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  1. Triyng a video

    You do really awesome filming! And the sound quality is there. Being diverse at a bunch of instruments is a great skill to have. Some of the drum roll transitions seemed "forced" into place. Love the dreaming 1:53 transition holding a sustain....love the use of the bells! Wonderful. Drum roll at 2:20 is excellent as it seems a subtle set up for something to come. The bass fills up to 2:30 are fantastic. I knew a change was coming at some point, but at 2:56 from the relaxing melody I wouldn't have minded it becoming hard and thrashing to really show contrast from a swell. 3:22 is a great transition. Perhaps 3:30 with the distortion/thrashing is what I was hoping to hear at 2:56?! I enjoyed hearing your jam from 3:30 onward and the end. You win my top props as a one man band! -Ryan Music Career Site
  2. Showdown

    Really love how it transitions at the 1:00 point through to 1:20. And then the new type of drone sound afterwards. Really good job on the subtle melodies. You have a knack for taking a repetitious melody and making it sound fresh.... -Ryan Music Career Site
  3. Nameless Mind - Red Angel

    A lot of variety throughout. You demonstrate you know how to be soft when appropriate and loud when appropriate. Love your digital instrument choices and overall timing of when to choose when instruments play! Keep up the great work. -Ryan My Music Career/Album Companion Book Site
  4. New memeber

    Welcome Moore. -Ryan
  5. Testimonials

    This site is fantastic! Really helps foster authentic interaction between fellow musicians and our fans. People are really trying to interact here. Great to see!
  6. When you have time, check out my Soundcloud Playlist of my forthcoming album, "I Am The Phoenix":