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  1. Alone In This

    To me your song and performance mediate desperation and loneliness. Keep on writing, playing and recording to sharpen your expression.
  2. A Color Of The Sky - (FINISHED)

    Really cool intro. Liked the clean guitar sound. Overall a good song and mix i think. My only critic is that I think the staccato strings in the chorus takes to much place.
  3. Say it

    You explains it better than I ever could:) I think I keep the line. I even think the voice is all over the track right now:) I see if I can do a descent mix in the end. Thanks for listening!
  4. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Really good production, arrangement, and mix in my ears. Nice synth sounds you use. I would have danced if I heard this tune on the dancefloor:) I also like your singing.
  5. Say it

    Thanks. I'll try your tips.
  6. I Beg Your Pardon

    OK. Maybe it's me not used to it. I think of intros or bridges with off beats. When the steady on beat are introduced you feel a release. Maybe it's because there's nothing steady to lean on. Just thoughts. No critics.
  7. Really like this catchy rock song. Got an early Foo Fighters sound to it. Just bring up the bass guitar a bit more and do some retakes on your vocals, then you have a hit!
  8. I Beg Your Pardon

    Beautiful song and arrangement. I have to read through this lyric more once to get a grip of it. What I don't like is that the synth sounds is too much out of sync. Do you use a click or beat when you record?
  9. Say it

    Thanks Chumpy. Glad to hear that my English works when I sing. I think you should laugh if you heard me talk English (Swedish chef from the Muppet Show) Glad to please you and thanks for listening and comment. Yes I hear what you hear. Maybe if a automated the volume on the voice track it would come through better. I think I have to do some rerecording as well. Maybe your right. It should be more logical to sing something like "Please say you don't love me...". I think it's because I personally like contradictions in songs. When it becomes to sweet I like to pour some salt on it (or how you say in English). I also think I got less listeners with the word "hate" instead of "love" in this kind of song. I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for listening. You're the second pointing out eq on the vocals. I'll have to look at that again. Glad you liked the sound. There is no poetry or read between the lines in this song. And I think it's only one rhyme in it as well. I'll try poetry on my next song:) Thanks for listening! So you think the voice EQ is perfect:) You've got a trained producer ear. I've plugged the guitars straight into my sound card. I then use Amplitube 4 guitar sim with mono in - stereo out. I think what you hear is me panning the guitars on the DAW mixer. I don't think that is the right way to do it. I can test to move the stereo microphones in Amplitube cad room instead. Thanks for listening and that you hear these things in the vocal track. I did a lot of retakes:)
  10. Say it

    I'll keep on working with the song and see what happens. If anyone come with suggestions I'll take them in mind (Swenglish?). zzeb

    What an improvement on your productions since I heard you last year I think it was. Really good EDM production and interesting arrangement. No critics to offer, a little short isn't it Wait to hear your sing on this one. /zzeb
  12. A Table for Two

    Yes, acoustic version is much better. More relaxed guitar playing that fits the song. Great song performance and mix. As someone mentioned you could add some soft electric guitar in the background. Wait to hear the new full version. zzeb
  13. Mr. Fox

    I like your musical idea. It's creative and groovy. I see that you got lots of good advices about your singing. I think you got a melody that can work if you get the time to practice. zzeb
  14. Love's here to stay (rough)

    Couldn't find any printed lyrics but your singing performance and lyric sounds beautiful and from the heart. Clear, crisp mix. As you wrote your gonna add some arrangement. I think that would make this song even better. Also congratulation on your wedding anniversary! zzeb
  15. Say it

    Thanks Ken. Nice to hear from you again. Wow, I have a fan:) I gonna add some arrangements and do some rerecordings and try to do a decent mix in the end. My thoughts right now is if the lyrics make sense. Thanks again for taking your time listening. /zzeb