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  1. beautiful.... at times my right ear felt a little heavy.. but that may just be me
  2. Ok so I've always wanted to try singing with a mic.. and I finally did it last night and had a complete ball (I was also completely plastered but that's besides the point).. anyway.. this is something I've always wanted to do and is a milestone for my musicianship .. But please let me know any secret techniques or anything at all that can help me improve.. or if you just want to listen, thanks so much for listening
  3. Haha disappointed oh geez.. never thought someone would be disappointed to not hear me sing.. yeah someone mentioned putting vocals on it but I don't think my voice would suite it well.. also I can't think of any melodic lines/lyrics that aren't for rapping... someone wanted to use this for their rap EP so I sent it to them and will put it on here if and when that happens. Thank you so happy you're here to see my progress Thanks so much for the listen
  4. Hi everyone!!!!! I finished a song and had it mixed by a friend (Alan Hatfield for proper credit) Here it is!!!!!! enjoy as much as I have during this process!!!!
  5. nearly perfect.. but like the others said, the end it very abrupt. what if you ended with some humming or "oo's" or something?
  6. yeah i agree with this.. gonna see what i can do someone wants to use it on their EP so I should be making a full track.. Thank you!!
  7. no i'm not quite sure what you mean by that.. but john lennon is amazing so i can only take it as a compliment :p. and hmm.. i had originally wanted to make it a track to sing over.. so maybe i'll try. thank you :)!
  8. thank you definitely not the kind of music I want to make but I think the sample matches a rap-type song.. so it's what came out I'm not sure it'll ever become something more but thank you so much for listening
  9. So I found this tornado siren that was uber eerie and I just had to give it a shot at sampling.. it's something I've always wanted to try.. Idk why it's easy for me to make hip-hop sort of things.. but here it is: I would eventually like to get one of my friends to rap over it or something Ok so for right now, I have a solid draft of the whole beat.. but i know that the end kind of gets boring.. any ideas of what I could do? Thanks so much
  10. this was really amazing to hear someone sing over my track omg. i actually really liked it and feel honored.. I didn't even notice the 916.. I've just gotten into the habit of naming my songs for the time I write them at But you actually inspired me to improv over my track haha.. and came up with this bit excuse my vocals as I just got back from a 4 day music festival with that.. i'm pretty sure i just lost my voice hahaha
  11. So I always fool around in garageband making various beats and stuff.. but then I just end up putting more and more instrumental onto it when I really just want to put a melody to it so I was wondering if you guys could help.. I just made this today and would love your opinion about the piece overall so far.. and how I would go about putting a melody to it.. if that's even possible thanks so much as always
  12. this is so catchy but so soothing.. i think mixing could be a little better and maybe the synths in the background could be a little warmer.. even if you added a bit of bass or something. but its up to you how much you want to deviate from that rawness that i personally loved in the first one. i also feel like sometimes your vocals could be a little more assertive. not harsh. but just more present.
  13. beautiful.. tbh i love the rawness of it and would even try to make your vocals and guitar more raw without making it sound bad?.. idk.. i feel like theres not much else you need to do. it's beautiful just like this. and i really love the birds
  14. oye this could be really cool.. reminds me of those old folk songs that are sometimes on the radio. you've got that bayou thing going on. but just way too much going on.. my ear couldnt cling onto one thing. which isnt necessarily a bad thing, it just made it difficult to get an overall feel of the song. if you are going for vocals resembling other instruments that you might not play, then i get it and completely support it. but if you can play other instruments, do that! and with the sound you have going.. sure a banjo would sound good. I also actually really like the melody starting with "We could have a cup of coffee," .. maybe you could shape some sort of chorus good luck