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  1. I think you've got some really good melodic ideas, and I think you build the song really well, too. I would definitely play around starting your phrases at difference pitches after you've finished one melodic idea to make a vocal change (this may just be my own personal style). Some of your lyrics could be shaped better just to create symmetry in your melodies. I don't like the "yea's" at all.. But I really really love the backing vocals at 3:00!!! I really like this.. simple and to the point but sing-along-able and easy to listen to
  2. I actually really like it. But I think there's something missing though.... All I could really concentrate on was the drums; I had to bring my mind to pay attention to the synths/keys (which are great!), but some reason, they were very easy to gloss over.. I think the vocals could be a little more flippant, if that makes sense. It's a really great up beat, but the way you sing it is like an acoustic guitar song, where it should sound punky with some edge. The guitar solo is really good, but I think you could even get a little more fun with some distortion. Maybe. I don't know. Excited to see it when it's done!
  3. hahahaha i saw this on the main page and i am cracking up oh god hahahahhaa
  4. haha yeah my dorm probably doesnt appreciate me trying to sing quietly (and failing to do so) after midnight! And that's actually a really interesting theory... I think you're right. I have a pretty decent range, and most times I forget that I have so much to work with. I need to go record the song with confidence, but I might also try moving the piano up an octave. It is pretty comfortable now.. just a matter of chest vs head voice thank you <3
  5. i wrote the song in my head and imagined how i would sing it.. usually im listening to music while i write lyrics. but this song, I actually came up with the verse melody first before the instrumentals. I relied more on the course that the music took me for the chorus melody.
  6. hm that's strange.. sorry! Soundcloud won't let me have the actual thing here... if that link still doesn't work, it's the first recording on my soundcloud: it doesn't show up there though!!! so you have to click on it and go to the soundcloud website and its called "I'll Be There with chorus" Hopefully this works... sorry its so confusing but i really appreciate it
  7. ah... this doesn't look bad.. i'll have to compare this one to the one i found. does it need a pop filter?? i have a mac with garageband on it?? if that helps?
  8. yeah i think i was reading that it was very sensitive... can i ask what model of AKG you have? i just did a quick search, and most of them are over $100... but i did find this one
  9. I'm a huge bargain hunter!!! I went to Guitar Center and the Blue was $100... when I've seen it as low as $40 online. Trust me.. the instant gratification of buying it was definitely there, but I couldn't justify spending $50 on it, let alone $100.. I don't have an Ebay and don't want to go through paypal and everything.. But I saw that even my music teacher has a Blue.
  10. now I'm just trying to find the best instrumental
  11. thank you very much <3
  12. I think I've settled on a chorus... It's the one I have up, but "give up everything" is at a higher base note.. and I think it sounds good and will sound even better when i can sing comfortably! I'm definitely going to still play with the piano during the chorus.. I haven't had time to try your suggestion, but I definitely will. I think it sounds very robotic too! Thank you for the listen I am incredibly excited for this track..
  13. @john yes this is what I was trying to say but you put it much more eloquently
  14. I still stand by what I said, but let me explain myself so I don't seem ill-considered... I am 21 years old, and people among my age group have begun to abuse things like Gofundme and all those things.. Just yesterday I saw someone asking for money so they could learn to scuba dive. This may not be the same situation for artistry, but it's similar.. Last year I wanted to buy a new radio for my car. My first instinct wasn't to make a gofundme and ask people to give me money. no, I checked the job listings and I got myself a job and paid for my own radio. maybe it's how I was raised.. but I believe, if you work for something, then you deserve what you get. and if you don't work hard, then well, expect as much back as you put in. Now, say the fundraiser is for something authentic and the person genuinely needs assistance, then that is acceptable in my eyes.. But still, the person needs to do their part to make the donations worthwhile. Again, this is all just my opinion and I didn't mean for it to come off snobby or anything. But seeing people ask for donations for luxury things... just grinds my gears!
  15. It doesn't matter what race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, species, etc., you are... if you have to beg peeps for money, then this isn't for you lol. If you've got something, people will come and be willing to pay for it on their own accord.