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  1. Insomnia

    reminds me of shing02
  2. 'Home' - Demo, appreciate all feedback

    I would agree with Hobo sage. I think he mentioned Chord progression never changes, you could change up the progression on the bridge I suppose and lead it back it to the main progression in the chorus. Also Ive experemented with recording vocal for a while and you back up vocal could use some harmony. When you sing your back up takes, sing them in different way, you dont even have to listen to the main vocal. then play it back and you will hear the harmonized notes. Harmony builds chords, unison(sing exactly the same way) dosent so to get a fuller vocal (more preety) and is pleasing to the ear. It can make some bad sound better. I Feel you chorus is the hook for sure, I rembered it right of the bat, very nice melodie.
  3. I understand some of what your saying. What I dont understand is the modulation that is happening and the chords that are out of the key signiture (that Eb or F# not in Cmajor scale. I wrote your progression down which has 12 chords, so there is chromatic movement I suppose. But can you explain what you would call the Bb7 or the Eb7 by their secdondary dominant name. There the one with the arrows.
  4. you f*cked it (warning)

  5. I would love to understand the use of secondary dominant and how to use the too modulate. I would also like to understand how to modulate to a differnt key inany way you can. applying this to songwrting and compostion would be great, I hate playing the same progression and chords sometimes. Anyone have knowledge on this or can give examples would be great.
  6. Who Are Your Favorite Electric Guitarists?

    albert collins is great
  7. Overcome

    Yes i could cut the mistakes altogether, or i can try to bend the transient. The timing I,m not going to worry about, the difeence in tempo give it a realistic feel to me, but next time i have him record ill put him opn a click track. What would you do to fix the mistakes you mentioned?
  8. Overcome

    I had a friend come by and I recoreded on my keyboard. First time i ever recoreded someone else beside myself, hope you enjoy. Also I didnt mix it or edit yet, just pushed the db up a knotch.
  9. How is it?

    Wow thats swinging! Great intrument sections.
  10. Romantics

    Thanks, Improvision is not so trick.You make alot of mistakes, but thats apart of it. You want to listen to your ear and edit out those mistakes. Keep the good stuff
  11. Romantics

    So I had the progression Ive been messing with for about a week. I wanted to record for its smooth jazz sound so I could improvise over it. I'm playing a Alvarez parlor guitar first time micing it up, even though its an electric acoustic. I used a rode NT1 Mic on a mono track for the chord progression, aswell as the soloing. Im working on mic placement alot and i like the sound of the Rode NT1. The chord progression is Bm7/Em7 Amaj/Dmaj7 Gmaj/Cmaj Fmaj/Bm7. Tell me what u think of course
  12. Presonus Audiobox question (headphones)

    Thanks I will research more on gain staging
  13. I gotta question. Lets say I'm not recording and i plug in my headphones to my audio interface. I put my headphones on an turn the volume up all the way on the headphones. There are no mic hooked up to the audio interface. Im hearing a hiss sound with the all the way up volume up. If i turn it to 12Oclock the noise is gone. Whats is this noise? Is it suppose to be there?
  14. Something I'm Not

    I like the rhymes, great to see you took your time with it. Its a good feeling when words comes together, and you have three solid verses. Cant wait to hear it
  15. Please critique this original song

    I think you have a complete song, the chorus comes in a little late. mabey you can put it after the first verse.