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  1. Song Title Association Game

    Hello - Blackfield
  2. Like A Hurricane

    Hey Johnny, This piece sums up pretty much what I am going through. However, Verse 1 and verse 2 have different meter and syllable count. Maybe little adjustment would do great. also in verse 2, did you mean "With much more pride and dignity" ? I am pretty sure that it was a typo! Keep writing PT
  3. Free

    Yes, it would help all the readers if you put them in the song! The songs that are emotionally powerful are always open to listener's interpretation but at the same time they are confined enough to keep the flow in one direction. For example, if you listen to "Hey You" by pink floyd. You would feel that the singer is talking to you, however, at the same time you would feel that other you is speaking to you as well. And thus it brings melancholia to the listener. Nobody knows what Roger meant by the song, he never revealed, yet, it is emotionally close to many a people. Hope that helps! Keep it flowin' PT
  4. Hey There :)

    welcome aboard!
  5. Hi All, Lyricist Here :)

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Singer/songwriter

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Hi!

    welcome aboard !
  8. Album Art?

    Tom, It was thought provoking indeed. And I guess that's why it made the conversation stagnant i guess. at least it made me think, and i am still thinking! PT
  9. Hello

    Welcome aboard! Hope to see you posting around!
  10. Album Art?

    @chased Porcupine tree is the band I would recommend you for all the goodies and booklet and stories and everything that have played a role to the development of the album. They give you, however you have to pay but, not so expensive when taken into consideration the music quality
  11. Two Way Street

    i love off beat bass lines, but it sounds weird i think single notes and couple of fillers would have been suffice! PT
  12. Is Rock Music Gone?

    Rob I agree with stats and facts that KISS, Rush, Maiden, Motorhead etc are still doing huge gigs with a flooding amount of audience. How long are they gonna live? 5 years? 10 years at max? (Lemmy is excluded from that approximation although) It is not coming from the younger generation. Whatever new music under tag "Rock" I have heard has never been as appealing as the old ones(or maybe i haven't explored the right ones). It might be good at first go, but afterwards it just loses its charm. Maybe that's just me again.
  13. Album Art?

    Hello folks, I was wondering,according to you, how important factor an Album art is ? Personally, I believe that an album is like a swiss knife. Everything is essential, from lyrics to album art. It is part of the soul. As we have some musicians on board with couple of album releases, it would be great to hear their opinions about it. And also in general I would like to know opinions of others! PT
  14. Art Is What The Mind Spits Out

    Lovely piece Benjo. Love it. Science is an art in my opinion. Couple of lines about it would have added some extra swing to the piece. However, this is just my belief, the lyric itself already is beautiful. Keep writing PT