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  1. The River Swallow (Retake!)

    I'm not sure what to make of this tune. It is certainly creative, and goes off the beaten path, which I like. But, on the other hand, it seems to be lacking an essential cohesive element to tie the song together. The main thing that would improve this song lies in the rhythmic elements. If you could really get the timing tight (which, noted, is a challenge) with a really good percussion track, it would take this song to the next level. It's an interesting tune, and I liked the different parts. Peace, TC
  2. It'll All Be Ok In The End

    Well produced tune with incisive lyrics. Timely song with solid performances all around. Lots of interesting sounds in the mix. The vocoder style vocals work pretty well in this tune. Nicely done. Peace, TC
  3. Gone

    Thanks Mark. I have been experimenting with my new Lola preamp, and I was trying to get some harmonics but still learning the unit. I felt the vocals were a bit too loud (I always want them buried in the mix, lol). I am still trying to learn how to get them sounding big without being "on top" of the mix. I would agree tempo change would feel better. I have never tried this recording everything solo myself. Without a band, I am not sure exactly how to feel where it wants to do the slight tempo shifts. Great advice, though, and I will try to figure out how to do this "in-the-box" doing everything myself. I appreciate the insight. Peace, TC
  4. Walls

    Very nice emotive 1+1 number. Competent guitar and vocals all around. You do seem to struggle in one spot with the high notes on this line: "Do you know of the things we could achieve" - not sure what advice to give you here as vocals are not my strong suit. The bridge is nice as far as dynamic change but you lose the momentum during this section. Overall, really nice tune. Peace, TC
  5. Plasm - first song on soundcloud

    Cool jazz number with a modern twist. The performance and production are both good. I would have liked a bit more melodic guitar solo during the key change/musical interlude. It does fit the vibe, though. Overall, excellent, and a breath of fresh air. Peace, TC
  6. Original song rough draft.

    Emotive wistful tune. The guitar and vocal ability is there, and you sound pretty good. The song itself has potential. That being said, reading the vocals as you sing, and not enunciating the words is marring an otherwise good performance. You have a good voice; don't be afraid to belt it out, and don't do a video until singing it is second nature. The guitar playing is competent but the halting style begins to lose its appeal after the intro. You need to craft this into a good sounding AUDIO production whether you do it minimalist or go full tilt on production. In my opinion, this song would be best done with full backing tracks - it has the potential to be killer. You can always play along with the song for a video but I would get the audio production sounding niiiiiiiice first. If you are dead set on doing it the way you are, then do pure 1+1 and have your performance honed prior to doing the video so that you exude confidence and can concentrate on interpretation and emotion instead of just getting through the song. We are here to help you get your songs recorded and mixed so go for it! Peace, TC
  7. Laid back EDM tune. Can you please post the lyrics at the top? The song has some real strengths, and the vibe and understated melody is a big part of that. I think the auto-tune could work but it is way over the top. The addition of the mousy octave up needs some formant adjustment or simply an addtional voice. What I would do with the vocal is blend a normal vocal with the hard-tuned vocal to achieve a nice balance and recapture some of the intimacy you are losing with this technique. I like the laid back instrumentals but they could be more interesting. As is, they sound static and uninspiring at times. At 2 minutes in length, it works okay but if you extend this into the nominal 4 minute mark, you are definitely going to need to get more creative on the instrumentals. More patch changes and sprinkling in motifs throughout the piece would work nicely. If you do continue to work on this song and extend the length, you need a bridge part that picks things up rhythmically and emphasizes percussive elements, imo. Cool tune. Peace, TC
  8. Gone

