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  1. I wouldn't bring in drums till 0:30.. or at least the whole kit. At this point, I really like the quirky instruments you use but your voice doesn't reflect the change. The chorus doesn't have that hmph. I think it needs some backing vocals. There isn't really a transition between the chorus and the second verse. The instrumentation stays too heavy. I think you have a strong foundation with melodies and progressions, you just need to figure out where each instrument fits best Good luck!
  2. The intro is too long and I would have changed the song. I think you need a bigger drum... I wasn't kidding about that timpani! And I think especially when the synth comes in, if you had a hit on every other 1, it would give it some impact and roundness. That being said, definitely keep the 2 and 4 going... but maybe with with a triangle or something more delicate? Oh! I think the chorus is appropriate... is that harp I hear? Brilliant. (Did I just hear a door open? put that at the beginning of the song!!!!) If that is indeed a harp, bring that up!!!!!! And honestly, I think the chorus could use a heavy guitar.... kind of bassy and dominant... Put some vocals on that last chorus..... Just my thoughts, but this song could have some bombastic quality to it Good luck
  3. This is something you won't understand until you stop thinking about it. It's something that can't be learned or figured out. When I was first starting, I was crazy obsessed with the presentation of my voice. It needed to be perfect. But as time went on, I realized that it was no where near to perfect. Through a lot of heartache, I realized that I don't have the best tone or the best phrasing or the best intonation.... but besides tone, they're all things I can work on. And I've learned that my tone is what makes songs unique.. it's my music and no one else's. My music is a place where I can be myself. Where I can figure things out. Where I can go to if I need help. It's different when you become a writer. Because as much as I "live" inside other songs, there's nothing like living inside one of your own... knowing all the nooks and crannies that you personally created! So for your questions.. 1) When you create original music, which part inspires you initially? The melody or the lyrics? Or something else? Preferably lyrics.. I'll get this one phrase in my head then write a song based on that. That also gives a certain color to the song that needs to be followed. Then I base the melodic line on how I would say it to myself ... in sort of a journal-out-loud kind of way. If it's a melody, I just let whatever that's in my head come out.. But usually the lyrics are crappier. 2) Which are your favourite songs lyrically? (Just wanting to understand different tastes.. maybe get inspired by them, too) Oye this is hard as it changes by the hour depending on what kind of song I need... But if I need ideas for flow/rhyme/good hooks.... Hip-hop/R&B. If I want to dance... Indie or Pop..
  4. @emilyandersonmusic it's unpaid .... but just being in a studio is surreal! I'm trying to watch them as much I can though
  5. Melodrama heavily influencing me yet again! Sober by Lorde
  6. There seems to be a lot of split opinions on this song... Still as split as mine. But I think that's good? Like I said before, this song included a lot of things I had never done before: a prechorus, a full bridge, different chords for the chorus, the most complex instrumentation I've done, and also strange vocal ranges that I've never given the time time to try! So I guess even if everyone doesn't like it, then I've still tried a lot that I would have otherwise never done! So thank you all for experiencing this with me!! @MonoStone Yes, the chorus is still missing the gut punch that I'm going for.. Definitely strongly influenced by shoegaze for it. And I'm happy it comes off a little scary, it's based on me being terrified at 3 AM! Do you know if there are any programs that do autotune for free? I could use Garageband, but it gets noticeable. I'm very visual, so is there a program that allows me to see how far I am from the pitch? Or will tell me the pitch I'm looking for? Any recommendation would be amazing, thank you. I'm also trying to read up on mastering. Currently reading some chapters from "Zen and the Art of Mixing" from a recommendation from a friend... And I'll start to read articles and stuff. So hopefully that helps :). When I get the time, I'm going to record the vocals again. And also change the second prechorus... Thank you for the help Dek!!!! @HoboSage Thank you for calling me out on my laziness.... To be honest, I didn't even consider changing the second prechorus. I was kind of following some sort of template, I guess. And only sometimes am I creative... don't give me too much credit ! Yeah it was a crappy title... this one suits it much better. I'll record vocals again when I have time and get some inspiration again! (This one took a lot out of me!) Thanks Sweetheart Sage @Sreyashi Mukherjee I'm so happy you've been here since the very beginning! Thank you so much for sticking around... and I hope it's paying off a little! I'm a little confused about what you're saying about the chords... They're the same chords from the verse, but with more instruments. Yes, that jump is pretty difficult. Especially having that note in my head with such a huge change in range and register. I think I understand what you're saying and will try it next time I record vocals! I may also make amore prominent backing vocal that isn't the main focus, but helps me get to that note. I'm a little confused about which synth you're talking about... Would you be able to give a timestamp please? (I have like 20 synths on this track) Thank you for the compliment! A lot of it is at the very bottom of my vocal range so I need to be really warmed up.. I agree that the choruses need more backing vocals. I was listening to music last night with lots of layers and I got inspired to do that style again.. I had tried to keep this song simple, but damn, I love backing vocals. I had done an octave harmony on the choruses, but you can't really hear it, so I can bring that out. Thanks so much for the listen!!! Thank you so much guys, really great advice. Hopefully I get to record again soon!!!!! Also PS........... I've started interning at a recording studio, just marketing them on social media. But they said that for the amount of time I put in, they'll teach me things (like mixing/mastering) or would even give me some studio time!!!! So....... big news
  7. I can be mean!!! just be here when i'm critiquing my own songs! But seriously, I've never heard something on this site that deserved negative feedback... everyone here is brilliant.
