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  1. Need Co-writer for half-written song

    I would totally like to work with you. Let's see what you got
  2. How To Breathe

    Lol, sorry about that.I think my cousin was playing around with the pc trying to pose as me,lol. Sorry about that.
  3. How To Breathe

    So any thoughts on how to improve it?
  4. How To Breathe

    Any kind of critiques for this song would be greatly appreciated. I found some lyrics in an old songbook and decided to post.
  5. How To Breathe

    How To Breathe Verse Feels like I've been drowning, alone in this great sea Pushed out for being different, by ideal society. It's like calls of raging thunder, somehow never ends People talk,they keep on talking But I ain't hearing them. (ohh) Chorus They try to tell me how to breathe With my head beneath the sea why do they never let me be can't they see I wanna be free Verse The smell of the salty waters, the feeling of flaccid skin. People I've never met have, tried hard to cave me in. My eyes grab hold of the shoreline, and for once I feel assured. Then comes a foggy forecast. to bring to me bruises and sores (ohhh) Chorus They try to tell me how to breathe With my head beneath the sea why do they never let me be can't they see i wanna be free This is all I've come up with so far, no bridge to it.
  6. Yes I do just mean lyrics. I would love that
  7. Hello there, I am a musician from Jamaica. I have a track in the form of tropical house that has been worked on quite a bit that really just needs lyrics.I have been trying to I would love to collaborate with many of the great minds on here. If you would like to collaborate with me in any other way, please to let me know.
  8. Glowing Heart

    Well ive actually fixed the lyrics and finished the song to make more mention of the 'glowing heart'
  9. Glowing Heart

    This is the firsf song I've written on here Verse Shine in the dark Like a flame's lit your heart Let it light up your path Dont drown in the waves of world You and I,reveal the incandescent love into others lives Cause when they're skies are grey We'll try our best to make it better Pre chorus Open your heart and spread your angel tinted wings And let them know.....let all the others know Chorus This world.....is full of strife and grief The heat of this earth.....crushes many to pieces Signal our glowing heart....to show a few lost souls That there still is hope,still felicity Left around to see Thats all I got so far
  10. Hey There Guys

    My name is Simon and I play the piano and guitar and generally make music with my friends.I hope to improve my songwriting craft with you all.