit. I only changed the title to something more searchable.
  5. Ahh, there's an idea! I just might do the bookends thing whenever I come out with an actual album...
  6. I did not have the drums following anything, so I set it to follow the bass in the chorus, and I put my vocals forward a tad. Thanks for your suggestions!
  7. Thanks, Dek! Yes, something about those words, "haunting me," just ring better with the flow I think, too. I'm plan to spend some time with that one, to bring it to a quality of production that supercedes the Rescue You one, now that I've had some time to let both versions sink in, and have a bit of feedback.
  8. Thanks for your input. Yes, I'm going to spruce up the haunting me version soon and see if that makes a difference overall.
  9. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and letting me know which one you prefer!
  10. I like the way this song builds, with the open emptiness at first, and then the slow rush and build of the rhythmic pulsing and chords swelling. The next chorus should be sung an octave higher for drama. Nice start! I hope I can hear the rest when you finish it!
  11. This is fun and wacky! It seems like there was a lot of work put into this, and I was thoroughly entertained. The over-dubbing vocals seems a little off somehow, and muffled, or like there's too much high frequency, particularly in the male voice. That slow change in feel toward the end is very cool. And the instrumental portion at the end is really cool too. Musically, the instrumentation is awesome, and particularly the ending is really nice. It's really just the vocal work that needs tightening in my opinion. I love your unique style, so different from most of what you hear out there.
  12. Hey! So, I hope it's okay that I submit another Control Freak post because my other one got so crazy with pages of remixes and complete overhauls, and going in circles. I have spent some time to re-evaluate the production of this song and am submitting a fresh post after starting from the beginning, and letting this version sink in for a while, and still confirming to myself that I'm happy with it and would like to see it come to completion. I still may send this to a professional mixer/masterer, especially if the feedback from this forum suggests to me that I need another over-haul, but if I can avoid doing that, I would like to. So, this is what Control Freak is now, and I'm pleased with it, though it might be a bit busy in some spots, and I am forever grateful to you for your wonderful feedback, primarily regarding the production and mixing of this one.
  13. Hello! So, I'd like some advice on this song. I had written it first with certain lyrics, and it was called "Haunting Me." (Lyrics below) https://soundcloud.com/emily-anderson-277030101/haunting-me-12316-904-am/s-EGpB0 Later, I changed the lyrics because I thought the words were too depressing, so I thought about a way to make it equally appealing to me, but with lyrics that might be more attractive to more people. This version is called 'Rescue you.' The recording is better quality, and has some more production value to it, but ultimately, I'm concerned about the song itself. Is the first version better because it's more "genuine" or is the second better because it's more artful, and possibly more appealing to a larger group of people? Here is "Rescue you" https://www.reverbnation.com/emilyanderson/song/27376604-rescue-you Haunting me Lyrics: Haunting Me I feel the weight of the world taking off again A wiry bird with a song singing out I feel The eye of the storm in my head behind my lashes Like a tinge or a spark, shooting from the ashes What I get is what I see And what I see is haunting me I fill the void with sea salt and vinegar A Palace full of goods from all around the hemisphere But nobody knows me, I wear my heart inside my throat Their side-eyed glances say I’m not a regular folk What I get is what I see And what I see is haunting me It won’t be very easy, but it will be true Somewhere there is a reason for all of this that you do and it’s haunting me It’s haunting me. What a mystery are we and all we are and Everything that we want to be if it means that we only live and breathe to bend our knees, cry, smile or sing What I get is what I see And what I see is haunting me It won’t be very easy, but it will be true Somewhere there is a reason for all of this that you do and it’s haunting me It’s haunting me. RESCUE YOU LYRICS: I feel the weight of the world taking off again A wiry bird with a song singing out I feel The eye of the storm in my head behind my lashes Like a tinge or a spark, shooting from the ashes In one fell swoop of clarity The phoenix comes to rescue me I burn my tongue with sea salt and vinegar I fill my house with goods from all around the hemisphere But nobody knows me, I wear my heart inside my throat Their hard eyes press against me, I panic and take to the spokes In one great wave of ocean tide The chariot is at my side ... You don’t have to worry, you’ll find all that you lose, and Even though, we’ll run around in circles, I’ve come, to rescue you to the rescue…………………..to rescue you……... Carry me across the yellow sea It’s a mystery, this blazing epiphany There’s no time to waste, your avenue is waiting Where it takes you, no one knows; but there’s comfort in escaping At once descending from great heights The golden staircase spreads its flight
  14. Thanks again for your suggestions. Yes, I have spent some more time on it and ditched the newest version. Still, there are a few things about the performance I don't like, particularly the harmonies (I sang them while I had had a cough and my voice was kind of weird.) I didn't think it'd matter, but of course now it's bugging me. I did some weird stuff while experimenting with panning and effects with the lead vox in the choruses, and I'm not sure what I did and can't seem to get it back to normal, but I get it, it'll take time. Anyhow, thanks for the suggestions! I feel better about this version now after working one enhancing the instruments, and doing some more tweaking. I may send this to a professional for production, mix/master and just let it go for a bit. I am indeed learning a lot from this, but I'm not necessarily thrilled about it! (If I could quite my day job maybe!) Anyway, here is what I've got if you want to listen to my efforts. But, no worries if not. I think I've probably beaten this song up enough.
  15. I don't know what to do with this song! I have re-recorded it so that the vocals now have more energy to match the instrumentation, and the bass is more solid and has a dirty sound to it...I think it's improved, but I think the brass sounds dumb, and the drums sound fake, and not in a good way...and I just don't know what to do from here! Anything I try to add sounds silly. Ugh. Here is what I've done now: