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  1. Hello And Introduction

    Thanks Kevin for the warm welcome! I will certainly look around as time permits. I look forward to reading some of your posts as well
  2. Hello And Introduction

    Hello! I live in Appomattox,VA and have been writing poetry and song lyrics for several years now. I have mainly posted on another board and met some great people there. I thought I'd try to branch out a bit and get some new perspectives on some of my work. I also would love to read and hear what other artists are working on. I enjoy music of all genres. I have written lyrics to go with tracks as well as have had music and vocals added to my lyrics. I enjoy words and sometimes do not write lyrics that could easily be mainstream but write them anyway for the love of it. I look forward to getting to know some of you!
  3. Welcome to the forums Stiljnxd :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

    1. Stiljnxd


      Thank you for the welcome!