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  1. Trust Party (Live) - Feedback desired

    Hi Folks, Thank you all very much for your feedback! Hi MonoStone, always nice hearing from you Thanks, this is exactly what we're trying to accomplish - I am trying to expand my clean guitar sound with another delay and maybe a flanger in the future. Hope it works! Hi Jay! Hehe we're actually already using in-ears on stage, but we still need to get used to it to really focus / concentrate on that (in this live situation, we had 1000 things and at the same time nothing in our heads) Thanks for your reply! Hi Theo! Yeah we always have that problem, we're struggling here in the compromise between getting the sound super fat and thick AND get the violins in the right mix position... Your feedback is helpful, that tells me it's not yet done Hi Steve! Thanks for your idea, I guess that would really polish the parts! We actually already discussed this in the band and decided to leave synths / computer completely out of the way and try to do everything with real instruments. Hi Dave, always glad hearing from you! I know you are really really honest, and thats why I am even more happy with your feedback! Thank you very much! Hey Sreyashi, thank you so much for your compliment, thats like a sunshine in my heart!
  2. Trust Party (Live) - Feedback desired

    Thanks, Will! Good Point Since the song is brand new, I'd like to know the overall impression of the song - does it work? Cheers, Yves
  3. She's got that Sparkle

    Hi Theo, Yupp, from Zurich And you? You might wanna check out our song as well? Cheers! Yves
  4. Hi there! Has been a while since I last posted something. We had a gig last weekend and performed this new song for the very first time: We had the opportunity to the audio directly out of from the mixer, so we placed some cameras to also get some images. What do you think? Please have in mind that this really was a live recording - including all mistakes Lyrics: I am protecting you from all the things that can hurt you and still I am trying to help you and tell you all the things so listen to me You look in my face and lie to me You just disagree Your intentions are good but all I see is conspiracy You dont wanna hurt me In fact you really like me you are scared about how I might react Every word you say to me is being processed by me Im trying to guess the real meaning I want the truth I am scared of loosing you You dont know what I’m going trough My behaviour is not easy too Im making it worse I Just wanna let you know that Im falling on my knees right now Now you can look down on me not just in your mind but literally Why dont you just drop your last bomb and let me free No more lies from you no more fear for me Thank you! Yves
  5. She's got that Sparkle

    Hi theo, Very nice one! I love Massive Attack and that voice just permanently reminded me about em. Also a nice bass line that fits great to the trip-hoppy drums. Overall, very solid production. This song has a gread mood - I have no idea what I could tell you to do it better, I really liked it and you got my like on SoundCloud Cheers, Yves
  6. Taken

    Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing your song. The vocals are nice, they sound very Madonna-ish to me. You could add some dynamics to the beginning if you postpone the vocals to later in the track. The bass line is far too reduced for my taste, is it really just about the same four chords the whole song? The percussions could be a little more in the background, I think they take too much space in the mix. All in all, it sounds like a good idea, but I'd add some more parts to the song (don't make the song longer, add more stuff in it). Cheers! Yves
  7. In Your Face - now really with violins

    Hi guys, Thank you all for your feedback! So I will bring the vocals and violins more to the front in the mix and .....arrgh.... partly turn down the guitars. For me as guitar player not easy, but I guess you're right I actually did this on purpose to see how far I can go. I had the fear that when guitars are too silent and vocals & violins too loud, it sounds more like pop than rock. I still need to find the right balance. Cheers! Yves
  8. Hi all! After receiving so much helpful feedback for our last song "This Is Not Me", I dare to post the second song we recorded. This is our new Song "In Your Face": What do you think? What about the mixing? About the violins, the vocals, the song as a whole? It was recorded at the same time as the last song, so all those great feedback you posted for "This Is Not Me" did not yet left its marks in this song. But in the next one! This time, it is a live recording as well, but we did re-record the main vocals again. Also, the guitars where recorded a second time to make them sound bigger. Thank you in advance! Yves
  9. This Is Not Me - Alternative Rock with Violins

    I am absolutely impressed of you all... speechless, absolutely speechless. Thank you so much for your feedback! Hi Cutaia, no I actually really never heard before of this band! Thanks for noticing, I will listen to them and hopefully we can move away so that we do not sound just exactly like them Hi MonoStone, thank you so much for your words. Our singer did read your tips and she is very thankful. You really took time and shared your experiences, and she (and the rest of the band) can profit from it. Again, Thanks! Hi HoboStage, I did and that put a big smile in her face You are absolutely right, we did the vocals in Watch It Burn separately, and she felt very comfortable. In This Is Not Me, it was a live take, besides that, there where cameras all over the band room and it felt a little uncomfortable when you know that everyone in the world can see you play/sing on YouTube after the take We'll definitively try to improve and make her and us all feel more comfortable when recording. Hi Achazia, yes in this particular song, that was the order. We first had the guitar idea, then the rhythm and at the end the vocals and violins. I agree, melody is very important and we have other songs where we focus more on that than on the rest. This song was the exception to the rule
  10. Forever Blue

    Hi Achazia, Great to hear your work! I like the song, I got that retro feeling as well. The the synthies really fit to the song. When I was listening, I was drifting away in your sphere I think you could push the song even more. It sounds like you had all those great ideas and now you're shy while mixing - don't be I would make the bass drum stand out much more and make it a little bit more aggressive (not too much, but there is space for more). I dont know why, but somehow Rihannas "Don't Stop The Music" got into my mind. Listen at the bass drum there. Of course dont make a club song out of it, just push it more that the nostalgic feel still is there, but it is transported even more. I also think the vocals are a little bit too loud, but then I had the idea of playing with the vocals as well. You could add some "8-Bit filters" (kind of a distortion/noise) to your vocals to support these retro feelings, paired with some stereo delays. But even without all these gimmicks, sounds cool! Cheers, Yves
  11. Fade Away - Song and Video

