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  1. I really love the guitar. Your voice sounds like someone, but I can't put my finger on it. I really like it.. And enjoy the croakiness. It gives some texture. My only question is, what is it that you wish you could say? or is that the whole allure of the song? Otherwise, I enjoyed the composition.
  2. My first thought was exactly Nine Inch Nails too! Completely defies Sage the Sweetheart.. Transformed into Hobo with hostility. I really enjoyed it..especially like how "bucket it" sounds like something else.. double innuendo. Kind of turns into a Radiohead feel at the end.. feel like i need to go break things now.
  3. beautiful Ebow technique.. unparalleled.. unprecedented.. amazing triumph in all aspects for the inflation of monostone's confidence and the wellbeing of society.. will survive the test of time...... if only i knew what Ebow technique was
  4. oh im so happy you're back and with new stuff!!! I'm very sorry for your loss.. but hey, something came out of it you always come up with the coolest hooks and greatest melodies. I was not expecting this from you at all. but as wrong as it feels, it also feels entirely right.. I may have to listen again, but I feel like there's so much going in this song.. but given the context, it makes complete sense. It reminds me a lot of Arcade Fire.. especially "In the Backseat" and "Reflektor" mixed with Queen.. I'm giving a second listen now, and if I only caught the end of the song I would not know it belonged to the beginning. I think I definitely like from 0:45 on.. but without that beginning section, you wouldn't get that great contrast. I think it's a matter of just rearranging things.. but again, it oddly works how it is. for me at least. good to have you back monostone
  5. oh wow you really are a cross between laura marling and lana del rey... if you don't know laura marling, i would really suggest her @emilyandersonmusic
  6. recently, i've been into writing songs once every month or so.. i can kind of feel it working up inside of me; i guess it's the emotion that's getting ready to be poured out.. sometimes i'll spend a couple of weeks just with the thought of the song in my head, like melodies and instrumentation, before i even begin to write. other times i just do it out of being bored. but i've also been experiencing a lot lately. before the past few months, i wrote a song maybe once every three months.. i'm also getting into the habit of writing full songs and not just snippets. while it's painful, i do think that sometimes you just need to force a song out of yourself. a couple of months ago i told myself "i need to start writing again" because i could feel something changing in the way that i thought and showed emotion, and i didnt like it. then i forced myself to write just a little bit and it felt amazing.. like the first time i ever wrote a song. and then i got back into it it is hard to write songs when youre happy. but you could write about that.. being happy and not being able to write a song.. cause that doesnt sound too fulfilling. or my personal favorite, the doom that tomorrow always seems to bring i was going to post a topic similar to this.. so thanks to getting to it before me so in short: a song/month
  7. hey... sometimes i find myself singing songs that i came up with a year and a half ago.....
  8. really beautiful melodies and instrumentation.. just a few little things that might be my own preference you begin the piece with really chunky piano chords, which.. i usually love. but i feel it's a more guitar-based song, so i feel the acoustic guitar should be what opens the piece. Throughout the piece I also feel like the piano competes with the other lighter timbre instruments, especially the piano. maybe you could pan it differently so it doesn't overlap as much?? it reminds me of george michael a bit.. good for you for coming back to this
  9. I was going to message you on soundcloud because I hadn't seen you post your new stuff on here... I have to tell you.. I sat last night and listened to your songs, with my full attention, twice through. And I'll probably do it again tonight. I was going to ask if you have a bandcamp or another method so I could download them... I never heard anything weird throughout them. Maybe it was because I was so involved in them, but they were just that captivating. Really beautiful.. please keep making more music
  10. thank you for the listen after revisiting it after a couple of hours... I feel like it'd be great in the festival sun. but that may just be my dreams talking yeah I've also given more thoughts to the lyrics.. especially that line. College makes the future so real. When I'm at college, I always think home will offer this pause in time. But home is what reality actually is.. and it'll still be here when I'm done with college. So in reality, that's my tomorrow!!! I do like your idea of switching the last line around... maybe make it progress with my thoughts.. I don't know. I need to write the rest of the words and then figure it out from there thanks so much again
  11. Got home from college and realized that home isn't home anymore... words coming soon but here's a track I made in the last 10 hours.. Not really sure where this style came from.. very Mac DeMarco.. but it's a tune Possible chorus: I thought I wanted to go home To have a place To be alone I thought I needed to go home So I'd be safe From tomorrow or... I thought I wanted to go home To have a place To be alone I thought I needed to go home So I'd be safe And not be alone Updated track: I changed some panning.. added more instruments.. words are coming together in my head it's a really happy tune and i may very well just keep it like this. but i feel it could carry a great vocal melody Thanks for all the advice!!
  12. sorry I haven't kept up with this thread.. I've been moving out of my dorm and going back home. I agree with everything that's been said and your stories are great!!! So keep them coming!! I'll start calling you sage the sweetheart.. how about that? When I first read this post, I really liked ginseng.. and I suppose Jenn sing describes me haha. But in the time since then, I think I may have come up with "crystal hands" I have this weird thing with hands.. how much they've touched and experienced. how their appearance can tell you so much about the person.. My mom also calls me hands of destruction because i always break everything. and crystal is fragile.. and then.. i always try to make my songs have a crystal element to them.. in some sort of timbre finally, when i'm having a really good vocal day it literally feels like there's crystals in my mouth (metaphorically of course)... if that makes sense so yeah... crystal hands.. for right now.
  13. it's kind of gotten to the point where i've stopped caring about singing in front of people.. but i still definitely keep it quiet. but maybe that will change soon too.. and i'll be singing full volume
  14. i agree that maybe the snapping is too much.. but i was going for a dance-type song and i've taken notice to beats 2 and 4 being overly emphasized.. i need to play around with the entire mix some more. and i'm home now so i'll definitely be able to let it rip next time im home alone!! thank you for the listen i wasn't even trying for hooks!!! this melody just kind of came out in big chunks thanks for the listen!! ah i'm so excited to try to get it done.. i also have some ideas for other songs too... may even.. get an EP by the end of the summer... maybe??? thank you.. i appreciate your listen as always
  15. its a very beautiful song. though, i feel like the cymbal distracts me too much, it's not the right texture.. i don't know. maybe a closed hat? i don't know if that's the terminology. but i was falling asleep to it otherwise. really beautiful