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  1. ill make you a cool video if you send me the audio
  2. if you want ideas for extra instruments bongos shaker that australian wooden thingy xylophone harp maybe high female choir voices or low male tribal like chanting or you could add special effects to go along with imagery in your words (trees are burning example)a crackling fire. just something to build the atmosphere up more
  3. yeah its amazing
  4. the vocals could be a little higher in volume
  5. i love this
  6. contest

    if the competition is still on you need to put a download link so we can record
  7. contest

    is this for competition or general use? if your changing beat for competition i feel like im cheating because the beats tailored for me lol
  8. contest

    you smashed it with the last beat, reminds me of this song.
  9. contest

    i like 50 cent or schoolboy q style beats
  10. contest

    yeah its best to keep it at the original tempo i think lol
  11. contest

    speed it up to 90
  12. contest

    can i hear what it sounds like slowed down?
  13. contest

    can leave it same tempo as it is. im just not sure now if i should double up my flow or just rap it really slow
  14. contest

  15. contest

    grime is 140 bpm which is double of the speed of your beat, so thats probably why it fits my lyrics written at 140, rather then fitting to lyrics written at 90-110 bpm