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  1. David's new badass avatar comes across as a blank to me......so I'm not sure what that means..... Ok, I think the song is performed well, however, I do think it should be written for whomever the vocalist is.....if it's male, then maybe done with an aspect of don't do this and ruin our relationship. if female, then maybe as sister-sister advice like David suggested. I did feel a same-ness throughout the whole song and I felt my attention beginning to wander a bit after a couple of minutes. Maybe a key change in the bridge to add a little for insistence or urgency to the sound? just a thought.
  2. Hi Dave, As songwriters, I think it's our moral obligation to speak out on things we feel strongly about. That is what is so uniquely great about our country. No one will come and bash in your door because you are speaking out against the current administration policies (ie North Korea). So take heart, always exercise your right to vote because this country has endured and overcome far worse things than now. Musically, I like the song it is well put together. The drums (not those again!) didn't bother me at all. The bridge felt a tad monotonous to me, maybe a little more dynamics in the vocals? Also just a small lyric suggestion, She's still welcoming those From distant and faraway lands Nice work
  3. I like the rolling vibe of the song.....but I do find it a bit monotonous....the stanza starting with "collecting dowry for the daughters" would make a good spot for a bridge. just a thought. Writing a song because it's something you enjoy doing is fantastic and I hope you are able to keep it that way. there are quite few DAW's that will allow you to record on multiple tracks ranging from free to quite pricey. Try to find the best fit for you. and remember.....enjoy the process!
  4. Hi Jenn, You've made some vast improvements from your earlier work and I like the melody as well as the basic chord progression...well done! Your vocals don't seem to lend themselves well to a more reserved approach....they started to shine at around 59 seconds in..where you started belting it out imho....I think that is where your strength lies. Your second verse seems to me, would function more as a bridge than a verse. I would like to hear what happened? what did you do? is this something that happens often? do your friends come back to you? is there an underlying drinking problem? This is a great subject and it creates a lot of room to tell a story....I'm really looking forward to see how it develops.
  5. Hi Kjell, these mood type pieces really create images for me in the form of film shorts with no dialogue. I see the beginning in a nuclear holocaust, several detonations leading to a panoramic of ultimate devastation, nothing alive, nothing visible but a skeleton of a city in the background and a human skull in the foreground. A time-lapse sequence begins as a daisy grows and flowers then it remains the same while the rest of the scene begins to time-lapse of the land beginning to heal and grow. the skull and city gradually decay into the earth as plants gradually colonize the area and various forms of animal life cameos throughout the time lapse....some familiar, some not. at the end....a close-up of a furred hand/paw picks the daisy, then a rat-like nose sniffs it. the frame expands to show a rat-oid in front of a small village, in tribal dress, holding a spear, with tattoos, beads and small animal bones and a shield. He/she is joined by others in what we would recognize as preparing for war. If your music can generate that sort of imagery for me...I would say "well done"
  6. Hi Altres, Your piece reminded me significantly of "The Death March" softened and stylized. The guitar work was well done, and I have to say the best part for me. My mind started to wander about half-way through though.....where it seemed to get repetitive. Maybe a change in key or some change in chord/finger picking somewhere to add interest?
  7. Your vocals are very nice.....and the style is great. But it was too slow of a start for me.....just a little more dynamic in the beginning would go a long way. I think Jenn is on to something in that the song just didn't feel "full" to me...some other instrumentation in the background I think would help....like a soft violin woven through the chorus and later verse....just a thought. over-all it's a good song.
  8. I like this too, Chalter. Without lyrics and vocals (which would really be cool with this music), I could see this with a surf video of all things. The thing that really stuck out to me though was a sound in the background percussion....like a shaken tamborine? I sort of reminded me of a rattlesnake in a jar. Yes, I know what that sounds like, lol. Just an observation from a personal stand-point. Good work.
  9. Nicely done. The song clearly conveys the emotion you feel. what else can be said about a song that does that? A+
  10. I've always thought I had a voice only a deaf mother could love.....so thanks for the encouragement on the vocal front. Maybe that squeak is from my dentures coming loose.....hmmmmm.....Ok I'm just kidding there....I'll listen more closely to see if I can find where it's coming from.....Thanks for listening!
  11. Thanks for the listen and comments.....heck I've spoken english my whole life and still have problems understanding how it works...lol I've worked with the lyrics on this one a bit and for my style of singing (or lack thereof), it seems to fit me better this way. Every time I do it live though, I tweek it a little so, who knows? I might end up with exactly how you are suggesting. Cheers!
  12. Hi Gang, Here's another recording I'm working on....I'm looking for overall flow, timing, mix, and production critiques. Thanks everyone! Let Me Down Softly Copyright 2016 –JH Michaels Verse 1: I see you walkin’ toward me With a look that says Something’s on your mind So I’m holding my breath Verse 2: You say we have to talk Well don’t it always start that way You came to say good-bye And now you just can’t stay Pre-Chorus: So like golden sunlight On an autumn day Like a leaf in the breeze So please…………………………… Chorus: Let me down softly Oh Let me down softly Verse 3: I’m quietly dying inside But I put on a brave show And wish you all the best While you sadly smile and go Verse 4: And with you goes a part of me That will forever be gone How do I stop loving you When you’re all that I want Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: It’s not really a surprise that you found someone new You said it started out small, then changed and grew You tried to warn me so many times, oh that’s true That you needed more than I could ever give to you Pre-chorus Chorus x 4 End
  13. I kind of get a Tracy Chapman feel out of this......I think this is really good too and I had the "it's over already?" moment at the end....well done....the lyrics are nice and the melody is excellent. I'm also a big fan of the chord progression...simple and effective. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt and think the chord should have been held and faded, but that's simply a matter of preference. It could use some tidying in production, but I could definitely imagine hearing this on radio.
  14. For myself, the mix seems quite well done......vocals are lovely and it seems you two are a perfect match harmonizing. As a matter of taste, I would prefer the percussion and bass just a tad higher in the mix, but you know....this song is really, really good as is. The lyrics and melody paint a very vivid picture of the feelings you are putting forward. Nice work!
  15. Thanks Starise.....good stuff....and free is usually a good price.