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  1. Get Me Down - Video Performance

    yes its a positive thing!!!!
  2. Get Me Down - Video Performance

    I usually don't watch music videos while I'm listening to the song because it distracts me from the song. But still, you took me away with your voice and the song was absolutely beautiful. I found it to be slightly different than what you usually do.. a little more in your face of sorts. But it still sounded like you!! So now the video... I found the cut scenes with you with the mic to be really awkward.. I thought the video skipped the first time. And it was just a little unexpected and misplaced, for me. I don't think you need them at all. The rest are minor things.. But if you are going to stand in front of those curtains, I'd try to make sure that they don't move.. as it takes away my focus I think the angle of the camera is a little strange.. it's kind of to the side/to the front... And also, if possible, could you change the filter of the video overall? Your songs are very warm and the color of the room/you was very cold... So if possible, if you could do that.. I think it may look better But at the end of the day, it's really about the music, and this was beautiful. So.. take away what you do
  3. Get Me Down - Video Performance

    Troubles with your voice????/??/?/ how is that possible haha but the link said the video is unavailable
  4. Where Angels Fear To Tread (work in progress)

    The swirling sound started to get a little too much for me by 1:20.. but the rest of the instrumentals sound appropriate for me For me, the song doesn't build enough and I think could use some deep bass to give it some depth The melody seems a little random to me right now.. that it's the first thing that came out. When this happens to me, I drop the music and just try to figure it out ..
  5. In From The Dark

    I've been having suchhhhhhh bad writers block.. so of course, I'm forcing myself to write. This started out as me trying to copy MonoStone's style, but it took a shape of its own... (I am also not a genius like him :() But... I had a lot of trouble getting these out and would greatly appreciate help shaping them up. I really have no idea what to do for the prechorus, but I think it builds the song well.. and I love the drums [verse] do you remember those golden hills when we sat and watched the world move by us no, we didn’t let any of it bother us I can still remember the sun rising and there was hope and promise and love to be lost no, we didn’t let any of it bother us now we let it bother us [prechorus] All we have are the memories We could start again Is it too soon to see? This time, I'll do all I can [chorus] Will someone bring us home for the night If we go now we can still find the light will someone bring us in from the dark back to the days when everything was alright [verse] I can see it now painting the hills new colors to match the world as it goes we won’t let it bother us Can you see it too? the sun setting bringing in the stars with the night, it’s beautiful we don’t let it bother us now we don’t let it bother us [prechorus] All we have are the memories We could start again Is it too soon to see? This time, I'll do all I can [chorus] Will someone bring us home for the night If we go now we can still find the light will someone bring us in from the dark back to the days when everything was alright Here is a rough sketch of the music.. I'm not absolutely loving it at the moment. But.. https://soundcloud.com/jennifer-kaitlyn-doll/in-from-the-dark/s-Liq41
  6. In From The Dark

    I used to write notes in my phone like crazy. anytime a lyric came into my head.. it doesn't happen that much anymore. I've kind of learned to filter and direct it better, and sit down and fully acknowledge something when it comes across. The only time I'm successful with forced writing is when I've had an idea brewing in my head, or have started it at a previous time.. so I know what you mean
  7. In From The Dark

    unfortunately i don't have the capability of singing freely.. I can only do it when everyone's out of the house. But I agree, most times my best melodic lines/lyrics come out of pure improvisation. And it's how I know a song is working. But mostly, I'm able to have a general idea of where I want to go with a song, both lyrically and musically. But lately, I've just had noooo idea. It's like all my musicality has left.. it's kinda scary haha. I think the answer is just to keep trying though. To push through it until I find something. And maybe choosing a topic that I'm not familiar with... It's funny, whenever this happens, I tend to write about nostalgia.. maybe being able to go back to where I was musically. Anyway.. strange.. Thank you
  8. In From The Dark

    This is in a style that I wouldn't usually write in!! I was also going for MonoStones style in the instrumentals so this is actually me going out on a limb here and it feels terribly uncomfortable
  9. Emily

    I agree with zyzzyva.. when I read the chorus, my stomach actually dropped. and that's hard to do. However, the verses were a little too impersonal and seemed like they were written just so that they would rhyme Honestly, I would start over and just keep the chorus. I don't think the verses even need to rhyme. Just have a good flow and emotion and you'll have it.. Just my thoughts... And I'm sorry if you feel like this.. at least you're putting it into song
  10. Embrace The Gloom (a work in progress)

    I'm not the best critiquer for lyrics.. but this is what I would chance. take it or leave it of course good luck
  11. A Concept...

    oh my god
  12. A Concept...

    I don't even knoooooowww what this is.... It's Lorde meets Lana Del Rey meets exhausted mind.. Should I put lyrics to it....? Maybe.... I don't know https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/a-concept New version: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer-kaitlyn-doll/a-concept-v2
  13. A Concept...

    ..... ivE BEEN OUT
  14. A Concept...

    You guys are freaking killing me hahahahahha ok ok ok I've come up with a new song idea if you don't mind dek ... im going to try to make a song sound like yours.... with all electric instruments so it should be interesting if you'll allow me of course
  15. A Concept...

    See the only difference between me and you is that there would be a storm on the sea as well
  16. A Concept...

    I sure hope it's his real name!!! That's what I've been calling him haha
  17. A Concept...

    Dek is who I dream to sound like
  18. A Concept...

    funny enough, I'm having a really difficult time coming up with words/melodies for the first half the second half has been easy This may be abandoned though ... can't be forced thabk you
  19. Hey.... I'm in st Pete... sometimes ..
  20. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    hmmm... I'll have to take notice today But my vocal cords always kind of feel "cold and scratchy" in the morning.. if that makes sense hahahahhaha yeah I'm not the ideal image of a sleeper.
  21. Seeking 'Rock God' Collaboration

    heyyyy I can do synths.... but whatEVer I can give advice even if you don't want me working directly on it
  22. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    i feel like i can't even talk in the morning... i find like.. past 4pm the best time to sing...... is this really true that mid morning is best haha?? do you know why?
  23. New Keyboard

    Wow just read it as Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol $25 and I was about to go get my debit card
  24. Can anyone give me song recommendations please?? Thank yooou

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