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  1. Composer & Singer Looking For Lyricist

    I have all lyrics but I have no music...can you go 50/50 basis jerrymallory21@gmail.com
    • hi im jerry.   well can you sing and play keyboard/guitar or piano? I had a asthma attack and now I cant play anymore....but I can type my lyrics on my computer.  would you like to go 50/50 basis? just email me at          ..jerrymallory21@gmail.com
  2. Composer & Singer Looking For Lyricist

    I have lyrics very good lyrics........jerry jerrymallory21@gmail.com
  3. Lyric Brainstorming

    this is jerry....I had a asthma attack I was in Acoma for four months. I could play guitar and keyboard. But not anymore ...I need a co-writer besides I want to get out of this wheel chair I been in for ten years....I have no money. Hats why I need help...jerry my email address is jerrymallory21@gmail.com thank you