    Thanks Ricky. I am a big fan of Yes, and appreciate the comparison. Yeah, I got a lot of useful help here early on to help me hone the mix. Some of the folks here have good ears. Thanks, Richard. I wanted the intro guitar part to be clean but rich in harmonics; it is a bit dirtier than I had intended so I do agree with you on that critique. Thanks for the kudos! Thanks; I am glad you liked the tune. The drums are mixed pretty hot in this track; I am not sure I should mix them hotter. Maybe a tad more power in the toms would work, I don't know. I am never happy with my vocals, and although I disagree with you on the volume suggestion, I do think they could be stronger. I don't know how much more of a punch I could deliver in the "gone gone gone" part but I will try to hear what you are saying next time I listen to the song. -------------------------------------- As always, I appreciate the listens, critiques, and suggestions. Peace, TC
  9. Crawling

    I like the late Beatles meet CSNY fusion in this tune. The harmonies are interesting, and the vibe is cool. The massive distortion during the guitar solo is really harsh. The overall sound is clipped and it's gobbling up all the headroom, making the rest of the recording disappear into the noise. Also, I wouldn't use a distorted electric guitar here; it really doesn't match the vibe of the tune. I would use either an acoustic or a clean electric guitar sound preferrably using the neck pickup. There are some performance issues as well which are detracting from what could be a really good sounding tune. I would hone and re-record some of the guitar parts. In particular, I would re-record the electric guitar solo with a more chill patch. Just needs a bit of work (primarly on the guitars) and the song will probably sound great. Peace, TC PS: could you post the lyrics at the top, please?
  10. Foolish Girl - Draft

    Tasty laid-back blues vibe! You have a good start to a solid tune here. The contrast between the vamp and the simple yet more sophisticated harmonic changes throughout the song feels niiiiice. I would try to engage an intensity build starting around 0:35 and have the tune really begin to kick in about that point. The verse vamp on the guitar would be epic if you used volume swells in the playing style. It obviously needs to be a bit longer so definitely keep developing this one. Fantastic potential here. Peace, TC
  11. Sea Of Glass

    Very nice atmospheric composition. I liked the interplay of the multiple guitar parts. Nice use of interdependent motifs to give it movement. The mix seemed a tad bright. You can probably tweak the harmonica a few cents with the stock pitch correction plugin in your DAW. I don't mind it being dead on pitch-wise but I do think it could use a few cents to bring it a bit closer. I would warmup the EQ on the harmonica a little bit (cut 3K bring up 300Hz). Sounds good! Peace, TC
  12. Missing You

    You have a good start on this tune. Nice vibe and simple but elegant changes. The vocal meter and the lyrics need a bit more honing. I have given you some ideas to chew on above. Peace, TC
  13. Control Freak (again!)

    Your production skills have improved dramatically since you first posted this song. You've accomplished major improvement in a short time; just keep doing songs, and you will continue to get better. The song sounds nice now with a good balance. I don't think the vocals necessarily need to be louder, just 'bigger' for this type of song. It needs more punch, too, but it's worlds better than the first version you posted. I wouldn't spend a ton more time on this particular song at this point. Do some more songs and circle back to this one after a bit of a break. You will learn new things with each song, and it will give your ears time to reset. Nice job! Peace, TC
  14. My first original song

    Grats on finishing your first song! I thought there were some good ideas, and the vibe was pretty good. Vocals would work great in this song. It needs a changeup in chord progression at some point in the tune. I wasn't crazy about the massive reverb in the intro and the end. The guitar melody could be more fluid, and there are some slight intonation issues. I would use either a clean guitar or massively overdriven sound for the melody (personally, I would go for clean and thick); the in-between guitar sound is just not quite right for this song. You are now officially a songwriter. Peace, TC
  15. The Slow Reveal: the song

    I hear a bit of Cat Stevens vibe in this tune, as well as Elliot Smith. Good tune with some interesting lyrics, and solid guitar write. Some interesting changes as well. Performance-wise, I would relax the tempo a little and try not to rush the more intricate riffs. It needs a bit more deliberate pace and slightly better timing on the guitar. Are you planning on moving this from a demo to a more complete and polished version? With a bit of work, this would sound excellent. Peace, TC