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  1. Do you start it with a guitar riff or maybe with some words or sentences. Maybe you start with a musical phrase or motive that has come into your mind or simply by jamming on a guitar or playing a piano and singing along. Do you wait for inspiration, for some musical idea? Do you start with a melody or with lyrics?
  2. Songwriting Advice

    Great share! Everything you need to know to be a successful songwriter is right in front of you. If you study successful songs and instrumentals and use them as a guide, you'll break through. Don't just listen. Study and analyze! Song structure, Lyrics, Chord progression, Melody, the vocal. Notice the singer's attitude, mood, and personality.
  3. How Good A Songwriter Are You?

    Interesting questions! I think the main criterion for whether a song is good or bad is whether you yourself are satisfied with it.
  4. Strong (Cover)

    I like the video and music, the only one thing about mixing - maybe there are too much sound effects on voice.
  5. Shadows & Dust

    I like it, really nice, sounds as music already!
  6. Common Lyric Critique Questions

    Listeners get bored easily listening to songs with repetitive lyrics. If you wanted to become an effective songwriter, you need to expand your vocabulary and you can do this by reading. Use unique, suitable and captivating words you have learned in making your own personal composition.
  7. Songwriting Collaboration For Lyricists

    Whether you are seeking to write a song to serenade a loved one, to vent your emotional turmoil or hoping to make it to the hit charts, it is important to know what goes into creative songwriting. Basically, it is just two parts – music and lyrics. It sounds easy enough for one person to do both, but in reality, most of the greatest hits we know of were penned by two people. One writes the music (pens the notes, progressions, rises and falls) while the other writes the words to the catchy hook, the chorus, and even the bridge. An example of this excellent teamwork is the 40-year working relationship of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Elton writes the music, Bernie writes the lyrics and they are responsible for Skyline Pigeon and Your Song.
  8. Posting A Lyric For Review?

    Great songwriters know how to take inspiration from almost anything they see and feel. Anyone can get inspired by other songwriters and other people from the creative field. So, if you have been feeling stuck with your work, listening to a new artist, or reading other’s lyrics might help.
  9. Many Chords Vs Fewer Chords?

    One of the reasons I like The Police is that they (mostly Sting) used very few chords in their songs. Some examples:
  10. Lydian was my favorite, something from space movies.
  11. Songs For Concert (Suggestions Wanted)

    Seal - Kiss from a Rose Queen -love of my life The Used- All That I've Got The USED "Hard To Say" Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning Aerosmith i don't want miss a thing
  12. Instrumental Acoustic Fingerstyle Project

    Very good, it reminded me Steve Howe and Yes.