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  1. New Keyboard

    Wow just read it as Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol $25 and I was about to go get my debit card
  2. Can anyone give me song recommendations please?? Thank yooou

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    2. Jenn


      @Richard Tracey any and all music!! I do like stuff like the national though... indie rock/pop. Apparently I've listened to this song before..I remember liking Guilty Party but honestly can't remember listening to this one. I do like it though. I'll listen to the other ones now.. thank you :)

    3. Jenn


      @MonoStone I've been so into listening to albums in full instead of just listening to separate songs.. so give me a bit and I'll give mY oPinIOn 

    4. MonoStone


      lol I'm not looking for your opinion, they're not my songs. It's a matter of taste but for me JM was/is the man. Just passin it on.


      If you plan to listen to the albums as albums you should research the correct track order (google the tracklist) and listen in correct order (or get the real albums)...these are in the wrong order and it does make a difference when listening in full.

      If you want to just dip in, listen to the tracks - One World (title track), Solid Air(title track) and Small Hours (from One World Album).

  3. Making Music Spiritual Again

    or you feel like it's in you but you're too embarrassed ... . . .. . or maybe its just delusions of grandeur
  4. A new concept for a country boy...

    Ah ok! I would've never guessed.. Yes, the mac version does come with loops, mostly EDM like you said. My problem with them is that if you want to evolve them, you can't match the sound with virtual instruments! So I've always been stuck making my own melodies with robotic instruments.. guess it's a fair trade off. Yeah haha I would like a 100 piece orchestra for myself .. minus the trumpet so I can conduct and play
  5. A Concept...

    that's a huge compliment! holy shat! thank you!!! tell her to go listen to Melodrama in full if she likes this... May I ask if you listened to the first version or the second?
  6. A new concept for a country boy...

    Wait... you used a midi right?? or just plugged your guitar/bass in? Cause if not.. please tell me how you got these sounds in garageband
  7. A Concept...

    Well I was going to go back and forth between this version and this one: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer-kaitlyn-doll/a-concept-v2 But I overrode the save so stuck with this one then... if I ever do anything with it aye something like this.. i don't know [verse] we used words we didn’t know Read signs for where to go Following the lines on our palms getting ourselves lost in the calm we were safe then Before it all caved in [chorus] summer nights burned so bright we made our fires and were inspired we were meager but mighty when we danced free couldn’t hold our hearts in so we danced free [break] so easy to swallow yesterdays memories while today is hollow ...... .. . .. . etc etc
  8. Making Music Spiritual Again

    go get ur butt on stage
  9. First song

    I didn't mean for it to seem like I was disagreeing with you, just building off what you said sorry if it came off wrong!
  10. First song

    I mean.. I wouldn't say to give up trying.. it's how you'll learn; I don't know much about the things listed and somehow I still manage to get some tunes out This is bad. But there are elements that could be worked out as your skill evolves. It's more so becoming familiar with what sounds good and being able to achieve a sound similar to the one you want. Honestly, start with trying to copy your favorite songs. Depict them and pull them apart. See how and why things work. This book is supposed to be for EDM artists.. but I agreed with almost everything it said. I would give it a quick glance if you're serious about this https://makingmusic.ableton.com/catalog-of-attributes
  11. First song

    I am very confused
  12. A Concept...

    I'm planning to rerecord all the vocals.. for everything... but I won't be able to do that until I get back to school (3 weeks) Then I can literally give days to them, which is what they need I haven't lost excitement!!!! I've been revisiting the tracks daily to make sure I still like the mix. And getting my friends excited and maintaining an instagram page! I'm not looking to do anything serious right now.. but my creative side is starting to itch so I just made this in a couple of minutes I may try vocals... maybe... There are a few things on my mind that I need to get out
  13. A Concept...

    I don't even knoooooowww what this is.... It's Lorde meets Lana Del Rey meets exhausted mind.. Should I put lyrics to it....? Maybe.... I don't know https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/a-concept New version: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer-kaitlyn-doll/a-concept-v2
  14. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    Hit up my EP
  15. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    have a drink.. you'll let go but you'll sound like absolute shit it's a good trade off in my book