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  1. Faded

    I'll do that... new to this, not sure how it all worked... just basically sharing... since I retired recently I thought coming on somewhere like this would feed my still active creative side and at the same time share my life's work with others who might enjoy it... Thanks for the info...
  2. Faded

    Lol...thanks Hobo... this track was actual 2 CD's ago so a little late to change... but I appreciate the feedback... I have more lyrics w/ tracks if you'd like to check it out...
  3. Hi There

  4. Faded

    Thank you Sir...
  5. Faded

    Track now added to Faded lyrics.
  6. I added the recorded track to Faded so you could here it in motion... Thank you

  7. Faded

    Thank you Sir. Did you happen to hear this song with music that I posted?
  8. Before The Blood

    This came to me in a dream one night. I woke up with a piece of it in my head and had to get up and finish it. It eventually ended up in one of our songs, as well as the story line of our first concept album (CD) but I think it stands well on it's own. Enjoy my twisted mind, and check out my other stuff in the song and lyric section. Before The Blood My Grandfather buried his victims, alive like his father before. My great, great grandfather kept body parts, of his victims like souvenirs. My father would bind and torture, my uncle dismembered his toys. But I am a remove your flesh while you scream, wear your skin like a suit type of boy.
  9. Faded

    Thank you for your thoughts. I would have had it shorter as well initially, but the music was written and It was the last song to be recorded, so I finished most of it in studio the day I laid vocals. But again, thank you so much for you critique.
  10. Faded

    05 Faded.wma Faded Yesterday seems a million miles away Can’t erase our last embrace I miss you Don’t cry I just drown all the pain inside Won’t go away just want to say I love you Not my fault but there’s nobody left to blame Life goes on without you Not fair want to call and you won’t be there Sometimes seems it not true So lost am I never to find my way Scream but no one hears me Feel abandoned as I live in denial I pray Oh God please come fix me At night lay awake and I see your face A special moment that the darkness will soon replace I comfort others just despite my pain I can’t deal with mine I know it’s time I started Everybody deals with things in a different way My brother cries and my sister she cuts the pain Just want to hold them let them know it’ll be okay It’s hard to heal how others feel I’m broken You left behind something time cannot replace Endless sea of sorrow Oh my God I miss you more it seems everyday Afraid to face tomorrow Emptiness you’ll forever be missed And I wish I could just hold you One more time just to say my goodbyes And all the things I never told you Can God hear my cries When I pray at night To take my pain away make me whole again My hearts an open book for all to read The pages faded now Almost empty Why do we love when we know that we have to lose Everything explain to me it’s pointless I want to heal but still I’m afraid to feel Anything that’s left of me I’m hopeless Don’t want to cry because I don’t want feel the pain I just pray for closure I tell myself that you’ve gone to a better place I know that now for sure I’ll see you later so I never will say goodbye Always here inside me For life till the day that I die You’ll be there to guide me Can God hear my cries When I pray at night To take my pain away make me whole again My hearts an open book for all to read The pages faded now Almost empty Dear mother you’re home with God so spread your wing Finally rest in peace I’ll take care of things I’ll always love you and I know you’ll see I’ll do my best in life make you proud of me I just pray for closure I know that now for sure Scream but no one hears me Oh God please come fix me T / LBV