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  1. @MonoStone Dek. You are the king of ambient melancholy. I dig the depth and space in the mix. Looking forward to hearing where you take it from here. Even if you leave it as is it would be a cool interlude.
  2. @cutaia I find myself hearing a lot of honesty in this song idea. Both in the instruments and lyric delivery. There is an infinite list of great songs that are minimalistic. Get your point across with as little embellishment as possible. Nothing wrong with that!
  3. a great song is a great song. The emotion and truth would translate on AM radio. I'm just glad that we live in a time where I can find a song like this.
  4. @shadowfax that intro is awesome! SO JEALOUS! Great production.
  5. @TCgypsy energetic track. I know I struggle to balance low-end body and high frequency presence. Late 80s early 90s rock ruined me I guess. The overall mix sounds really good and I would listen to the song as is without a second thought. Listening and being critical the only thing that kinda sticks out to me is that the snare is giving away prominence to the cymbals. I think giving the snare a low shelf boost around 300hz could help balance the drums and a high shelf cut on the cymbals or a dynamic eq taming the 6 - 12khz sizzle when the crash cymbals are in could help as well. If there is reverb on the drum room sound I would suggest dampening the highs a bit more. I know the struggle of program drums. The drums in this track are the only thing I think needs more attention.
  6. @cutaia just listening as a fan of music. This is a great song. I think some of the sounds are distracting from the awesomeness of the vocals and piano. I'll listen a few more times and vibe on it for a more detailed critique. But the song.....is a winner!
  7. @LooknGlass I gave my ears a long rest on this one. I re-read the comments and suggestions and went back to the mix. I definitely will have the lyric changed per @HoboSage suggestion. For now I was able to scoop out a little more 2 - 6k fizz and clean up some boxiness that was happening between the low mids of the kick and snare. The mix seems to be a little more open and less fizzy without losing the aggressive sound I am going for. The link has been updated in the OP and below. Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback. It was a great help in the re-mix! Jamie
  8. @Richard Tracey Thanks or the offer! I am currently kicking the instrumental around to vocalist to see if any one bites . Once there is something new happening I will certainly post the lyric drafts and demos here and get input as the song progresses.
  9. @Oswlek I think I need to find a Brodie Dale type vocalist for this track and write up the lyrics from scratch. Thanks for listening and re-enforcing the previous comments. The music is being let down. Time for a fresh coat of lyrical / vocal paint! Attention Moderator: I've deleted the track. I've received the feedback needed and consider the discussion closed for now. Back to the drawing board. Thanks!
  10. @LooknGlass I can't take all the credit here. Had some help from friends on vocals, bass, drums and lead guitar. Thanks for listening and the feedback. @Gravity Jim The lyrics don't leave much to the imagination. Could be that the lyrics is what pushed the track to the back of the line. @HoboSage The lyrics to this one are worse than sophomoric. Might be the best idea to scrap them and see if something that matches the level of the music comes up. Appreciate the feedback. I think subconsciously I always knew the lyrics were subpar at best. A fresh perspective is needed.
  11. @LooknGlass I think the vocs could use a little more EQ in the low mids. Feels like 'body' is a little thin. It's tough to balance because too much boost will muddy things up. I struggle with balancing the lo - hi myself because I tend to like things brighter than the average listener (years of guitar amps burning at my hi-mid hearing I suppose!). Really enjoying your songs overall.
  12. +1 on spending some quality time on this one, Dek. It's a good song as is with potential to be great.
  13. @retrononomusic cool track and sounds. Video looks great. Nice work.
  14. @LooknGlass I really like the double vocs in the chorus sections....but no so much in the verses. The mix has more space in the verses so the vocs sound a little overly effected there, imo. The mix over all is cool. All the sounds are in the right space. Looking forward to hearing how this one progresses.
  15. Another trip to the dark and dusty corners of the hard drive. I don't even know what to think of this track. I appreciated the encouragement I received to better 'Catch Me' and that is in the works with a new collaborator onboard. In the meantime, should I revive or leave this song buried? These are old collabs to me but new to you guys so any and all feedback is helpful. https://soundcloud.com/cosign-songs/porn-n-guns/s-neQDj Lyrics: Porn-N-Guns She calls me on my cell I just wanna remind you don't forget to buy a ticket straight to hell Now I gotta new tattoo It shows me choked chain to you I'm all inked up and the last one you will ever f$*k good. Chorus: She's a ray of sunshine She brightens up my day She's addicted to porn and guns She's just like me Verse She calls me up from jail I just wanna warn you what I did wasn't the right thing it's all about getting even Sorry I wrecked you car this cut's gonna leave a scar That new slut will know what a monumental dick you are Chorus: She's a ray of sunshine She brightens up my day She's addicted to porn and guns She's just like me Bridge: She rolled that dice Said come on come on come on I will strip you of your dignity Yeah she rolled that dice Said come on come on come I'll murder your insides Chorus: She's a ray of sunshine She brightens up my day She's addicted to porn and guns She's just like me Porn-N-Guns. Just like me.