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  1. Hey Chase, thank you very much!, I think that musically it needs a lot of work; but I really like the lyrics, they are surreal as you say; because they are based on Juan Gelman's poem "Preguntas", please look for it, it is very cool. Thank you again!
  2. Hello Richard! I liked both versions. I think the second one is better, though. I think this is, lyrically, super good! I thought of guys and girls who are socially trapped into an already set life-path. Like "you have to marry this man/woman and have kids". But, what if we don't want that? What if we married the wrong person and she/he is repressing ourselves? What if a gay woman or man got married to the opposite sex just because social pressure dictates that? That's broken! I think this song is very elegant and poetic on saying so. Very nice! Kudos! Fernando.
  3. Very nice epic work! I enjoyed it! At first, I needed it to run faster and be percussive sooner, the initial rhythm kept holding me back; but that's just a nice way to create expectation, then at 1:20 we, the listeners, get free; very cool. Fernando.
  4. I almost can't tell the difference between verses and chorus, they are very similar melodically... So, it becomes boring; the guitar solos kind of sparkle a new wave to it, but they are not enough, I think.
  5. Too much time between the first and second verse, I think...
  6. I like it, but it lacks something to really engage me. "Outside" and "Goodbye" should be higher and more powerful. I love the guitar solo; it's great, it's impressive! I think it needs more melody variation to catch the ear and make us sing along. Just a thought, thank you for sharing. Fernando.
  7. You really know what your'e doing with that guitar... How is that concussion going? I hope you feel better. We need you writing more songs like this.
  8. Hey Chase, I really appreciate that you listened to my song. Your comment is so generous and energizing; I know my song is very far from being a little bit good, it is just the best I could do for now. I really love blues, R&B, gospel, country and rock songs with the B flavor; that's why I like your songs, and that's why I wanted your opinion; your songs are so natural; they have that deep soul sound and thrill that I love, beyond production. Thank you! Fernando.
  9. Hello Glen, I enjoyed it and it was an interesting piece to hear. I think the concept is good, she's really a killer! you're right. About the lyrics: at first, I thought that listing all those lethal things was too much, naming half of those would get us to the point: "she's a killer, but she doesn't hate you". But, in a second thought, I think that by exaggerating the listing, as you did, you really get to the point: "Listen to me, there are really, I mean REALLY many things out there killing us", and it gives it a slightly funny twist, at least for me. So, bye Glen, now I need to get a can of Raid before I go to sleep. You missed the japanese giant hornet in your list! lol
  10. Hey TC, very nice work! I love the guitars, they sound great. Very nice and interesting voice inflection at 2:18! It really surprised me. I enjoyed it. Fernando.
  11. Hey Chase, I really liked your song! I wish I could write something as bluesy and good as this! Could you please tell me what do you think about my last song? I've been told that it's different, kind of weird, but I'm just learning, I'm not a pro.
  12. Hey @TCgypsy, thank you! I'm just learning, your comments are very helpful for me to explore and try new things. I will take into account your concerns about understanding lyrics.
  13. Hello, Simon, thank you for you input, I really appreciate it! I really like this song's melodies; I need to work on integration, though.
  14. Hello Damon, a year? wow! It feels like it was just last month! I think I used "that/my" just to firstly generalize and then make it more personal; you're right, it is very subtle. About "newborn", it doesn't mean a baby, it just means that a very recently proclaimed law forbids some forms of love. Thank you very much for all your comments throughout this year of learning.
  15. Hey MonoStone, thank you very much for your help, it made me research and learn many interesting techniques to play around with this song. You're right, that guitar needs another sound or be removed. I don't think I will be recording very natural-sounding songs in the short term because of DAW limitations; but now, I'm aware of that; so, I'll keep learning or, finding myself, techniques to minimize the clinical/robotic feeling I was, unknowingly, throwing into my songs. Thanks!