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  1. thank you for an awesome reply im glad it fits the rules so i can continue to write, the last 2 lines were from today and the rest i wrote last evening. I like your opening line. "raise your smiles" gives that sense that she feels warmly toward you. I'm thinking replacing "see" with "watch" might have more of an impact as its more than just "noticing" as implied by "see", but rather "observing/searching" in "watch" which has more staying power--sorta lingers. i cant make a change to this line as it a pun on poker all other changes iv acknowledged and will probably take your advice thanks
  2. i like the idea of this challenge, i dont want to continue writing unless i know i have the structure correct and are not breaking rules. i see your eyes and raise your smiles im all in hearts straight to queen ill be there baby be prepared i wont leave that lovely lady standing staring lonly and scared i give you the gift of my hand with a gracious grip i wish you say yes dont leave me alone low and lonely circling spiralling around the leaves the winds wings flights are ever winding fly fly fly flutter away harmoniously how lucky to be with you when you do not wanna be with me but were bonded black and blue like bondage
  3. its crazy how there is more sugar per 100g of yogurt compared to a weight gain powder

  4. thanks man. i think your referring to the rip sound after the first hats? which was also made ripping paper but slower, ill try out your advice
  5. challenge

  6. i like the lyrics but you seem you lack confidence in singing. The emotion behind what you say is more important then the message portrayed. know what emotion youd like to portray and express it (something im tryna work on myself)
  7. started this up today felt like recording my own sounds let me know what you think and share any ideas you may have please
  8. beautiful song very calming
  9. you have a really beautiful voice im not a big fan of the genre but i enjoyed your singing
  10. i like the strings they have got a nice positive sound to them. great singing and overall great song bro! good work
  11. challenge

    after careful selection of all your songs we've decided to go with alo for 1st 2nd and also 3rd place. congratulations to alll for taking part, and a massive congratulations to the runners up
  12. challenge

    i dunno i was tryna kick ass and win lol thats why i uploaded 3 entries
  13. challenge

    whats up with the results??
  14. Beautiful
  15. challenge

    Heres entry number 3