  8. This song is one of those... that's horribly ugly, but soooo good. This isn't an insult!!!! There are some songs that I just find so ugly, but love them. I really love the Let It Go part.. I mean you could polish this up... redo vocals and not have it double tracked (I think that's how you have it?) and mixed/mastered.. But that would take so much away from the song. The only thing that bothers me right now honestly is being able to hear you breathe in between verses Kind of the reminds me of The Pixies.. I don't know. I like this how it is...
  9. Heyyyy I'm from New Jersey too welcome to the site!
  10. I put in some time with this demo... It's still not the best it could be, but it's nearing close for what I can do. I couldn't part with the original chorus. When I tried to sing something else, it would just be the original but down an octave or something. It's really really fun to sing too... I've added some harmonies and stuff..and a new title Oh I actually used my Guitar Hero microphone too! It seems to have cut out some of the excess noise and got a crisper vocal. I even tried out some EQs on the vocals.. I've been singing all day so I think it is now time to die... Here it is: Hidden Nightmares Full Demo ...... thanks for the listen, and I'll take any critique as always https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/hidden-nightmares-full-demo PS --- No where near happy with the bridge
  11. Sorry, but I am queen of moving on to new tracks before finishing my last. I really love the verse melody too.. Damn I really like your voice. Like damn. And overall, I really like the instrumentation. But Dek is right, those strings need some release. Get some timpani going up in there into a big chorus. At 3:10 add some dramatic "oo's"... Your vocals also need some weight to them. This is more in the production aspect, so I'm not entirely sure how to help, but I hear it and it sounds great. Oye I'm a little tipsy right now so I hope it made sense and helps you in some way....... I think it has a lot of potential and could be a heart-throbbing song. It already kind of is. So.... goooo.... finish.... your songs.
  12. I haven't made much, but when I'm in the process of making something, I always think it's a piece of shit. I'm so set in the mindset of the creator/artist.. whatever you want to call it, that I can't see from outside the song. All that matters in the moment is getting what's inside my head, out. And at that time, nothing sounds as good as it does in my mind! But interestingly, I'll go back to some pieces that I've done and think they're actually pretty good! And sometimes it's like listening to something I never even knew existed. I guess I begin to listen as a listener and not the creator.. Miraculously, I find an aspect that I like in everything I've ever made. I also tend to do this with all genres of music outside my own, though. I think it's definitely during the process of writing something, that I say "This is crap" more times than when I'm listening back.. Cause even if the track is horrible, it brings back a lot of memories and allows me to track my progression and I find that amazing.
  13. Really beautiful and amazing to watch it come together! Thanks for sharing this with us.. I also meant to recommend an artist that I find similar to you. She's an Icelandic artist named Sóley who relies mainly on just her piano... if you get the chance, definitely check her out!
  14. Thank you for the listen! I tried singing the counter melody with a breathier voice and it seemed to work better. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted that recording!! What do you mean different chords for the prechorus? There are already a lot of key changes going on in this song haha, especially since I just worked out the bridge, so I don't want it to get too crazy. Also, what was it about the chorus that you didn't like? It's one of my favorite parts of the song so far, so I'm having a little difficulty hearing other possibilities. It's supposed to contradict the the verses, but I don't know if it comes off like that