    Hi Priyan, Great song! You could pan the delayed background vocals in the chorus ("and I see the writing" etc.) a little more left / right to give it more space. But other than that, I can't give you any more advise. Great voice! I also liked the video very much. Clean, simple, focused on the important, high quality. Did you do the camera zooming at 00:30 in post production or was there somebody doing it while recording? If you'd put the credits at the end of the song, the video would start even cleaner, but maybe you were obliged to do that Great work! Cheers, Yves
  12. The Next World

    Hi Matthew! Sounds nice, it reminds me somehow of a Legend of Zelda soundtrack! The beginning is really sweet, but I agree to others, its very long. The length itself would be ok, but I listened the whole song and was always waiting for a twist. If you do not give it another mood, you could trim the parts to make it more compact. I don't mind the reverb that much, the only part where I thought it might be too much is on the snare drums starting about 1:24. Actually I am not sure if its the reverb or the snare drum itself that kinda distracted me from listening (not sure if I ever heard snare drums before in such kind of "epic" songs). But all in all, great ideas, give it a twist, cut it a little bit here and there and you will support movies or games with this Cheers, Yves
  13. This Is Not Me - Alternative Rock with Violins

    Wow, thank you guys, THAT is what I call honest feedback! NEW VOCALS RECORDED: https://abysdice.com/music/thisisnotme.php This definitively helps us to improve. A lot has been written about the vocals, this shows me that we completely failed to deliver our intention and the real quality of our singers voice. We wanna have a voice that is different from other rock bands, a smooth voice that rides on the distorted wave of the band. Her tidy, fragile, lightweight (yet not thin) voice should give a contrast to the powerful sound. If necessary, our guitar player (which is me ) sticks in and backs her voice with power. But we did not deliver that. That might sound like I am searching for excuses, but I am really not. I am just absolutely, 100% sure that the ingredients are the right ones, we just need to find the right recipe to cook the song. All your feedback helps me to get the "outside view" and I think we can really benefit from your inputs. These critics have also been read by our singer and you sure can imagine she is quite devastated at the moment. I am absolutely sure that there is no reason to and that she is the perfect singer for what we intend, but we need to improve delivering While there were many great feedbacks that pointed out several difficulties (chords, arrangement etc.), we specifically tried to address the most criticised issue, the vocals. I would love to once again read your feedback to the NEW VOCALS of the song: https://abysdice.com/music/thisisnotme.php We just re-recorded the first verse yet to get some more feedback. What do you think? Do you feel any difference? I guess this is not what people expect, but what is running trough your heads when hearing this new version? Thank you so much - you all make a difference! Cheers, Yves Thanks TC, you're so right. I tried myself (I am the guitar player / second vocalist) to figure out another, more outstanding vocal melody in the chorus, but didn't really find one that I liked. I guess this particular song is not very well suited for vocals in general, as the guitar and the bass make some tricky sound combinations together, that makes it quite hard for the voice. Yes this is actually true. Do you mean it just does not sound natural to you, or is the grammar wrong? Or both? Thank you HoboStage for your deeply honest feedback! Those both barrels really hit its target. Honest feedback is the only thing that really helps us improving, that is the reason why I posted the song in here. Our friends could never be that honest to us. I would really like to read your feedback on the new version of the beginning of the song! Hi Ken! Yeah I guess you're right, there is too much going on that distracts from the vocals. Its like the vocals are secondary. Thank you for your feedback! Thank you Daryl! Could you explain what you mean by "wander quite a lot"? Do you mean the timing is wrong? Hi Cutaia, thank you for your feedback! Could you explain AFI? I never heard this before ;-) Hi Just1L, thanks for listening! Yeah this song unfortunately does not have that much violin in it. We will release another song called "In Your Face" next week, which will have a lot more violins in it and I would like to hear your feedback on that song as soon as its released!
  14. Overthinking

    How can I not give my thoughts for a song that has Dr. Emmet L Brown as background image - and as wonderful finishing extra! Very nice song, very weird-ish, just how I like it Those two voices make a great harmony, and I think you found a perfect guitar melody to fit the vocals. When I first heared the voices I found they where a little bit too crisp, but that feeling went away as the song proceeded. So really nothing to pick on, I really like your song. Go on! Cheers, Yves
  15. Finders Keepers

    Hi Mahesh! As all the others already mentioned - you have a VERY good voice, really sounds amazing! You wanna make it more "RnB-ish" / Justin Timberlake sounding. This is not exactly my metier (Im more into rock), but I share my two cents anyway I think you could push the song even more when playing the guitar more "progressive". At the moment, the guitar is accompanying the voice in the background, it sounds fine and it fills out. Try using the guitar like an amplifier for your voice. Instead of filling in chords in the background, make breaks with the guitar and leave even more room. Leave the stage (and the focus) completely open for your incredible voice and push the voice even further with your guitar, used at critical spots to push. As an example, push the guitar chord at 0:19 even more but then immediately silence the guitar from 0:19 to 0:21, just to push this next chord again. I hope this makes any sense at all - but don't get me wrong, great song! Cheers, Yves