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  1. I like this too, Chalter. Without lyrics and vocals (which would really be cool with this music), I could see this with a surf video of all things. The thing that really stuck out to me though was a sound in the background percussion....like a shaken tamborine? I sort of reminded me of a rattlesnake in a jar. Yes, I know what that sounds like, lol. Just an observation from a personal stand-point. Good work.
  2. Nicely done. The song clearly conveys the emotion you feel. what else can be said about a song that does that? A+
  3. I've always thought I had a voice only a deaf mother could love.....so thanks for the encouragement on the vocal front. Maybe that squeak is from my dentures coming loose.....hmmmmm.....Ok I'm just kidding there....I'll listen more closely to see if I can find where it's coming from.....Thanks for listening!
  4. Hi Gang, Here's another recording I'm working on....I'm looking for overall flow, timing, mix, and production critiques. Thanks everyone! Let Me Down Softly Copyright 2016 –JH Michaels Verse 1: I see you walkin’ toward me With a look that says Something’s on your mind So I’m holding my breath Verse 2: You say we have to talk Well don’t it always start that way You came to say good-bye And now you just can’t stay Pre-Chorus: So like golden sunlight On an autumn day Like a leaf in the breeze So please…………………………… Chorus: Let me down softly Oh Let me down softly Verse 3: I’m quietly dying inside But I put on a brave show And wish you all the best While you sadly smile and go Verse 4: And with you goes a part of me That will forever be gone How do I stop loving you When you’re all that I want Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: It’s not really a surprise that you found someone new You said it started out small, then changed and grew You tried to warn me so many times, oh that’s true That you needed more than I could ever give to you Pre-chorus Chorus x 4 End
  5. Thanks for the listen and comments.....heck I've spoken english my whole life and still have problems understanding how it works...lol I've worked with the lyrics on this one a bit and for my style of singing (or lack thereof), it seems to fit me better this way. Every time I do it live though, I tweek it a little so, who knows? I might end up with exactly how you are suggesting. Cheers!
  6. I kind of get a Tracy Chapman feel out of this......I think this is really good too and I had the "it's over already?" moment at the end....well done....the lyrics are nice and the melody is excellent. I'm also a big fan of the chord progression...simple and effective. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt and think the chord should have been held and faded, but that's simply a matter of preference. It could use some tidying in production, but I could definitely imagine hearing this on radio.
  7. For myself, the mix seems quite well done......vocals are lovely and it seems you two are a perfect match harmonizing. As a matter of taste, I would prefer the percussion and bass just a tad higher in the mix, but you know....this song is really, really good as is. The lyrics and melody paint a very vivid picture of the feelings you are putting forward. Nice work!
  8. Hey all.....life has been quite a turmoil lately, so I haven't been able to do much recording. Here is one I'm working on....I'm mostly looking for crits in the the lyrics, overall song flow and my biggest bugaboo...timing . Production....well....I'm learning some new things but it's still my weakest point. Consider this a work in progress. As always, any and all comments are welcome....(hint: 'you suck' is not helpful) Missing You copyright 2017 JH Michaels, all rights reserved Verse 1: I look around and I'm all alone How do I stop this empty ache in my soul Our life was bright as a sunny day Since you're gone it all fades to gray Refrain: Every day, and every way, oh.. I'm missing you Every day, and every way, oh.. I'm missing you Verse 2: I tried to find a way to make you stay But no matter what I did, you went anyway It's you I find I...I really need So that my heart won't continue to bleed Refrain Verse 3: What do we do when it's all gone bad And we're just a shadow of the dreams we had Somehow I wish it could be The way it started for you and me Refrain Bridge: Oh baby please won't you come home Oh baby please won't you come home Refrain Bridge2: Oh baby please won't you come home Why did you leave me all alone Refrain Bridge3: Oh baby please won't you come home I can't stand being all alone End
  9. Thanks Starise.....good stuff....and free is usually a good price.
  10. Hi folks.....I want to insert electric guitar tracks I play into some of my songs and I don't have a clue how to do it other than do an open recording through a mic.....is there some way to directly input into the DAW? My wife will thank you if there's a way to do it without having the amp cranked up. My DAW is Reaper 5.3 something. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Hi Theresa and thanks for the listen and comments....I guess I went 'A Bridge Too Far'.....and yes I have edited the bridges and cut them down. I'm not sure whether I have the pipes to do the chorus the way you are suggesting...I have a tendency to get "pitchy" if I try getting too fancy....I'll give it a try though and see how it goes.
  12. Thanks for the listen David, I've cut one of the bridges out and I'm in the process of adding an instrumental section rather than repeating the bridge/chorus. I think I am going to change up the end with a little different line leading up to the hook like you suggested....then again I might work verse 3 into a bridge as well. Good ideas to work with.
