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  1. @Just1L: Glad you liked it! I just added some lyrics in case anyone is curious. @ImKeN: Omg, it totally sounds like she's singing "I'm eating pasta", heh. I wonder if I can't hear it any other way since you told me about it before I heard it, or if I would have come to the same conclusion on my own. Edit: Wow, she can really sing.
  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! The thing that is really great about these contests is having a firm deadline. It pushes us to write and record songs at a pace we wouldn't have though we were capable of. The deadline gives us a focus on finishing and making things as good as we can make them in the time available. Since we both have day jobs, we sketch out broad outlines during the week and try to come up with a concept and some vague lyrics, and then work like hell on the weekends.
  3. Heya @ImKeN, This is the fifth song we've written and recorded for the contest (round zero - round 4) and if we survive this round (the judges have not completed their voting yet) we'll write a song for round 5, which the title is Elevator Men. I feel like we've got a good chance of survival on this round, but as the weaker competitors are eliminated the competition gets really fierce. You can listen to all the songs at the Nur Ein website, there are some really strong songs.
  4. Hey Jenn, I'll tell ya what works for me in terms of confidence, the lack of which you can really hear. I started dragging my laptop, microphone, and USB interface into my car, parking it somewhere where nobody is around, and then singing my lungs out where nobody can hear me. This is not as bad of an idea as it sounds. Besides the fact there is a lot of glass for your vocals can bounce off of, your car is one place where you can bet that some attention has been paid to sound treating and acoustics. I also look at every line I sing in Logic's pitch editor after each take. Sometimes my ears don't do a great job of telling me when my pitches are a bit wonky, but I can certainly see it with my eyes. I can see where I scoop up to pitches, and where I'm sharp or flat. I fix it in production, but more importantly I think about the mistakes I make in between takes and try to correct next time. In terms of figuring out when a vocal is "good enough" what I do is record 10 takes of everything and then use Logic's "take folders" to "comp" a take (selecting the best parts of each take to form a composite take) that is as good as I can make it. Logic has a swiping feature that makes this relatively easy (easier than cutting and pasting together little bits of audio anyway). Sometimes I sing on particular part bit of a vocal phrase with more confidence / emotion / style and I like to be able to pick and choose each of the bits that I think are the best. This is tedious work but I think in the end it's worth it. Good luck!
  5. What we've got here is Jerkatorium's latest single, A Sense of the Absurd which was written for the grueling elimination contest Nur Ein XII that has us writing and recording a song a week with a given title and a non-optional challenge. This time around the challenge was to incorporate a mondegreen in your song in a creative way, which I think we managed to do. We weren5't exactly subtle. I hope ya like it! You need Kool-Aid Kool-Aid I know that those ain't the right words, It’s just the words I thought I’d heard. Back in third grade maybe I wasn’t Robert Plant, So I made up the parts of songs I didn’t understand. Yeah you need Kool-Aid Kool-Aid What I’d ostensibly misheard Instilled a sense of the absurd. Back then Led Zeppelin II made me want to rock, But I was still too young to understand the raunchy talk, So I sang Kool-Aid Kool-Aid No Dukes of Hazzard in the classroom, Teachers leave those kids alone. What I’d ostensibly misheard Instilled a sense of the absurd. Absurd Absurd Absurd Absurd
  6. Sorry I didn't get back to you @thesound, we ended up on a pretty tight time crunch and had folks lined up early on. I'm posting here what we ended up with. The folks who we did get to sing on this track did a great job. Our friend Sheri ended up recording some vocals on her phone, which was sweet of her.
  7. Howdy, Our band Jerkatorium is looking for one or more guests vocalists to appear on our upcoming song Regime Change for a songwriting contest we're participating in called Nur Ein. This collaboration has a very strict deadline of 5/6/17 for completed vocals. This song is not yet written, but is being worked on as we speak. Nur Ein is an elimination contest where you have to write one song per week. You're given a title, and a non-optional challenge. The title for this week is Regime Change and the challenge is to use two or more guest vocalists, that's where you come in. Us: Serious band with a serious deadline You: Can sing, rap, or speak, have your own equipment and know how to use your DAW. Our songs are often fun and funny, and we're nice folks who are fun to work with. Drop me a PM or reply to this thread if you're interested and I'll send you more details!
