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  1. Hello! I'm looking for production work. I would like to collaborate with a singer/songwriter who need help with production. If you'd like to collaborate with me please send me a sample of your work. Here's a my soundcloud profile. I think I'm a pretty diverse producer who can handle a lot of different sounds. https://soundcloud.com/fredriknyblom Thanks!
  2. Hola from Sweden!

    p.s.(pre scriptum, huhu) since I can't stop talking about music this will prolly be a long introduction. Hey! My name is Fredrik, I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. I made my account about 2 years ago but I was really inactive so I thought I might as well re-introduce myself. I've written and produced music(instrumentals) about 3 years now, so I might be a songwriting/production newbie compared with some of you guys. I produce everything in FL Studio(currently FL Studio 12), it's the DAW I've been using since I started, so I know how to use it quite well. I would describe my sound as a blend of hip hop, synth pop, RnB and ambient, with my own lil' touch of course. Here's a link to a playlist of my favorite self produced songs. Please tell me what you think, please treat me with brutal honesty. I hate when people act like "yes men", so if you think something sucks, please tell me. I don't really "play" any instruments, but I practice and write songs on a piano from time to time. I hope to encourage myself to learn how to perform my own songs some day, I'm usually pretty impatient when it comes to learning and I am absolutely horrible when it comes to playing by ear. I like pretty much all kinds of music but I had to pick a couple of artist that I consider my favorites at the moment(I'll include my favorite song be them as well and imagine that anyone cares) I would have to say Kanye West(Devin In A New Dress), The Cure(Just Like Heaven), Kate Bush(Wuthering Heights), Arcade Fire(Sprawl II(Mountains Beyond Mountains)) and Frank Ocean(Pyramids). My favorite song of 2015 is Grimes demo version of REALiTi. The main reason I joined the forums is to collaborate with people and expand my musical knowledge, which i pretty ironic since I'm usually a pretty bad collaborator. I tend to pretty stubborn with my musical ideas, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and if a project isn't my cup of tea I don't want to work with it. That's why I usually like to keep my own songs to myself. But I'm usually willing to do production/mixing for projects I find interesting. That's me, hi! p.s. ok, prolly too long for a normal human being to endure.
  3. Welcome to the forums fredriken :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board