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  1. Yea, very tasteful, and grounded by a ukulele, strangely appropriate.
  2. I thought my reply went too far so I deleted it. ill look at don't give up the moon, missed it somehow.
  3. makes me wonder who he is though.
  4. It doesn't feel like this is the whole story. Does he have a name?
  5. I like those images. Poetry is so artistic, it's brave, it's the two headed black sheep and lighthouse of literature and this poem is each of those. Do your poems and music ever dance together?
  6. So are you playing again?
  7. Ride on
  8. I am losing my mind.
  9. I quit, I don't any of these.
  10. okay folks, I don't know if this is the correct board as it seems this may skirt the edge of advertising. At the risk of cross board posting I chose the Lounge to get greater exposure for Songstuff member viewing. My company, CenturyLink, posted this on the corp. intranet today. It's some kind of song contest. I only perused it lightly, enough to see that I myself cannot enter since I am an employee, but it does say to share with my talented friends...that would be you. I think the goal is to record yourself doing a cover of this song and submit it by March 17 to enter for a chance to perform in England with Kelvin. The link gives access to a downloadable mp3 and sheet music along with some examples by paid artists on how they performed their cover and a short video by Kelvin. Anyway, here's the link Some of you dudes are looking for a chance right? MP
  11. Lol, safe to do
  12. I didn't think jazz had a box to stay in? Isn't that the point of jazz music, to get out of the box? The title kind of describes the song as Rat Jazz, that covered the odd elements for me.
  13. Nope. Link=bad, SoundCloud = good
  14. By far Gary, by far the most detailed critique of the year. as such it's going to take me a while to digest it. I have to learn some things before I can do that but give me a chance to do that and in the meantime I may post some alternate versions to see if they follow along with what you describe. I may may use the capo but my fingers will be using the same shapes as I experiment.
  15. Oh man, what a show that was huh