  8. @Jenn: Thanks for the feedback! I agree the drums are a bit distracting in their boring repetition and canned perfection. We explored some ways of making them less sterile, but none of them really panned out. Our lead vocals generally pretty punky end edgy, and this time we wanted to do something prettier and outside of our comfort zone. @ImKeN: Glad you liked it! I just fixed the soundcloud link so it points to our latest change/fix. We changed the guitar solo a bit and cleaned up the harmony part on the countermelody.
  9. Howdy Folks, This is a song we've just finished today that we wrote for a contest called Nur Ein, which is an elimination contest that has you writing one song a week and gives you both a title and a non-optional challenge. There a panel of 5 judges who score all the songs and every week three bands are cut from the contest. This week's title is After You and the challenge is to employ a countermelody somewhere in the song, which we did on the last couple of choruses. We've still got a couple of days before we have to submit it (it's really rare that we're done early) so if you have any feedback please let us have it!
  10. Thanks man, I've been waiting to pick this up at a discount!
  11. Heya JH, You need an audio interface that lets plug your guitar into your computer. Typically it's a a box box that on one end has a couple of quarter inch guitar jacks, and on the other end has a USB connection. You plug the guitar into the one of the jacks, plug the USB cable into your computer. Here is an example of one of these interfaces that a lot of people seem to like, you can get cheaper ones, but this one has a lot of fans. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005OZE9SA Once you've got this thing plugged into your computer, you should be able to configure Reaper to use it as an audio input. Then it's just a matter of making a new track, setting the input of that track to be whatever port your guitar is plugged into, and hitting record and rocking out. You'll want to take a look at a visualization of the waveform that you get from recording your guitar and make sure you're getting reasonably sized set of waves, and you're not clipping all over the place. You'll want to adjust the gain, or your guitar's volume knob until you get a sound that doesn't clip or distort. Now that sound you get out of your guitar is going to sound pretty boring. You'll want to download a free amp simulator to get some better sounds out of your guitar. You can get some free simulated amps from products like IK Multimedia's Amplitube 4, when you download their "custom shop" application. This will be a VST plugin that you can load onto the track that you recorded your guitar on. Other companies that sell virtual guitar amps/effects I think also have a free version that you can try out. Good luck!
  12. This sounds fun, I'd play along. I assume you're just going to make the stems available at some point.
  13. There ya go Jenn, you got yourself a vocal melody, nice! Sometimes you just need something, anything to get started. After that it's just a matter of refining things until you're happy with them.
  14. Hey Jen, I assume you're talking about a vocal melody, but I guess it doesn't matter either way, a melody is a melody. It's definitely possible. What I do is just start singing random lyrics (they don't have to make sense at all) over and over again over an existing chord progression until I come up with something I like. I sing, because with my voice I don't have to think about it, notes just come out without me having to figure out where they are on the guitar or keyboard or whatever. Other people who are really good on the guitar or piano can use that instrument instead of their voice to pick out melodies. So it usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to come up with a "first cut" of a vocal melody, which usually isn't fantastic, but it's a starting point for further refinements. Because I liked your song, and to try to better describe my process, I actually spent 15-20 minutes singing stuff over your song until I came up with something that I didn't mind too much. This time I didn't start singing nonsense, I tried to take the words from your post as a starting point. For the chorus I noticed you titled your song 916, which I realized was also 916 upside down, so I ran with that. I hope this serves as an example of how one can come up with a melody by just singing some stuff on top of an existing bit of music. Please excuse my singing, this is a bit high for me Good Luck!
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it! @ImKeN: A lot of our songs have a manic intensity to them. This one is at 180bpm which might be what's making you feel old, heh. One common complaint I've heard a lot is that our songs have no dynamics, they're all full blast all the time, which can tire out the listener. This time I made a conscious effort to try to add some. In the penultimate chorus we dropped out the rhythm guitars and drums which had the nice effect of quieting things down just a bit, and then adding more punch to the final chorus. It also let us do a cool L->R panned pick scrape sound on the rhythm guitar when it came back in, which is probably my favorite part of the song.