  13. Good job and congrats in doing your first song! I can't think of much that can be as frustrating or rewarding at the same time...Like everyone else said some vocals and a little change-up would really fit the music well....and don't worry so much about your voice, Bob Dylan never had a great voice and look how it worked for him. I like the vibe in this...I felt the drum entry was spot-on and powerful....I think you've got some good instincts! I hope you keep working with it, I'd love to hear what you do with it.
  14. I like the acoustic guitar, that's a nice sound....it's a good base for the song. The distortion made it un-listenable....that needs to be cleaned up if you re-record. Personally, I'd like to see the lyrics as well. It's a start...I'd like to hear what you do with it after some refining.
  15. Lol you and TC both picked up on that.....it's a bad habit I really need to work on in my lyrics. Thanks for the listen and comments!
  16. Thanks Chalter I appreciate it. I shortened the bridge/refrain sequence, so hopefully that will help alleviate the repetitiveness. I might put some other things in for color...but we'll see.
  17. Thanks for the kind words, Ken and thank you for the listen!
  18. You have a good start on this tune. Nice vibe and simple but elegant changes. The vocal meter and the lyrics need a bit more honing. I have given you some ideas to chew on above. Hey TC...thanks for the input. I see you found that I have a very bad habit of adding words that don't need to be there. There is an exception of course....the 'oh' in the refrain is something I'm going to stick with....it serves two purposes for me....I use it to try to add some feeling to the refrain and it helps me do the transition vocally. At least that's how it goes in my head. The last line in verse two has always felt a touch odd...but I think that if I cut 'that' and 'continue to' out it will feel more natural. I like the snippet for the last line in verse three...it may not end up as 'fantasy' but its a great thought for me to noodle over. Cheers.
  19. Thank you for the listen Sreyashi.....I agree with you about the bridge/refrain section being too long and repetitive...so I took one set out to shorten it. I was hoping the bridge would provide some contrast so when you say it sounds too similar, I definitely will study it more closely. As for pitch.....the only thing that helps me with that is singing it more....ahem....tough job..but someone has to do it.
  20. lol .....good to know Rudi....I'll keep an eye out for those two from here on out! and I'll tell her that the new travel guitar I bought was really a new set of diamond earrings when I left the store.....don't know what happened between there and home
  21. Wow...good topic. I've always been interested in music, in singing, playing guitar and drums...(I sang "Country Roads" in my Vacation Bible School class to inconclusive reviews) and broke dozens of drum sticks by beating them against anything I could find. Unfortunately, to say that my mom and step-dad were unsupportive would be like saying the ocean is a small pond. Eventually, after a few years I gave in to "what was expected" and pursued a more conventional track and "rewarding" (pardon me while I yawn) career. Fast forward 45 years, then something truly magical happened. Out of nowhere I got a call from a private eye who was commissioned by my biological father to find me. He and my mom divorced when I was three and he had been trying to find me as I moved around the country over the years. I was skeptical of course, but he did provide convincing evidence. When we met, it freaked my wife completely out because we were virtually carbon copies of each other. Same build, mannerisms, hair (he had much less than me...yikes!) I found out that he had played in a band called Southern Comfort for many, many years as a drummer, and also my brother D (who I met for the first time then as well) is an accomplished bass and guitar player. So I picked up a guitar again. I really had my doubts when I started playing again, and had no confidence that I could even write a song but he kept telling me "goddam boy, it's in your genes, don't let no one tell you no different. Do what's inside and t'hell with 'em." and that's where I started writing my own songs. I looked around for some time trying to find somewhere to get more feedback on what I was writing and then I stumbled into Songstuff and the great group here. And I've never regretted it. Thanks John for putting together this site, and all you folks who write, perform, and produce music that take the time to critique and help. ~ JH
  22. I got the Nirvana type vibe out of it too.....liked the feel of it.....It did get a bit repetitious toward the end.....To me, the dancing on the table verse would be a good place for a bridge to throw a change at us. Just my opinion, though, I think this could be a solid rocker with some more work.
  23. Shoot....that would vary from day to day....but for today, and the mood I'm in.....I would say "Soldiers of America" by Madison Rising. 'nuff said.
  24. Chumpy and Dave.....Thanks for the help! You guys made my wife a happy woman! It's the first time I didn't have have to 'convince' her I needed a music accessory.
  25. Wow Suzie....that was a long, strange trip. I agree with Dek that you've created the whole new genre "space country" The song was interesting, different (normal for you), but I felt too long. All the change-ups helped with that, but by the end I was thinking your character should have done him in at about verse three....lol. IMHO, I would cut out the intro verse....it seems superfluous to me and switches immediately from 3rd person to 1st. Your three line verse 5....cracked me up and I almost spewed coffee all over my computer. Great lines! So I have to know in verse 9....if her bra was in his pocket....and her panties in his jeans....he must have been wearing them? Not too subtle on his part.....again I almost lost my coffee. The vocals were so varied and surreal in most places, I really don't know if you could say that they were pitch issues. It just 'worked' with the song. Overall, I think a nice job.