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  1. Looking For A Lyricist

    Dear Gary Let me admit that I'm a slow learner when it comes to electronic gadgets. At the beginning, I did not understand a word about your message above until, following your advice, I did some serious reading on home recording studio, and somehow grasped what you were trying to tell me. I assume the focus of your discussion is on Melodyne! So, I deduce that Melodyne does not work independently and need to be connected to a DAW as a plugin. Therefore, I need to set up a home recording studio first. Please advise. Okay, if DAW is a prerequisite, then I need to set up a home recording studio first. Although Mac is the preferred computer for home studio recording studio, I had bought a new PC (an HP computer for $750.00) just a week before we started communicating. I wonder if I need to buy a Mac for the purpose of installing Logic Pro 10, or keep the same computer and install Pro Tool 11 instead (or Pro Tool Express to start with)! May I suggest something. Can I send to you my latest hummed melody on the android and wait for your input with your lyrics. I have downloaded the 'humming' on my computer. How can I send it across to you without other musicians having a glimpse at it -- you know, it is in a very raw stage now and I don't want to draw unnecessary attention! Or, do you want me to wait for the arrival of my piano next week and I send the notation (music sheet) to you. I can easily do that. I have more than 50 'hummings' on my computer. We might repeat the same process after hearing your advice on the above. Then you need to tell me when to purchase the Melodyne and/or set up the home recording studio. Once half a dozen semi-polished melodies with lyrics are ready, we can look for the services of a guitarist, a drummer, a music arranger, and then meet either in Thailand or Australia for the final touch. Take care and I wish you all the best. Hagop
  2. I Don't Want To Fall In Love With You

    Terribly sorry for spelling your name wrong all way long -- Kyle. Well, English is not my mother language. (Well, we call it mother language because we fathers are not allowed to talk with our children to begin with!) Take care. Hagop
  3. I Don't Want To Fall In Love With You

    Kylie, looking at the lyrics in the first verse: 'Staring at you was like staring into the sun.' Maybe better create a situation, a metaphor, that depicts the scenario, rather than stating bluntly 'like staring into the sun'. We do not look at the sun for pleasure or prayer (maybe we should!). But we know getting closer to the sun it burns -- there you are,something of that sort -- pain, torture... By the way, the length of the song title has no significance at all. It's okay. Take care. Hagop
  4. I Don't Want To Fall In Love With You

    Dear Kylie, I went back and listened one more time. The prechorus: Where will this go, well I'll hope it goes nowhere... Well, it'd rather go somewhere! You're building the story and the listener is expecting to hear something good (at least!). But you're claiming it's going nowhere! We don't want to hear that -- nowhere. Please take it somewhere -- good or bad -- but take the listener somewhere. Take care. Hagop
  5. I Don't Want To Fall In Love With You

    Well, Kylie, in the chorus, the first note is bending/jerking to connect with the rest of the line. Then the second line is doing the same to fit in! And so forth! Call me to correct it. I'm in Bangkok on +66 8 5486 3388. You won't regret it! Once this is rectified, the rest is 'a monkey jumping in the bed!' (Believe me, I don't know what does that mean, but it must imply the rest is easy.) By the way, your voice is good but needs a daily dose of training -- at least two hour every day. Just shout and let the song go loose! Take care. Hagop Kassabian (aka Jacob Pearl)
  6. Looking For A Lyricist

    Dear Maestro It's good to hear that and avoid void working at the very start! I found it also a bit intriguing (I don't know what does that mean!) and time-consuming. EITHER YOU HAVE IT OR YOU DON'T HAVE IT. BTW the copyrighting in Thailand is in process but the piano will be landing on the 10th of July. Take care. I had an acting role in Bulgaria Yoghurt's new TVC in Bangkok last Sunday with their superstar James (a Thai, of course). I would like to send you some still shots. Can you send me your email. Hagop
  7. Rework Of Get It On

    Dear Songstuff Members Let me be very honest here. When I posted my invitation to collaborate with a lyricist, I approached, apart from Songstuff, a couple of other sites, such as Songwriter 101, Musicians Page, and Notefight. I had good response from everywhere. But the musician I would like to work with at this stage is Gary Yoeman. I am really grateful to all those who extended their help. Once the first song is ready, we will post it in the forum/blog for your and other members' feedback. Nothing gives us more pleasure and fulfilment than seeing your comments -- whether positive or negative. I am sure that you will like it. In the meantime, take care. Hagop
  8. Rework Of Get It On

    Dear Gary Good news regarding the Thai Copyright Laws. I will submit my work on Monday for copyright registration. Thanks for the info. I have listened carefully to your new DAW (please let me know what does the music industry jargon [DAW] stand for). Unless you are trying to give your song a colouring of the 80's era, the song is fine. But for the modern era, I'm afraid it is not intended for the audience out there right now looking for that lively imagery (based on metaphors, edges, etc) of the situation they are in. Enter your co-writer, Hagop Kassabian (aka Jacob Pearl) in the coming weeks (just kidding by 50%). Take care. Hagop
  9. Looking For A Lyricist

    David What's your story? Hagop
  10. Looking For A Lyricist

    Dear David Most famous songs, and jingles for that matter, are based on a simple minimal bars of four in number at least. The rest is decoration and furniture, I assume. Having said that, it does not mean that I stop my contribution in moulding the song. How can you help?
  11. Looking For A Lyricist

    Welcome back, lovely Lisa. Trying to fit in the new community -- Songstuff. You're my first neighbour -- our paths crossed a few days ago . Now it's raining here in Chaiyaphum community, a province located some four hours drive from the capital Bangkok (12 million at daytime and 8 million at night -- number of population, I mean). You can hear the birds singing here night and day, mostly to deaf ears. Our piano (upright, of course) will be arriving very soon. I am trying to register the copyright of my 25 compositions, which I had written in the past 2 decades, in the USA through www.copyright.gov -- I wonder if it covers globally! The cost is USD35.00 for the whole lot under one title (quite cheap). I will include the one song which I would like to collaborate with you to start with. I will send you the music, accompanied by rudimentary piano chords and sung by me mostly with gibberish language on the android, just to give you a hint of the rhythm and spirit of the song. It is up to you to come up with a soulful and fresh lyrics. We will become rich -- let's start with that dim dream (supposedly an alliteration) first. Please wait until the process of both the copyright registration and the android recording of the song is completed. In the meantime, I wish you luck in your community. Take care. Hagop Kassabian (aka Jacob Pearl)
  12. I usually hum on my android mobile anytime during the day, and then try to play and write the notes (not the chords) roughly on a music sheet. The humming consists of key lyrical words/phrases which need to be worked out by a co-writer lyricist. Also, a pro pianist need to come up with the key chords and maybe a riff. So, I am looking for a lyricist and a pianist (or lyricist/pianist if we are lucky!). I am ready to share the credits equally between the two or three co-writers (melody, lyrics, and chords). My genre is rock, pop, and R&B. I am an Armenian based in Thailand for the past 5 years (and don’t ask me why and how!). I wonder if we can co-write without meeting. In case you listen to my melodies and believe that we can be successful, jump on the next plane to Bangkok and stay in our villa in Chaiyaphum Province until the project is over (food and accommodation on my behalf but you need to cover your return air ticket expenses). Take care and welcome to Thailand.