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  2. "You Rocked The Country" by Amy Abernathy, @ames1212 Amy's piece was selected as the closest to the initial challenge brief. Well done Amy and congratulations! Read Amy's entry and an interview with her by following the link below: Ballad Challenge #1 Winner Amy Abernathy To everyone else who took part, many many thanks for getting involved. There were some great lyrics contributed, covering a range of genres. It was great to see your lyrics evolve, trying to meet the initial brief and in some cases writing in ballad snog form for the first time.... Some songs evolved into quite different songs from how they started!
  3. Review: SampleTank 2 for iOS

    Read our review of SampleTank 2 for iOS, a major upgrade of IK Multimedia's virtual instrument app for the iOS mobile platform. Review: SampleTank 2 for iOS
  4. Featured Artist - Danny Rains

    Featured Artist - Danny Rains Songwriting once cast a spell on a wayward youth named Danny Rains. It sent him stumbling headfirst into a mystifying underground world of melodies, harmonies, and words. Now, many years since, he still returns to that deep well of unknowable truths. In the early morning dark, he often finds himself staring into a fog of half-remembered dreams, feeling around the bed for a pencil or a guitar, hoping to capture a little piece of that world to bring back with him to the other side. Read About More Danny Rains and other excellent Featured Artists
  5. Who I am

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    Music is not what I do, it's who I am.
  6. Words Fail 1

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    Where words fail, music speaks
  7. Practice

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    An amateur practices until they get it right. A professional practices until they can't get it wrong.
  8. Words Fail 2

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    Where words fail music speaks.
  9. Feelings

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    Music, what feelings sound like.
  10. Featured Artist - Dave Bradley

    Dave Bradley is a science journalist by day, but by night he's Cambridge's most wannabe singer-songwriter rockstar. Dave has played guitar for four decades or thereabouts and writes and performs acoustic and electric in a range of styles and has been likened to a range of artists, including Glenn Tilbrook, David Bowie and James Taylor, which is very flattering to him, of course, but he really is just a Geordie chancer with a loud shirt and six string... Click through and support! Dave Bradley on Bandcamp Dave Bradley on Songstuff
  11. If you are a song writer, interested in studying and developing your craft, take some time to browse around our ever growing collection of song writing and lyrics writing articles. If you find this page useful, please like and share the page, comment, tweet or re-tweet your support. Our articles cover a broad range of topics related to writing songs, from title selection, through song hooks and song structure, to the process used to write songs. When it comes to Songstuff helping songwriters, these articles are just the tip of the iceberg. A large range of tools, help and other benefits are available through our community. Don't wait, drop by, sign up, sign in and take part.
  12. Member Hub Pages

    We recently introduced the "Member Hub", a place to pull together a whole host of useful stuff for our members. The main hub page itself includes: The latest Songstuff Stuff site blog entries. Access to the latest Member Articles (new feature!) The latest topics from our Showcase board The latest images The latest Lyrics critique posts The latest song critique posts Who's online and a selection of community info Latest community blog entries Member Birthdays and that's just on one page! The hub itself gives you access to: Member Articles Music Tools (Music theory tools) Rhyming dictionary Music Industry News (Billboard, ASCAP, BMI, Sound Exchange, PPL, SESAC etc) More... We are evolving and improving the member hub to better support your needs. Your feedback is not only welcome, it is an important factor in how we develop the Member Hub and the features it provides access to.
  13. What makes a song great?

    For songwriters, it is an ongoing discussion, what exactly makes a song great? If you could understand exactly what it is that makes a song great, then perhaps you could use that knowledge to your advantage when writing new songs, and avoid common mistakes. Unfortunately it isn't as cut and dried as that. There is no right answer. That is why there are no song writing rules, only guidelines. So we started a topic to encourage our members to explore the topic. Not to find a right answer, but in the hope that by exploring what it meant, by exchanging ideas, that it would help them arrive at a better understanding. You can find the topic here What Makes A Song Great? It's free to join our community and you are welcome to take a part in the discussion.
  14. MOved to the musician's Lounge as that would seem a more appropriate location
  15. Independent Music - The Importance Of Building A Team All too often, bands overlook one of their biggest assets: each other. As individuals it is far harder to stand out. The amount of tasks they can complete effectively limits just what they can achieve. By electing to work alone they greatly reduce their ability to work, and therefore their chance of success. This article goes through the pros and cons of teamwork for songwriters, musicians and bands, discussing what they stand to gain by working together, and provides a number of ways that teamwork can can be used within the music industry. Read "Independent Music - The Importance Of Building A Team" Comments Please leave any comments,suggestions or other feedback below...